What I’m Reading

Angie is absolutely KILLING it with these posts::: You’re Not a Prop

This is a bit along the same lines and something I am chewing on as well::: Where You Need to Live

YES to this:: Noisy Gongs and Clanging Symbols

YES to this as well::: What Really Frustrates Me About The Gay Marriage Debate Is….

Pssst…Robin, please move next door and teach me all your parenting teen tricks::: Parenting Teens: Consequences, Peer Pressure and Making a Way Out

Speaking of parenting role models: Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World

And one more::: After Steubenville: 25 Things Our Sons need to know about Manhood

Okay fine, ONE more parenting post::: The Days Are Long But the Years Are Short

This post is sooo good. And you should be reading everything she writes. Everything::: Sex

I am finding my late 30s to be a place of grace as well::: On Showing Your Waist Grace

There is just a whole lot to love in this post::: Outliers

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