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ubg3 Welcome to The Diaper Diaries where you can see that we are “Always Loaded, Sometimes Full Of Crap.” Probably more often than not, truth be told. I am so glad you stopped by. I have been blogging for a couple years and had no idea where it would take me. Who knew I would be addicted to a little thing called Twitter? Who knew I would go to a blogging conference. Who knew I would call people I had only met in the online blogging community my friends?

If you want a quick tutorial on my check out my “about” page or “100 Things About Me.” But I would rather have you read some of my favorite posts. My most popular posts have to do with sex. I think you should be having lots of it. Every Monday I propose a little challenge for you to spice up your sex life with your hubby. You know you are curious, go ahead and check it out. Every Thursday, I host a little carnival where you can tell others about the “Things You Love.” It has grown quite nicely since it started and I would love for you to join in.

Mostly I just write about the ups and downs of being a mom and a wife. Sometimes serious, usually not so much. I would love it if you would poke around a bit while you are here or come back and visit again. Thanks for stopping by.

If you want to participate, there are tons of prizes and I am sure there will be lots of blogs to visit. Just head over to 5 Minutes For Mom and link up to your Ultimate Blog Party Post.


  1. Hi! It sure is nice to meet you – just wanted to let you know I was here poking around your blog and getting to know you :)

  2. I’m so new to the blogging community really and feel that my blog is quite different to all others in that it is specifically an online devotional. I love what I write and what I share but I would love to get involved in sharing all the other aspects of blogging…..actually I’m seriously thinking of creating a second blog just to have a bit more blogging fun!

    I love your blog! Thanks for sharing!

    Narelle Nettelbecks last blog post..Thankful Thursday – Forgiveness

  3. Great party going on here! Fun times! :)

    Jaimes last blog post..Ultimate Blog Party 2009!!!

  4. So glad to meet you! I’m going to look through your posts to get to know you better. Thanks!

    Munchkins and Musics last blog post..IT’S A PARTY!!!

  5. Fun site. It’s great to meet you. I will have to check back for the intimate tips- great party and blog idea!

    thecitycradles last blog post..Vegas sights and sleazy billboards

  6. I agree fun site! I need the Monday tips so I will be back (and maybe searching your history..hehe)! Great look and enjoy the party!

    Carissas last blog post..Welcome to the Party….

  7. I’ve seen your blog linked to several bloggy sites- I’m glad I stopped by to take a peak :O)

    da mamas last blog post..The Ultimate Blog Party!

  8. Looking forward to reading more!

  9. Hi! :-)

    You’ve just received the Lemonade award. Stop by my blog to pick it up and show some bloggy love. :)

    BTW, I added this to my fridge too. :-)

  10. Your posts on s-e-x are refreshing and fun. Thanks for sharing. Swing by my site, The IE Mommy, to check out my Ultimate Blog Party Post.

    IE Mommys last blog post..Aloha Friday

  11. Hey! I have been poking around from the UBP.. and I LOVE your blog!

    Katis last blog post..Happy Ultimate Blog Party 2009!!!

  12. I’m been following your site for awhile, and I LOVE IT! I’m sorry, I’ve been really bad about not leaving comments :)
    You always make me smile, or giggle, or learn something new. I Especially love the 1Cor7:5 Challenge.
    Looking forward to more stalking…er I mean, reading of your blog :)

    SimplySaras last blog post..PARTY DAY!

  13. I have been following your blog for a couple months now & really enjoy it. I haven’t tried your Monday challenges yet, but I’m definitely addicted to Things I LOVE Thursday.

    I’m working on a a Ultimate Blog Party post, but haven’t quite figured out what I want to say yet.

    Denises last blog post..7 Quick Takes Friday

  14. Dropping by for the party! Looking forward to going to red your “intimate” posts as I could use some help in that department (4 1/2 months postpartum…)

    I’ve seen you around the blogosphere, so I think it’s time to subscribe and see what you’re all about!


    Vanderbilt Wifes last blog post..Ultimate Blog Party 2009

  15. Just wanted to say hi! You’re a blog I enjoy and wanted to stop in and let you know while I was partying this week!

    Meshellyns last blog post..Cheers!!!

  16. HI – just wanted to say I enjoyed browsing your site… thanks for the info from a Christian perspective on ‘marriage’.

