Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Ultimate Blog Party 2010 Welcome!! I am so glad you have stopped by. To my regular readers, it is Ultimate Blog Party time!! Time to blog hop and meet new friends and party YO!! Apparently I like me some exclamation points. Too much dipping into the kid’s Easter candy.

As you can see from my tagline, we are “Always Loaded, Sometimes Full of Crap.” And as you might be able to tell from that tagline, I like finding the humor in life. Want a quick look into who I am? Well, quick and brief are rarely words to describe me. You could read my 100 Things About Me for a little more info. You should DEFINITELY follow me on Twitter! But how about I point you to some of my favorite posts?

  • I think you should be having lots of sex with your hubby (how’s that for a starting point). Here are 20 weeks worth of posts to spice up life in the bedroom {bow chicka bow bow}
  • I host a weekly carnival called “Things I Love Thursday” on……. Thursday….. I would love for you to participate if you are looking for some bloggy inspiration. Here are some of my recent TILT posts.
  • I am most excited about my most recent post before this one. I am joining a group of bloggers on a trip to the Dominican Republic sponsored by World Vision.  And if you would join me in sponsoring a child from the DR, I have a little gift for you. Trust me, this is one post, you want to check out.
  • One of my favorite posts (and one that is a must read once you find your favorite bloggers through the Ultimate Blog Party) is this one on “How to Stalk a Blogging Celebrity.”

To add to the party fun, I want to introduce you to some of my blogging friends! There are nine of us who each have a word hidden in their post (hint: one of these words is not like the other). These nine words make up a sentence. We will each link you up to the lady who has the next word in the sentence—but keep in mind that I might not have the first word in the sentence! Once you have the sentence, e-mail it to sisterchickies@gmail.com with “UBP10” in the subject line. Each person with the correct sentence will be in a drawing to win a $40 Target gift card! Winner will be announced on all of our blogs April 19 and the winner will be e-mailed. The winner has 48 hours to respond or we’ll pick someone else.

Disclaimer: Some of us are slower than others, but we will all have our posts up by noon EDT on Friday, April 9.

So for your next clue, visit Jessie at Vanderbilt Wife.


  1. This post is so you!
    .-= becky´s last blog ..Two Broken Arms =-.

  2. Hello Jill!

    It’s so nice to visit and meet you!

    Enjoy the party! :)

  3. WOW I just realized I am going to get very sick of filling out name/mail/website this week. Oh well for new blogger friends it’s a worthwhile cause. Love the post. Off to snoop around your site some more.

  4. Your blog is sooo cute and you SO speak my language!!

  5. Lol, I agree. Hubby needs lots of lovin’ to be happy!! Love it!

    .-= Christy Cross´s last blog ..Let’s Get This Party Started!! Ultimate Blog Party 2010 =-.

  6. Yo, yo homey! Next time Sandy’s in town we’ll stalk her together ;)
    .-= Staci Brown´s last blog ..Ultimate Blog Party ’10 =-.

  7. I can’t believe I wasn’t following you on twitter yet. I am now.

    I love how you put it all out there. Nice to meet you.
    .-= Louise´s last blog ..The Final Monday Moment Sponsored by Starbucks #giveaway =-.

  8. Nice to meet you! I will most definitely be back!
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Just ONE, please?! =-.

  9. hi! I chat with you on twitter all the time but have never visited your blog- wow! I love this and your tagline is HIlarious! LOL

    I love your little contest with your friends, what a genius way to help eachother out with traffic. LOVE IT!
    .-= Annie @ Mama Dweeb´s last blog ..Mama Dweeb is joining the Party! #UBP10 =-.

  10. Happy Partying! I love the UBPs! You’re the first blog I’m commenting on.
    .-= Fruitfulvine2´s last blog ..Tips for Wives – Take Him To The Edge =-.

  11. Your sentence game is such a great idea! It worked for me! I’ll be hopping your friends blogs to try to figure out the sentence! Happy Partying!
    .-= Ivy´s last blog ..Ultimate Blog Party 2010 & Prize Giveaway! =-.

  12. chana says:

    wowo complicated give away!

  13. Party time! What a great reminder to laugh at the craziness of life as moms! Thanks!
    .-= Audra´s last blog ..Blog Party! =-.

