What I Have Been Watching on TV


Wanna know what I have been “watching” all week?

  1. Hockey
  2. American Idol (anyone else desperately missing Simon?)
  3. Hockey
  4. Hockey
  5. Friends reruns on TBS until my hubby comes down, asks why I am watching old Friend’s episodes and switches it to……
  6. Hockey
  7. Hockey
  8. Survivor (anyone else think Phillip might be faking the crazy? Surely no one is THAT crazy. Also, Team Rob)
  9. Hockey
  10. aaaaaaand……….. hockey

It is playoffs. Which means it is hockey time all the time here. Which means I am a very, very good wife.

Yes this post is what we call “phoning it in”. I can only stare at the computer waiting for inspiration to strike for so long people. Also I linked this up to Top Ten Tuesday at Oh Amanda.


  1. Well, I mean….if all you watch is hockey, how can we expect you to be full of inspiration?! Perhaps when the season is over, he’ll treat you to some sappy, romantic movie :-)
    Christine (iDreamofClean) recently posted…Mother’s Day Extravaganza!! April 26 – May 6My Profile

  2. So, it’s hockey, then?

    For the sake of humanity, I sure hope Phillip is faking crazy, but he’s too consistent for it to be an act. I think it’s the real deal. Yikes!

  3. I’m not sure I’ve ever read a sadder post… ;)
    Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect recently posted…Airplanes- Wishes &amp Last-Minute TravelMy Profile

  4. I love Idol too! I think the new judges are working out great. I am looking forward to watching Simon and Paula on X Factor though.
    Visiting today from T.T.T.

  5. Not sure if watching hockey is worse or better than having someone flip channels every 10 seconds or (as soon as I take my eyes off the computer to actually get interested in whatever he’s landed on. )Makes me seasick. I might prefer the hockey , and about American Idol… I miss Simon, but I love J Lo as a replacement for Paula.
    Terri recently posted…Hows This For A Confidence BuilderMy Profile

  6. I looooovvvveee hockey! I’m a Canadian so being a fan is almost a given, but for me it’s like tripled. I grew up with it and it always brings back fond memories of my dad, brothers and I gathering around the radio and just listening to hockey. & can I just say, your hubby has a fanastic wife ;)! Way to go… Just a few more months :P …
    Miranda recently posted…Monday Mentions April 24My Profile

  7. You ARE a good wife.
    Betsy (Eco-novice) recently posted…School Lunches Need a Food RevolutionMy Profile

  8. You’ve been spending almost the whole week on hockey? Wow! Never thought about that. A good wife eh? haa!
    Help For Families recently posted…You Don’t Need to be Alone AnymoreMy Profile

  9. LOL! Okay, hockey it is then. Growing up in the SW, hockey was never a big deal. I’ve watched a few games during the Olympics. But your schedule bears a striking resemblance to our schedule during the recent March madness, if you substitute basketball for hockey.
    Terri recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday- 10 Things I Love About SpringMy Profile

  10. I don’t miss Simon as this is my first season to watch Idol. I love it though!

    I cannot wait to find out what happens on Survivor on Sunday. Surely Phillip really IS crazy. Right?
    Michelle recently posted…Survivor Redemption Island- Spoiler AlertMy Profile

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