Vacations Defined

The hubby doesn’t travel much for work anymore but when he does it honestly sucks because we all miss him a bunch and everyone seems to get really whiny and crabby, not the least of which, me. So one of the delights of summer is that when he has a drivable work trip, we all pile in the car, cram in the hotel room and make a vacation out of it.

I know some people don’t consider road trips to random destinations awesome, but that is how our little family rolls. We like an adventure.

Some people have a different idea of a vacation adventure. Ryan is one of them. He keeps trying to tell me we should be a camping family. He even registered for camping equipment when we got married. As he pointed the gun at tents and sleeping bags, I looked at him worried that he had asked the wrong girl to marry him. Turns out he just thought he could make a camper out of me.

Eleven years later he has stopped trying. We are all much happier for that.

I have a vacation motto and it is a simple one: If you have to walk to pee or wear shoes in the shower, it is not a vacation.


I made a little button for those of you who would like to live by my motto. It would be awesome to stand in solidarity with like minded (smart minded) people so feel free to share this motto with your circle of friends. Especially those crazy (insert other, less appropriate words here) friends who keep trying to sell you on the awesomeness of a pop up camper.

You are welcome.

Do you like to camp?


  1. I am laughing out loud. VIVA LA POP UP!

  2. You are preaching to the choir! Scott would love to tent camp as a family…no fan, no elec, yada yada. Next summer let’s plan for us to come up and the boys can go do the outdoorsy thing and I can hang with you girls!

  3. I am by no means a camper, but I gotta say… I totally require that people do a little walking before they pee. I am not a “pee where you are” sort of lady. ;)

  4. I SO agree with you about your motto – a wonderful post, and an inspiring blog – have a happy summer!

  5. I love camping. Grew up camping and have always loved it. The hubby? He is on your side. The idea of sleeping in a tent, in the heat, with no running water, no electricity {i.e. internet} is torture. So, we’ve only been camping once in our seven years of marriage. And I don’t see us going anytime soon….

  6. I will go camping when monkeys fly out of my butt. You, Anderson, are my soul mate!

  7. Marcia says:

    Totally agree with you. My husband says that my idea of roughing it is staying at a Holiday Inn (cheap motel).

  8. I had no idea your anti-camping passions ran so deep!

  9. I agree with you totally especially since moms tend to bear the brunt of vacation-prep work so I’m usually exhausted by the time the van pulls out of the driveway. (With four kids 6 and under I am usually exhausted anyway). That being said, my husband is from a camping family so once a year we go camping for a few days and his mom joins us. It’s a chance for the kids to see how he vacationed growing up (we go to the same campground) and good for me to be out of my comfort zone. I do my best not to complain. Ends up being good for all of us. And in no way is that our only vacation!

  10. I LOVED camping when I was young, and woke up in the cold tent one night to find the wife and the kids had migrated to the car and cranked the heater up. After that when we went to the beach, instead of camping at Huntington Beach State Part we would ‘camp’ at one of the North Myrtle Beach hotels or resorts. Showers are really nice – so is sitting on a balcony with a nice cup of coffee!

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