  14. Your top 4 posts to read made me giggle a bit, and made my heart happy. I did a mission trip in the DR back in 1998, and loved every minute of it. Would go back in a heartbeat if I could. I think a TILT post (for today even) is in the works! Hugs! Yay for UBP!!!!
    .-= Lori V.´s last blog ..Party People – Make Some Noise! =-.

  15. I guess since I’m new to blogging I don’t totally get the bolg party thing. I went ont the website but still….hummm. Can you help?
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..None ya =-.

    • Jennifer,

      I agree it’s was confusing for me too. The webpage that has all the blog links for you to check out can be found at:


      Paste in the link and then scroll way down the page to the list of blogs. From there you only have to click on a blog name and it will open for you. Be sure to check out our website: http://www.powerofmoms.com

      It has great articles, book reviews, and ideas written by real moms. You’ll love it!

  16. Mami2jcn says:

    Good luck, everyone!

  17. Happy to meet you! …for some reason I keep typing “meat” today…I must be hungry.

    Love your blog…adding you to my “Times”.
    .-= Terin´s last blog ..Busy Busy =-.

  18. Visiting from UBP10! I can’t wait to read more..
    .-= Tiffany G´s last blog ..Blog Party =-.

  19. Deana Birks says:

    Great to meet you. Love your tagline! That’s awesome.

  20. So many sites, so little time; hope you’ll stop by and visit mine!

    Lovin this party, yo! LOL

  21. This is a great party!! Nice to meet you,and your blog!

  22. Hi! :) You sound so fun, I’m excited to get to know you and your family. :D

    Chrystal aka mommafo
    .-= Chrystal´s last blog ..Hmmm… Something funny that rhymes with Party…. =-.

  23. Happy UBP!! I visited all your sisterchick friends’ blogs and emailed my entry – great idea!
    .-= Kady L.´s last blog ..Ultimate Blog Party 2010! =-.

  24. Hello and nice to meet you. Coming over from the UBP! Happy partying and have a wonderful weekend!
    .-= Nichol´s last blog ..The Ultimate Blog Party Is Here…Let’s Party! =-.

  25. Love, Love, Love it! I am heading off to read your post on trip to DR! So great!

    Oh, when you can, come say hi! I’m giving away a $50 Amazon Gift Card! :)

    .-= Robyn OHSH´s last blog ..Our Lesson in the Post Office =-.

  26. love the blog name…how long did it take you to come up with your 100 things about yourself? :)

    Check me out if you can!
    .-= Gigi´s last blog ..Blog Party. Or Speed Dating. =-.

  27. Stopping by from UBP! I loved your post about sponsoring a Child, that is such a wonderful cause and it’s great for you to share your experiences with your readers!

    Following on twitter now!
    .-= Kellie´s last blog ..Easy Giveaway of Unclaimed Prize! =-.

  28. Trisha Lynn says:

    I love the How to Stalk a Blogging Celebrity post! I laughed so hard maybe because it sounds like me! :)

  29. I just have to say that your tagline is HILARIOUS!!! :) That in itself is enough to make me stick around! I’ve browsed a few of your posts and I think we have a lot in common. I’m following now ;)

  30. Just from reading this post, I can tell that I’m going to love your blog!! I can’t wait to come back by for some more laughs! (I like exclamation points too.) Ha!

  31. I can’t wait to come back and look around your blog some more. I’ve already laughed a lot just reading your intro for today’s post!

    Stop by FTSN for a slice of peanut butter pie when you get the chance. http://www.fromthesamenest.com

    .-= Michelle & Maria´s last blog ..Ultimate Blog Party 2010 =-.

  32. I haven’t seen your blog for awhile now! It was saved in my favorites on my old computer before it crashed. I can’t wait to see what all I’ve missed out on this past year! Stop by FTSN for a slice of peanut butter pie when you have a chance!


    ~ Michelle
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Ultimate Blog Party 2010 =-.

  33. one of my favorite things is your blog and I often visit

  34. I’m hopping along on this word hunt. So much fun and I’m almost done!
    .-= Jean @ Working Momma 247´s last blog ..Here To Crash This Party! =-.

