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TILT  I will start with a little confession. I may be the last person in North America to have a landline phone. And although monetarily I would like to get rid of it, I have some major concerns.

First of all I am not big on my little kids using a cell phone. I know there aren’t definitive studies out there but I don’t think they need those things up by their ears. Secondly, at times I can barely figure out to use my phone. How can I expect my kids to figure out how to dial if there is an emergency. And lastly, my house has three floors and one phone. I never hear that thing ring!

But recently I had the chance to review the new VTech DS6421-3 Connect-to-Cell Phone System and I might be going landline free!!! I have been squealing about it ever since I hooked it up. Seriously. I might have an unhealthy love of this phone system.


So you plug in this phone (there are actually three of them- one for each floor- HOLLA!!) and then you connect up to 2 cell phones using Bluetooth technology. Then as long as your cell phone is within range of the base when someone calls your cell phone the VTech phones ring. So you can talk on a regular headset and dial on a regular headset  JUST LIKE YOU ARE ON A LANDLINE HEADSET. I’m sorry, did I just get a little excited there?

It also announces who is calling you. Like the phone rings and a slightly creepy lady says, “Call from Ryan”. Seriously, she is rather creepy. But if you are lazy like me, you can just wait for the lady to tell you who is calling and if she says, “Call from Toll Free” you know your butt can just stay on the couch. Suddenly she isn’t so creepy but more like genius.

Other random features for your enjoyment: It comes with an answering machine. We have voicemail so I haven’t used it but if we do in fact disconnect our landline I might use it. You can apparently connect up to 12 handsets to the system, but if you have a house that big, I am think you can afford to station people in each of your rooms to answer your phone for you. You can download your cell phones contact numbers onto the handsets in case like me you don’t actually know a single person’s number unless it is programmed into your cell phone.

If you want to still keep your landline you have the choice to dial from your home phone line or use the handset to dial from your cell. The cell “line’ doesn’t have as good of sound quality as when you dial using your landline, but it isn’t awful. But it is slightly worse sound than when I actually call using my cell. And in case you didn’t catch it, let me reiterate you can pair two phones at one time to the VTech DS6421-3 Connect-to-Cell Phone System so both you and your spouse/ roommate can have your cell phones ringing into the system.

I am hanging onto the landline for a little bit longer just to make sure there aren’t any problems going without but I really can’t use any of my own excuses anymore because this phone takes care of them all. It would make a GREAT gift for someone on your Christmas list .

Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of VTech and received a product sample to facilitate my review.

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  1. Amy Meringa says:

    I’m so getting that.
    We’re in the market for a new phone too – and I really want to have a landline for the kids/ babysitters anyway. I don’t get great cell reception at my house all the time. I like the fact that you can access all your cell contacts through your home phone – no more hunting for phone numbers.
    Super cool!

  2. Amy Meringa says:

    Ooh – just bought it and used the code GOXVT10 for 10% off and free shipping. I got the 3 handset one with the cordless headset.

  3. That looks really neat. I really want to get rid of my land line too.
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  4. We don’t have a landline and have used these “bluetooth phones” for a couple years. I have another (older) model and like them, but now I want these! Ours work for our purposes….just not as fun. I like fun….

  5. We have a landline too and haven’t made the big switch (or ditch) because of the concerns you listed. This may be just what we need to make the big jump!
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  7. Eos Mom says:

    We got rid of our land line recently and my only regret is that I don’t have phones throughout the house anymore. My cell rings and I have to run around to wherever I’ve left it–and thus I rarely actually make it in time. This VTech thing would totally solve my problem–genius!!!!

  8. isabella says:

    Wow, that really awesome! I really like how the phone uses bluetooth to connect with a cellphone. Hi tech gadgets always seems to make me happy. I would love to get one of those even just for my collections!
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  9. abegail says:

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