Unexpected Bumps

Well then. If there is one thing I am learning in foster care it is that just when you think you have everything figured out… well you don’t. And just when you think you know what will happen next….. well you don’t. Sigh. It has been a roller coaster weekend.

AS I said in my last update about our foster care journey, we sensed our time with our baby was drawing to an end. She had begun spending weekends with a relative and it seemed as though we were nearing a time when she would transition there full time. While we were sad, we also knew this was best. And all along we truly have only wanted what was best for her.

Last Wednesday, I got a call saying baby S could move as soon as that weekend. It was sudden in some ways but they also gave us a full two weeks to transition if we wanted it. Since she was already going every weekend (and last week was planning on going on Thursday for Halloween), it seemed silly to drag it out.

So we sat down the kids and had the difficult conversation that their “sister” was going to live in another home. And although they knew it was coming too, they were heartbroken. Again, you train for these things and you know they are coming, but it was really hard to see our family’s heart breaking.

Thursday, the relative contacted me and asked if we could move things to Friday so she could get all her daycare situated. No problem. Another night with our sweet girl.

Friday I got another text saying that things weren’t going to go as expected. Things had come up with the relative and two hours before I was supposed to take our baby to her new home everything fell apart. There would be no move, there would be no more weekend visits. There would be nothing but more uncertainty.

So we unpacked the boxes. Cried tears of frustration and weariness. Told our kids their sister was staying. And settled back into our routine. Until everything changes again.

Truthfully it has been exhausting. And frustrating to say the least. But it is also a privilege to continue to provide stability and love to this sweet little girl who we love so dearly. She has not asked for this life and deserves nothing less than any of my other kids out of life. God clearly plans for her to be an “Anderson” a little longer. And I can’t think of a better place for her to be right now.


  1. Nicole says:

    Of course I don’t know what stopped the move and visits, but I’m glad she was safe with you, and hadn’t moved yet. I can just imagine the emotions in your household, though! I hope she gets some permanency soon.

  2. Oh, Jill! I’ve got tears in my eyes reading this. I know your weariness. But like you said, God placed her in a fabulous home and what stability and foundation you are giving her! Only the Lord knows, of course, but the seeds you are planting in that little life will grow for eternity!

    I LOVE YOU and am so proud of you!
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  3. I honestly have zero idea how you handle foster care. I’m so glad there are people like you and your family out there. I know I couldn’t give that baby up which is why I know foster care isn’t for us. My dad was a foster care baby so I know the importance of a good stable home for these children. I also experience this with working at a school. I see these foster kids and want to take them all home with me forever. Thank you and your family for what y’all do.
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