  35. I come here and party all the time. Love your site, I have it book marked and I check in often and I think others should too.
    She had me at lots of sex. :)
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..John Freida Coupon =-.

  36. Found your blog through UBP10!! What a beautiful group of boys. I’m new to blogging so I’m hopping around a lot this week to get ideas from other mom bloggers. Feel free to check out my blog at http://www.WorkingMomsNetwork.com and let me know what you think. Have a great weekend.

  37. Hi, just stopping by from the UBP 2010. Your blog sounds a lot like my life, lol. I have 3 kids under the age of 5- 2 are in diapers right now so I can totally relate! Have fun blog hopping!! :)
    .-= Susan B.´s last blog ..My First Blog Party! =-.

  38. Happy Friday! I’m your new follower from UBP10! Visit me at http://www.rockindeals4you.com/?p=1602 and sign up for my newest giveaway!

  39. Hi Jill! I have been a fan of your blog for awhile, but just popping in for the UBP! As always, love your blog!
    .-= Leigh´s last blog ..Hot! Stokke Sale at Albee Baby =-.

  40. You drew me in with your subject manner because my husband will love your blog forever!!! But then with the word game… I’m totally won over!

  41. Stopped by from UBP. Great blog!
    .-= Patty Coleman´s last blog ..Ultimate Blog Party 2010 hosted by 5 Minutes For Mom =-.

  42. I am partying too! Though I have been reading your blog for a while it is always nice to go to your favorite links and learn more about you. Have fun this week with UBP10!

    Happy Weekend and Blessings!
    .-= LaVonne´s last blog ..Party With the Long Family! =-.

  43. stopping by from ubp2010. I’m up to 5 out of 9 words! :) Come visit me too!
    .-= Janel C´s last blog ..UBP 2010: Ultimate Blog Party!! Over 150 Prizes! One Week Only! =-.

  44. Connie says:

    I’m here from the party. You sound very interesting. It has been fun visiting new blogs. I’m glad yours is one of them.

  45. I’ve been a closet reader of your blog on and off for awhile, but using the party to finally post.
    .-= Andrea from Big Blue Momma´s last blog ..Ultimate Blog Party 2010 =-.

  46. I wish my hubby would graciously put up with my blogging hubby. :( Love your title and tagline!! Subscribed!

  47. WHOOPS! I meant blogging hobby!!!!! I would totally understand him not putting up with a blogging hubby.
    .-= Messy Mommy´s last blog ..it’s time to party =-.

  48. Wow! You really started things off with a *bang* didn’t you? ;-P Glad I popped in from the UBP!
    .-= Kristen´s last blog ..Ultimate Blog Party? I’m so there! =-.

  49. LOVE the tagline. I will definitely be stopping by your blog from now on! Stop by my parties (yea, I have 2 blogs – I’m a nerd like that) when you have a chance.


  50. Stopping by from the UBP, your blog is great, it really put a smile on my face.
    .-= Kim C´s last blog ..Party Time =-.

  51. I love your humor, and I started laughing as soon as I read your tagline, so cute. You definitely have some great content. Nice to meet you!

    Party on
    Party With Tiff (UBP post)

  52. Claudia M says:

    Lets Go Do the Hop – the Party Hop thats is :) also swinging by to say awesome party and beautiful Blog!
    and off to “Hunt” :)


  53. Hmmm I see some things that spark my interest and I love the word search thing with your friends.. coming back from UBP…
    .-= Angel´s last blog ..Ultimate Blog Party 010 is up and running… why aren’t you here?? =-.

  54. Love your blog Jill I’m a LONG TIME Reader and we met at Blissodom 09′.
    .-= Alyssa´s last blog ..Welcome to the Party =-.

  55. Happy ubp! So happy to meet you! :)
    .-= Lolli´s last blog ..Mommy Olympics =-.

  56. Tamaar B. says:

    I am a new subscriber :)

  57. Popping in for the UBP! I must check my Twitter, I think I do follow you! Enjoy the party!
    .-= Lissete´s last blog ..FREEBIES for 4/09/2010 =-.

  58. Hello and nice to meet you!!

    Love the theme and style of your blog!

