Virginia is for Lovers

Yes, that is really the state tourism slogan. I giggle every time I see it. The hubby and I are practicing what we preach and we are on a vacation WITH NO KIDS. We headed down to Charlottesville Virginia for a week and it has been fabulous. So just to make you super jealous, I thought I would share the top ten parts of our trip.

  1. Sleep: Nobody asking for water in the middle of the night. No kids waking up at 5:30 unable to go back to sleep. Unfortunately I have not been able to sleep much past 7 because apparently I am trained to get up at that time, but it is amazing how non-early 7 feels when you have actually, you know, slept the whole night before. Heavenly.
  2. Relax: Sleep and relaxation aren’t the same thing exactly. Having no schedule and no place to be and nobody to care for is wonderful. I have decided to take full advantage. Here I am relaxing on Jefferson’s lawn. Yes, THE Jefferson. He’s long dead so I figured he wouldn’t mind if I soaked up some sun in between all the historical tours.
  3. History: Being a life long Yankee mid-westerner, we just don’t have quite the history of the south and east. And being married to a major history buff, I knew there would be some history involved in our trip. But being married to an awesome hubby also means we have balance that out with shopping. Still, touring Monticello was really fascinating. Jefferson was interested in pursuing knowledge in every way he could and it is truly amazing what he gave America. Monticello was gorgeous.

    if you look real close you can see me STILL lounging on the lawn

  4. Gorgeous accommodations: We are typically Hampton Inn kind of people, which as I wrote about (almost exactly two years ago) I am more than fine with. But thanks to a killer deal on Jetsetter we stayed at an amazing hotel. The kind where there is turn down service where someone puts slippers beside your bed and chocolate on your pillow. I could seriously get used to the kid of service we enjoyed at Keswick Hall. It was amazing!


  5. Sunshine: Although rumor has it it was warm in Michigan for at least one day while we were here, yesterday it was 90 degrees. So we spent the day by the pool. And I have a lobster like chest to prove it. Totally worth it. Also I keswick pool
  6. The View: Charlottesville is located at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains. They are so beautiful. Yesterday we just drove up through them and soaked in the view.

    thank you timed picture with the camera perched precariously on the car

  7. Wine!: Part of the reason we picked this destination is that it is full of little wineries. So we have been doing a lot of wine tasting and vineyard hopping. Kudos to Virginia for producing some amazing wines. Also I need some new adjectives.

  8. Food: Clearly I need to check my blogger badge at the door because I didn’t take any pictures of my food. Mainly because that would have required me to pause before inhaling it. But I have had tapas, grass fed burgers, local cheeses, a delicious brie and green apple sandwich and lots of wine. Did I mention the wine?

  9. Fun: Ryan and my marriage has always been one that could be defined as fun. We love to laugh and explore and look for fun together. But when all the stress of life is stripped away the fun level goes up. We still love being around each other every single day and have had a lot of laughs.

  10. Celebration: In May we celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary. This is our trip to celebrate it. We are so blessed with parents who take care of our children so we can get away and focus on each other for a week. And I am blessed with a hubby who I still can’t get enough of after ten years.

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  1. Did you drive around Keswick and see all the beautiful horse farms that are around there and outside of C-ville?
    sarah recently posted…snowMy Profile

  2. Ah yes… did you see the “Virginia is for lovers” bumper stickers? Or get one to take home? I see one daily, I think. So glad you had a relaxing, sleep, food, wine, historical trip. :)
    Sara recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday- 10 Things I do during Nap TimeMy Profile

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time. My hubby and I are planning a big trip for our ten year since we never had a honeymoon. Virginia is already on the list but I am thinking it is going to be moved up a few spots now :)
    Steph recently posted…All I can say is EWWWWW!!!!My Profile

  4. LOVE this! So glad you both got away, Jill. It looks heavenly and relaxing. I never would have thought of Virginia without this post!
    QuatroMama recently posted…The Frantic FoursMy Profile

  5. Happy Anniversary! I would love to go explore all the history in Virginia and that area some day. Our 10 year anniversary was in February and we are going to Los Angeles in August to celebrate. I have family there so we can stay for free and borrow a car. Our main plans are to see our Texas Rangers play the Angels in two games and for me to spend a day sitting in a chair at the beach reading to my heart’s content.
    nicole recently posted…RechargedMy Profile

  6. *happy sigh* That sounds wonderful. We took a long weekend trip last August and it was wonderful. I have my fingers crossed to do something this summer, but hubby keeps reminding me it might not be a good time, since we did just buy a house and all. But, I figure we could still steal away for a weekend. ;)
    Sarah recently posted…I Will Be 30 Before I Know It and My List Isn’t BudgingMy Profile

  7. Looks wonderful! I just blogged about how much I need a vacation, I will live vicariously through your pictures:) Have a great time!
    Heather recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday- Ten Ways to Know- Mom needs a vacation!My Profile

  8. Christie says:

    “And I am blessed with a hubby who I still can’t get enough of after ten years”

  9. Aww, you GUYS. You are above average. Superior. Far beyond adequate. Spectacular. Outstanding. Delightful. (there – enough with the adjectives?)
    Jen @ BigBinder recently posted…Put A Lid On It!My Profile

  10. I’m totally jealous, my hubby and I have been planning for a vacation for quite some time now , but problems keep coming that prevents us from having one.

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