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computer  When I started blogging about a year and a half ago, I didn’t really understand that blogging has a community aspect to it. I kind of just thought I would post randomly and a few family and friends I let in on my little bloggy secret would read. Then I discovered if you comment on other people’s blogs, they may visit your blog and comment. Suddenly I had official “readers”. Now I feel like my relationships fall under 5 general categories.

Friends Who Blog: When I started blogging I began to tell a few of my real life friends about it and some of them got blogs. We would read each other’s blogs and cheer each other on when we reached readership milestones. We tagged each other for memes, gave each other awards and generally talked about our blogs enough to annoy the crap out of all our other friends who thought we were crazy. Some of them have kept up their blogs, others blog fairly randomly, but it is still fun to think that we started that together.

Friends Who Stalk My Blog: I am always shocked when I find out people I hang out with regularly read my blog. Cause half the time I have NO idea until I am midway through a story one day and they stop me and say, “Yeah I know, I read your blog.” Often I am confused cause I didn’t even know they knew I had a blog. And then suddenly I realize they probably know WAY too much about me and I get a little scared. I am kidding with the stalker thing. I love it that people enjoy reading what I write and love it even more when someone says they identify with something I said.

Friends Because Of Blogging: So again, back to when I started blogging. Suddenly I discovered some people I didn’t know that well, but knew them kind of, well they had blogs too. And then I started knowing all sorts of things about them cause I read their blogs. And then I would see them and feel like I knew them, but I didn’t really. But then suddenly we are Facebook friends and then becoming real friends. Whew, did you follow that?

 Recently, I met a mom at MOPS who is also a blogger and found out from someone at her table that I was a  blogger. Instant connection. Now we are regularly reading each other’s blogs, following each other on Twitter and commenting on each other’s status updates on Facebook. You can find her over at Short Stop. See, outside world thinks “Twitter, blogging? What freaks!” Probably, but we are freaks that get each other.

I also recently met another online friend on Twitter, found out we both lived in the same town and discovered she was church shopping. So I told her about my fantastic church. She checked it out and started going. The funny thing is that I told our pastor to look out for her at service cause she was new. I began to describe the few things I knew about her and he said, “I think I met her family. What is her name?” I responded sheepishly, “Uh Bead Girl.” Yes, it is sad but true that I only knew her Twitter name. But now we meet regularly for coffee and have developed a really cool friendship. The crazy thing is, we started talking about really deep and personal issues right off the bat cause we felt like we already knew each other. Soon, we are even introducing the hubbies.

Of course you all know about my bloggy BFF Jenny. She rocks!! And what started with a few blog comments has now progressed to a blogging, Facebooking, Twittering friendship. Last year we met and then became phone friends. It was a really big step, but we felt like we were ready. And now, in an attempt to see if we are truly BFFs, we are rooming together at Blissdom. Which means we will see each other with bed head and morning breath people!! This is a most serious step.

Bloggy Friends: These, of course, are people whose blogs I read regularly, sometimes comment on and secretly believe we would be friends if only they realized how cool I am. Sometimes they comment back on my blog or write me an email and I get really excited, save it to a special email folder and squeal to my hubby. I so wish I was kidding.

The Rest Of The World:You know the people who look at me like I have an extra head when I mention blogging, Twitter, facebook or the internet friendship world in general. God bless them, they have no idea the wonderful friendships they are missing out on :)

I am so excited that I will have the opportunity to go to some blogging conferences this year and meet even more of my bloggy friends. It is quite wild to put a face with a blog and to be in a room full of people who automatically “get” this part of you. I can’t wait!

This post is an edited version of a post originally published on October 12, 2008. It is being reposted as part of Mabel’s Labels BlogHer ’09 contest. Fingers crossed I win so I can head to BlogHer and meet more of you!!


  1. Hi! I am loving your blog and the challenge too! I am following your blog and thought perhaps I should comment. So, thank you so much (from my hubby too) for the challenge……it is awesome and I am so in!


  2. You forgot the “people I knew in high school, that found my blog through another blog that was having a bloggy give away” category! :) Have a great night!

    Marias last blog post..Drop in the Bucket

  3. Heidi says:

    Well, I don’t really fit into any of these 5 categories but I’m so happy we’ve reconnected. I’ve missed you!!!!

