Weekly Contest Review

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  1. 5 Minutes for Mom is having a contest everyday through January 8th. The giveaways are all products that will help you develop new habits for the new year. Head over here for more information.

There seems to be a major lack of contests going on. How about some free stuff? Fiber One (oh fiber, how do I love thee, let me count the ways) is giving away some free cereal. This stuff isn’t just for eating with milk, it is great mixed in yogurt, used in snack mix and baked into cookies. This cereal is so great, it provides %57 of your daily fiber requirements, has 0 grams of sugar and only 60 calories. Oh my goodness, could anything be better for your colon?

To get the free sample you just need to sign up for a monthly newsletter that has tips to live and eat healthier. To get it head over here.


  1. You need contests? Come check out my post from today!

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