  17. I just want you to know that I really appreciate your blog! It’s a lot of fun and post about some great things (sex being one of them). Thanks again for sharing your life with all of us!!

    Jessicas last blog post..Works-for-Me Wednesday: The Biggest Loser Workout

  18. Hi! Nice to meet you! Party on from an old hippie grandma!

    Babas last blog post..Ultimate Blog Party Is Here

  19. Ok, I just read your 100 things list and I think we just may be the same person. Except the whole Michigan, Chicago and Barry Manilow thing. Also, I can’t sing. Whatever, we have some crazy similarities! :)

    Heathers last blog post..I Just Might Be Watching Too Much What Not To Wear

  20. I am a big fan of the challenge! and wanted to stop by and “hang-out” at your party :)

    Courtney from Mommie Blogss last blog post..party time

  21. I am stopping by from The Ultimate Blog Party to check your blog out and to follow you on Twitter. What a great week we are in for!

    Check out my place for your chance to win a LeapFrog Tag Reading System. :)

    The Divine Miss Mommy

  22. What an adorable blog! I will just have to take a look around! Nice to meet you mama!! :)

    Shop with Me Mamas last blog post..2009 Ultimate Blog Party! Let me introduce myself!

  23. I love reading your blog, your bathroom cleaning post hits home, big time!

    Have a great party !

    Allies last blog post..Ultimate Blog Party !

  24. I hope you win some prizes!!

    debbies last blog post..What am I supposed to wear today?

  25. Happy blog partying!!! thanks for introducing yourself!! I learned a little more about you :)

    Cupcakes last blog post..Ultimate Blog Party Introduction!!!

  26. Hi. Stopping by for the party! :)

    I’m gonna have to go read some of those previous posts you mentioned. :)

    Cories last blog post..I Love A Party!

  27. Hi. Happy UBP!!

    Jinxys last blog post..Its a bloggy party

  28. Gotta love the 1 Corinthians Challenge!

    Beth@Not a Bow in Sights last blog post..Faithful Friday: Renewing My Strength

  29. Hi, coming over from UBP. I’m trying to visit all the blogs. Right now, if I visit 149 per day in the next 7 days I’ll make it. I’m hoping for long nap times for the next 7 days! Anyway, it is really nice to meet you and your blog. I have a toddler learning blog myself where we do a lot of learning activities and have fun. Blogs are my favorite way to spend time. They’ve totally replaced magazines for me. So nice to meet you! Have a magical day!

  30. Hi there, stopping by to say hello from the UBP and wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  31. Karen says:

    This is my first visit to your blog. I am blog-hoppin’ with the Blog Party group. I like what you have to say and I will be back to read more! Hey – I am giving away a prize too. Mine is number 118 – check it out!

  32. Hi, This blog party has been so much fun. I have been to some really great blogs. I have so far found recipes, giveaways, money saving tips, coupons, craft ideas, and so much more, Oh and great people.
    Thanks for inviting all of us to stop by for a few minutes.
    Have fun!!!

    Maureens last blog post..Blog Party 2009

  33. lovely post – nice to know you- party hopping

  34. Now THAT’S an intro if I ever read one!

    Happy UBP 09. :-D

    Aunt LoLos last blog post..It’s Time to Partay!

  35. It is great to meet other Christian bloggers. I’m having a blast meeting everyone through the party.

    Julies last blog post..Food Friday: Peking Pork Chops

  36. Deborah says:

    Hello! Poppin’ in from The Ultimate Blog Party…all the way from Queensland, Australia! G’Day! I hope you have time to visit my party soon.


  37. Hey there! I actually added you to my feedreader a couple weeks ago and have been enjoying your posts about intimacy. I love your lighthearted posts, too–laughter is good for the soul if not the lines around my mouth. :)

    Brianna @ Heart(h) Managements last blog post..Ultimate Blog Party 2009!

  38. Love the title of your blog! Stopping by from the party!

    Shari @ A Psych Mommys last blog post..Time Out Pad: Review

  39. Holly says:

    Just stopping by for a visit! Hope you’re having a blast partying!

