Weighing in 5 Pounds heavier

turkey1.jpg We had a lovely and very filling Thanksgiving. I hosted the family at my house which wasn’t bad at all since I had major help cleaning and cooking. I also have a mother-in-law who insisted on washing everything by hand after dinner. I think she even washed things we didn’t use considering how many clean dishes are piled up around my kitchen. Is it possible they were breeding through the night? Actually, breed away, as long as you are breeding clean dishes. Cause frankly, they are usually breeding the other kind.

We had a delicious turkey cooked on the grill. In true Thanksgiving fashion it took an hour longer than it should have, but we simply began munching on some fruit, deviled eggs and cookies to keep us occupied while waiting. The highlight of dinner for me was some sweet potatoes I whipped up involving 7 egg yolks and 3 cups of whole milk. So it was basically a healthy, low fat, reduced calorie kind of dish. I tried a new recipe that involved a blow torch which has inspired a new Thanksgiving motto: “It ain’t Thanksgiving unless there is a blow torch involved.” I think I will make some t-shirts up to commemorate.

The night ended with a rousing game of Michigan Rummy which I can humbly tell you I kicked some booty in. Today will be a day of sitting in elastic pants shopping on Amazon. I have found their prices to be comparable to most of the Black Friday sales going on. To all you suckers who woke up at 4 am to elbow your way through a bunch of crazy people to buy a $30 digital camera, I hope you found what you were looking for with minimal injuries. I was with you in spirit (not really, I was sleeping). 


  1. I meant to weigh myself this morning, but I forgot…ah well, my doctor told me that I was supposed to eat extra pie so it’s all ok!

  2. The saying at our house is, “It’s all fun and games ’til someone loses an eye.” Think the two sayings are related somehow?!

  3. I weighed myself this morning. 2.5 lbs in one day. Not bad! I was actually in pain but I tried to kill the pain with more wine, which was really dark and red and made me want more cookies because they were dipped in dark chocolate and the viscious cycle didn’t end until I physically left my Grandma’s house about 8 hours later.

  4. Summer says:

    Sounds like so much fun! One of these years my hubby wants to deep fry the turkey. I hope he doesn’t really decide to do it.

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