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boy peeing

Well I almost made it four years. Three years and eleven months to be exact. Three years and eleven months into being a boy mom before I heard this:

“MOM!!! Silas is peeing in the backyard.”

Oooh so close.

The best part is that he saved that little initiation into little boyhood for the night when our classy child free neighbors had their classy friends over on their brand new deck. The neighbors whose backyard backs up to our backyard.

So what do you do when your kids scream that your son has dropped trou in the backyard? Well you run outside of course and put a stop to it. So Ryan did that. Now I am not going to say that he wasn’t properly dressed to be running outside in our backyard. But I am not going to say he was either.

Some days the thought of moving to one of those brand new subdivisions with lots of young families and kids. But you know what is missing from lots of those subdivisions? Fences, mature trees and large bushes. I’m thinking we need to stay in a neighborhood with those bad boys. At least until the kids are out of the house.


  1. Lol why put a stop to it? It’s what boys are equipped for. Be thankful he didn’t traipse through the house with a toad in his hand that he casually leaves in the sink while he does his business and then forgets to take it back out with him. That has never happened to me although I expect it any moment now :)
    Liz Gossom recently posted…Occasionally I blogMy Profile

  2. My son is still too young to pee in the backyard. But I grew up with four brothers, so… I’ve seen a lot of backyard peeing in my day. Ha!
    Sarah @ loved like the church recently posted…Five Saturdays LeftMy Profile

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