Week 16- Try a nooner

sex-challenge.gif Yeah, you read that right. Where is it written that sex has to be at night? Yes, it’s dark and the kids are in bed, but how tired are you? Most days, I am so exhausted by the end of the day it is all I can do to climb up the stairs and into bed.

Now, I realize an actual nooner is probably out of the question most days. The hubby is at work and the kids keep annoyingly expect you to feed them. However, last week you shook up the location, maybe this week you can shake up the time of day.

Set the alarm a little before the kids wake up and start your day with a bang. Or would it be so wrong to stick the kids in front of some morning cartoons and head upstairs? You know they could zone out for hours in front of the tube and truth be told you don’t really need near that long (maybe you could squeeze in a nap too). Or try when the kids are napping, just make sure the door is locked in case of an early wake up. If you really want to be adventurous wake up your hubby in the middle of the night. I have a feeling he won’t mind…


  1. i am new to your blog and had NO idea this was what your challenge was. I love it… My husband and i have been apart for 6 months, and he is coming home (we weren’t separated. Just life junk) so I am eager to do a catch up… :)

  2. When my husband worked 3rd shift, this was our only option. We began to really, really, really appreciate Sesame Street’s power to hold our children’s attention for a while.

  3. My husband works night too, so we had a regular routine which we called “matinees.” Makes for a hilarious conversation when you decide to actually go to the early movie!

  4. Middle of the night is very popular at our house!

  5. I get home from work around noon and my husband’s office is literally right around the corner from our house.

    This has been a great excuse for lunch time quickies! Honestly he and I are on totally opposite biorhythms, which does not help our sex life. He’s a late night person and I crash about 10.

    Plus it is so nice during the day because our kids are not home to distract us! ;)

  6. justmylifemygripespot says:

    New to this site. I love this. I just might have to start now. And be 16 weeks behind.

  7. Seriously cracking up over “start your day with a bang”. Was the double meaning intended?

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