Weekly Contest Review

C O *221 T e S T

  1. Ok so I am not a hunter. I frankly don’t even understand it. But when a hunter’s clothing company wants to give me $100 to spend at Target, I would be happy to send you over to their website. Ghillie Suit Clothing sells, well Ghillie suits, which apparently help you when hunting by scaring animals into thinking you are big foot. Head over here to enter.
  2. An Island Review is giving away a adorable book called I Love You More. We are big book readers over here and this looks right up our alley. Head over here to enter.
  3. Angela at mommy bytes is giving away six HP Photo Books. My theme would be “giant book of pictures of your life that I have done nothing with thus far except allow them to sit on my hard drive.” Yes, I am a lame momma. Enter over here.
  4. 5 minutes for Mom is giving away the coolest prize ever. I desperately want this Pink Princess Pedal Car for my girls. Seriously, how cool is that??? Head over here to enter.

Think that’s it! Hope you win.


  1. You could make a convincing swamp monster or mangy Chewbacca costume out of that Ghillie Suit…

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