Venus- Joy Williams 3.0

Anyone been reading long enough to remember back when I used to do weekly music reviews? It was back when I first started blogging and they are such silly posts I am not going to link to any. You can search it if you want a glance back at true old school blogging.

The truth is, I wrote them because music has been a HUGE part of my life for as long as I can remember. It is hard to pin down exactly what music I like because my tastes are so varied. Which makes me a perfect candidate to love Joy Williams music. She keeps reinventing herself in different styles and I have loved them all.

I first became acquainted with Joy back when she was doing Christian music. She was a singer’s singer and was putting out amazing music at just 17 years old (I love anyone I can belt along with on the radio). In fact, “Here With Us” remains one of my all time favorite Christmas songs. It is really stunning if you haven’t heard it before.

The secular world of music was first introduced to Joy when she was half of the duo The Civil Wars. I was late to the game in discovering them (when they came out I was knee-deep in Veggie Tales and 1000 versions of The Wheels on the Bus). But once I discovered them, I was blown away. Their music was haunting and powerful and just gorgeous. Of course just as I found them, they broke up and Joy disappeared again.

On June 29th, Joy Williams is back with a new album and once again is exploring a slightly different sound, but at the core is the Joy we have always loved. She is raw and vulnerable and clearly processing through all that she has been through by putting her pen to the page. Although she has always been known for her honest lyrics, this time she is laying it all out on the table and the brave result is Venus.

Joy’s own words regarding Venus:

For me, it’s my coming-of-age album, becoming the woman I’ve always wanted to be. I think over the course of the last couple of years making this album, I finally felt that I stepped into my own skin. I’ve spent my whole life trying to be the best version of myself, and I’ve finally let myself just be me.

Woman (Oh Mama) looks to be her first single and I love the vibe of it. The words resonate with me as a woman and it is a fresh sound for Williams. It almost feels a bit like 90s Fiona Apple (who was my college JAM). Check it out below and pre-order Venus on iTunes or Amazon. I think Joy Williams is going to be around for a while, surprising us each time. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Disclosure: I participated in the Joy Williams Venus album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided an album to review but all opinions are my own. #JoyWilliams #O2O




  1. This artist has the most soulful, haunting voice. I’ve had a chance to cover a couple of her songs from her Civil Wars collaboration. Love her work.

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