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This video is so powerful and haunting and amazing. Please watch::: The Scarcrow

Language warning on this one, but I am on a quest to get as far away from the helicopter parenting thing as possible::: What is Ruining Our Kids?

In the same vain, this was very eye opening::: Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy

This went pretty viral on Facebook, but in case you missed it::: Dear Parents, You Need to Control Your Kids. Sincerely, Non-Parents

In case you need a good cry::: Giving

Pssst….I got to be on TV to talk about #ItCanWait::: Jill’s On TV!!


  1. I agree with much of what MotherCusser says, but I will say that clearly she does not live on the main drag in the dirty city like I do. So, there are a few things I must do differently as far as when the kids are outdoors. But they do have to pour their own cereal and make their own sandwiches. And even though it makes it hard for me to find stuff sometimes, unload the dishwasher, too!
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