  4. You’re so right on! It always throws me off when someone finishes a story for me because they saw it on the blog. I have a lot of lurkers!

    Candace (Mama Mia)s last blog post..It’s All Good in the Hood.

  5. Do you group your blogs in these categories on your reader?

    On my reader I have similar categories: Friends (real-life), SAHM, Bipolar and other. Well two weeks ago I found out that a SAHM blog that I read daily was somebody from high school. Though I had commented on her blog all of a sudden I felt like a lurker. I just ‘outed’ myself and now feel better.

    MrsScotsmans last blog post..It’s been a while since I’ve posted FREEBIES

  6. I so totally get you! I started blogging about 1 1/2 years ago too. A few months ago started Twitter….so everything you said rings true for me. I found you on Twitter and went to your blog…totally cracked me up, your line “Always loaded, sometimes full of crap”. I laughed out loud! I thought to myself this girl is so real. I can relate (giggle,giggle). Then you started “the fun” challenge. Gotta love that:)
    Keep blogging girl, you make me smile!

    Dawns last blog post..U.S.A headed towards Socialism?

  7. I totally agree! When I first began blogging, I had no idea of the world out there that was the blogging community! I can’t believe how much I feel like I know these people that live across the country, just from keeping up with their lives. What a blessing.

    Mindys last blog post..Chester’s Social Life

  8. Wow! That’s so true. I feel like maybe “we would be friends if only they realized how cool I am category.”

    I’m just glad that my husband supports my blogging and gets excited that I get excited about it. I have a regular reader now, and she’s from Holland. Pretty cool world, this blogosphere!

    Jessicas last blog post..Stuff Christians Like – #478

  9. Sara@iSass says:

    Loved this post. I relate WELL! Especially to the IRL people that read me and know WAY too much about me!

  10. I totally understand about meeting blogging people in real life that are now real friends. :) After Anne and I went to Chicago to meet two blogging friends (and my MIL and own parents were so worried that Anne and I were going to be murdered and never be seen again as we didn’t know these people in real life), we’ve gotten together since and one lives 2 1/2 hours from here and I’ve seen her twice since moving here. :) it’s a whole new world of friendship! :)

    jeans last blog post..What’s Age Got To Do With It?

  11. I SO get it! I’ve only been blogging for a month, but before I could make such a commitment I was a regular message board poster (ok.. maybe obsessive is the right word!), and before that I was into online gaming. There are people out there in the world who I have gamed with starting 10 years ago… 10 YEARS!!! Some of them I’ve lost contact with, some I still see via message board, some are my Facebook friends, and one I now talk to on the phone.

    Ok… so now I sound like a wacko!

    Online friendships are a wonderful thing! And I’m so glad I started blogging so I can make new friends. :)

    MommyAmys last blog post..Spinach Bites

  12. I LOVE this post – totally agree with your categories – I was laughing out loud as I read through it. Yep – I have my internet friends, my internet Bloggy friends, my friends who read my blog, my “old” friends I’m finding again through the internet and so on. What a small world we live in!

    Debbies last blog post..I Corinthians 7:5 Challenge – Week 3

  13. absolutely adore your blog. you definitely got these categories correct!

    Courtney from Mommie Blogss last blog post..guess who is sounding so much better

  14. oh amanda says:

    You nailed the categories! It’s a perfect post and oh! I can’t wait to meet you, my new twitter/blogging bud at blissdom! (and please please put this in that special folder and squeal a few times to your hubby!)


  15. I can’t wait to see your bed head baby! Too bad I am totally going to enter this contest too and beat you. :)

    Jenny from Mommin’ It Up!s last blog post..Laurin and Jenny Talk

  16. I love blogging too & totally didn’t know what I was getting into when I started. I could write this same email (with the exception of ACTUALLY meeting any of my bloggy friends) and I’m so glad to hear about others who have made genuine friends through their blogs! Yay!

    Stephanies last blog post..Free Red Box Code!

  17. This cracked me up!! lol – I get real life friends telling me they know things about me too, and it momentarily creeps me out!
    :) I just found your blog this evening and have been enjoying getting to “know” you! :)

    Jessicas last blog post..Getting Ahead of Ourselves

  18. smeasywew says:

    Hi, cool site, good writing ;)

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