    Hollys last blog post..KickTrak Giveaway

  40. Hey there! I am just party hoppin’. I hope you are having a blast at the UBP!

  41. I came across your blog from UBP, I love your site espcially the name so unique.

    I am defintely going to stop be often



  42. I clicked on your blog, simply because of them name. I love that and now I’m subscribed.

    Whitneys last blog post..Bryson

  43. “them” could even be the, ha.

    Whitneys last blog post..Bryson

  44. Hello there. Knocking on your door from the blog party. Hope you don’t mind.


  45. Nice to meet you!

    Talk about a party!

    I’m quite intrigued and am learning how to get around!

    Just stopping by from 5minutes for moms blog party!

  46. Hi, nice to meet you! I like your theme here. See you at my party! :-)

  47. Hi! Okay, the title just drew me over and then to see your header made me laugh. I’m definitely going to be back.

    My friend Jana and I run a new arty (but non-stressful) challenge blog. Please stop by and check it out. You can participate using just about anything – including photos or a craft project.

    Great site you have here!

    Rosemary and Janas last blog post..Welcome to a new Challenge Blog

  48. Nice to meet you! I’m blog party hoppin’ via UBP and randomly clicking on links….glad I clicked on you! Can’t wait to read your Monday posts! I’ll be back!

  49. Of COURSE you’re at the UBP! Great to see you there!

  50. Okay, the header is hilarious! :) I’ve been poking around your blog and wanted to tell you how fun it is!

    Glad I stopped by from the UBP!

    Montana Mamas last blog post..The ULTIMATE Blog Party!!!

  51. Well, I am blog hopping with the UBP, but must confess I’ve been here before and am rockin’ “The Challenge” ;) Thanks for the encouragement and laughs along the way.

    Jesicas last blog post..Ultimate Blog Party

  52. Hi! Just stopping by from UBP- your blog is so much fun! I will be coming back for sure!

    Ashley Barnharts last blog post..Some Random Things

  53. Ooooh, talking about sex huh? Well, who would want to pass that up? I’ll just go get a coffee and come right back! Great party!

    MBs last blog post..25 Random Things

  54. all of your topis are those I am definately interested in. Have to take some time to check the site out from the start.

    Nikis last blog post..How to organize and simplify your move

  55. Hi, just stopping by from the Ultimate Blog Party. I have to say your blog looks so fun! I can’t wait to read more.

    Amys last blog post..The Ultimate Blog Party!

  56. Fabulous blog title and subtitle!!! LOVE it. Just blog hopping in through the party link list.
    Stop in on my party if you’ve got a minute!

  57. hi just stopping by and looking around, love the look of your blog!

    jessicas last blog post..organized or insane

  58. I am enjoying all these blogs. Yours is one of the best especially your graphics.

    Kate@Blog Buttonss last blog post..PARTY! CONNECT! WIN!

  59. Happy blog party! I enjoy very much these blogs especially yours!

  60. your blog is very helpful. I am really having fun looking at all these blogs

  61. Hi Happy Blog Party 09. I am just passing through navigating my way through the blog party. I really like your blog!


  62. Michelle m says:

    Thanks so much for joining in on the party. Thanks for introducing yourself, I will check out your blog, sounds like some great weekly topics


  63. Yay UBP 2009. I am thankful that I dropped by. Your blog is very well written with just the right amount of spice!

    Pop Wahm Buzzs last blog post..Home made baby

  64. Stopping by to say HI from the UBP! Love the tagline of your blog!

  65. LOL… your Blog Title and tagline really did make me laugh out loud! I’ll definitely have to check out your blog more later… (I’m just bookmarking everyone right now, while I blog-hop my way through the party :-p)

    Feel free to check out my blog, too! While I found the party too late to be part of the official prize giveaways, I do have a door prize at my blog: I’m giving away a free print copy of my book, “Two Snowflakes.” Here’s my address: http://twinhappyjen.blogspot.com/

    It was nice to meet you!

    TwinHappyJens last blog post..Win a free copy of "Two Snowflakes!"

  66. Blog Party Woohoo! Talk about fashionably late, right, sorry. I have been sick which left me in a fog all last week, so I am still trying to make my rounds. Better late than never I figured. Anyway, hope you had a great week at the UBP. Hope to see you again sometime!

    Mrs. Marines last blog post..Party’s Over….. :(

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