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I am a semi- political person. I don’t talk politics on this blog, well because it would probably bore you to tears, offend you or bore me to tears.

But I pay attention to elections, watch an occasional debate, vote in every election and even slap on an occasional bumper sticker. Ok, so no to the bumper sticker. Don’t you always feel a little bit sad for people who have election bumper stickers from the loser like three elections ago? Sometimes you just need to let things go.

I grew up in Iowa. Land of elections. Actually land of robo calls and constant negative ads. So it is refreshing to live in Michigan where we only have to pay attention if I chose too. And this year. Ugh. It is a “do I have to???” kind of year.

When there are no good choices to be found do you:

a) write in a candidate (among this group, Elmo is looking pretty qualified)

b) skip voting in the election and turn in your “true American” card

c) get all of your rich friends to pitch in and buy and island you can go live on and govern yourselves

What will you be doing come November? (oh my WORD we still have 10 months of this!!)


  1. I spent one presidential election year in Iowa and it was awful. By the time the actual election came, I was so sick of hearing he said she said that I nearly didn’t vote. As for now, I’m tuning it out as much as possible until we are closer to the day.

  2. I admit, I don’t usually pay much attention until it gets closer. I just want everyone to agree and love everybody so I really detest politics, yet I feel like I need to be responsible and pay attention so I usually do when it gets closer. I am not sure about these guys right now. No one is a stand out to me. :-(
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  3. The one good thing about election years: SNL has tons more material!
    Susie Finkbeiner recently posted…Nothing to Hide–Inspired by Darcie AppleMy Profile

  4. I’ll definitely be voting. Right now I take in as much as I can tolerate, but ignore a lot. And I hope people realize they need to educate themselves on congressional elections as well. Voting your guy in as president doesn’t do a lot if you don’t have a congress that will work with him. I was a poli sci major in college, so you would think this stuff is right up my alley. But no. I’m much more interested in why people vote the way they do and so on.
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  5. I am severely underwhelmed by all the candidates that are running in this election. The person I wanted to be president didn’t even run. Erg.
    Eventually I’ll have to cast a vote, but for now I’m just sitting back and watching what happens to thin the herd.
    However, better to vote for someone lackluster than not to vote at all, right?
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