Valentine’s Day Redeemed


People seem to be in two camps for Valentine’s Day – dreading it, or looking forward to it immensely. Well, there may be the third option of complete indifference (which is really only a problem if you happen to be married to a “looking forward to it immensely” person, but let’s ignore them for a second).

Whether you dread it or look forward to it, Valentine’s Day always poses the same risk. It suffers from “New Years Eve Syndrome.” Do you know what we mean? No matter what is planned, the night never lives up to the huge expectations that people put on it. Dinner, chocolates, wine, flowers, sex… all are great things, but even combined, Valentine’s Day rarely lives up to its implied billing as “the most romantic day of the year.” So let’s change that billing.


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  1. javen21 says:

    You are right.. In special occasion like Valentine’s Day, we really have the tendencies to expect something from our loved ones. To tell you honestly, I was expecting that my husband will surprise me yesterday, but unfortunately we are both busy with our work. So no dinner, no flowers just a kiss.
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