Vicks on the Feet to Cure a Cough- Works For Me Wednesday

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Last night at bedtime Hannah began coughing. This was some serious coughing. Really about every 30 seconds she was hacking. She hadn’t been sick and it kind of came out of nowhere (despite the bubonic plague going around our household). I should clarify that it wasn’t at HER bedtime. She was long asleep by the time it started. It was at MY bedtime. And mama was tir.ed.

I went in and woke her up to have her drink water. Nothing. We gave her a tablespoon of honey. Nada. We even steamed up the bathroom and sent her in for awhile. Not a thing.

So I remembered that I read somewhere about a secret cough remedy and turned to my friend Dr. Google. Dr. Google came through.

To cure a cough slather Vicks all over your kids feet and cover them with socks (their feet, not their bodies). Coughing should cease in about 5-10 minutes. IT TOTALLY WORKS!! And the affect lasted until about 9 am this morning when I had to reapply. But she hasn’t coughed since.

It should be noted that Mr. Diaper Diaries poo poo-ed the idea calling it “an old wives tale” until he saw it worked. Then he spent his time telling me all of his theories as to why “of course it works”. I think the theory he was looking for is, “you are SO right honey!!!!”

What “old wives tales” do you swear by?

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  1. I contend that the Vick’s simply leeches out of the top of the covers right near the person’s face. It has nothing to do with feet. I know… I’m brilliant. Those readers desiring an autographed picture of me need only comment here with the keywords “Mr DD is brilliant.” I’ll even put a little shmear of Vicks on them before sending out.

  2. jessietaylor92 says:

    So true about the Vicks, These one is the solution for what we feel..
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  3. I’m totally going to have to try this next time my daughter gets a cough. Every winter she gets 1 or 2 coughs that cause such violent coughing that she vomits. I’ve never found a way to get her to stop. You can bet I’ll try this the next time she has a cough!

  4. Funny,

    I did this this morning. Not totally effective but I only put it on the soles of the feet. Tomorrow I’ll do the whole foot!

  5. cindy says:

    Raisins work great to stop coughing

  6. I use the feet trick a lot, especially on my kids when they were babes.

    Another trick I use – putting lavender essential oil on the sheets to help kids sleep.
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  7. That works EVERY TIME! Since I am a Vicks blogger I am not allowed to say that on my blog b/c it’s not one of the “approved uses” but here in your comments I will say IT WORKS EVERY TIME!!! Excellent tip! :)
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    • I wonder if it makes Vicks nervous when they see it being used for something other than what was stated on the bottle. Helps with toe fugus, too,

      I’m getting ready to write about Vicks, too! It’s that time of year….!
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  8. REALLY. Wow, go figure!!!!

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