    Happy Partying-stop by if you get the chance!


  59. Stephanie says:

    Stopping by via the UBP10! Your blog is cute and sounds fun.
    .-= Stephanie´s last blog ..Honest Scrap Award for Mami! =-.

  60. Sounds like a fun blog! I will be visiting again and again. Stopping by for the Party! I might have to play the game too…we’ll see.
    .-= Brandy´s last blog ..Time to PARTY! =-.

  61. Happy UBP! I love a treasure hunt so I am on the way to the next clue!
    .-= Angie´s last blog ..Ultimate Blog Party 2010 – Welcome to A Simple Kinda Life! =-.

  62. Love the blog already! Nice to meet ya.

    I’ve got my Ultimate Blog Party 2010 post up at Dayngrous Discourse. Plus, I’ve got my first giveaway too. I hope you’ll surf on over and say hello.

  63. Deborah says:

    Your sentence game is very creative! Yet, with the more than 1255 blogs to visit, I just don’t have time to participate. But, I do think it is a fantastic idea!

    Happy UBP 2010!
    .-= Deborah´s last blog ..Ultimate Blog Party 2010 =-.

  64. Ashley says:

    Hi, here from the blog party. Love your blog!
    .-= Ashley´s last blog ..I’m late, I’m late… =-.

  65. Love the blog!! Tag line too!! and I love exclamation points TOOO!! I followed on twitter and fan’d on fb. Look forward to keeping up with more of your diary. Hope to see you around #UBP10
    .-= Mama Sammi´s last blog ..Blog Party 2010!! What a great restart! (again) =-.

  66. What a great idea with the game. I bookmarked your page so I can come back in a few days when everyone’s posts are up!
    .-= Stephanie J´s last blog ..Win a Private Screening of The Back-up Plan =-.

  67. Party hopping from UBP! Love your blog and gonna enjoy following along. Hope you can pop over to mine and pick up some money saving tips! http://clippingforcash.blogspot.com/2010/04/its-party.html

  68. I came here to do my regular “stalking” and ended up doing a word hunt. How did that happen? Oh, and I have Twitter now so I’ll “stalk” you there too, ;).
    .-= Florence @Just Writing´s last blog ..Party Time! =-.

  69. LOVE your tag line… and it is so true! Looking at your categories, I am going to subscribe for sure. You have a great blog!

    I always enjoy the blog party – seeing so many designs, meeting wonderful writers… getting to see blogs like yours. Happy blog party!

    Pregnancy Blog
    Twitter Tools
    .-= Katherine´s last blog ..It’s Party Time! =-.

  70. Hi! Stopping by from UBP! I just saw you in the walmart ad this morning (from Wed. paper) and I was like “hey I know her!” (I read your blog and follow you on twitter and I think you’ve tweeted like once, maybe twice with me so I don’t REALLY know you but close enough right?) Anyways, I’m off to read a couple of your favorite posts :)
    .-= Alicia´s last blog ..Ultimate Blog Party- Welcome Friends! =-.

  71. Nice to meet you! I love “Things I Love on Thursday”, it’s so nice to hear positive things and to learn new stuff through other people’s appreciations… p.s. you’re hilarious and I appreciate THAT! ;) (BTW I’m swinging by through the UBP!)

  72. Stopping in from the UBP! I love this post. I’m going to be following now, and I think I’ll go and learn how to stalk a blogging celebrity.

  73. JDaniel4's Mom says:

    Stopping from the UBP! Loved visiting your site! The hidden word idea is great! What fun!

  74. It’s nice to meet your via UBP! Happy partying!
    .-= Natalie´s last blog ..What My Child Is Reading – April 10, 2010 =-.

  75. Just stopping by from the UBP!
    .-= “Deal”ightfully Frugal´s last blog ..Updated Entry to My Giveaway for Dick’s Sporting Goods =-.

  76. Great blog and nice to meet you :)

  77. Just “party hopping!” Very, very nice to “meet you” :) So many blogs, so little time!! LOL!



    Visit my party post at:

  78. DeAnna says:

    Great site. Wish I could follow you via e-mail. The Google thing doesn’t work for me. I’ll try to remember to come back! Keep pressing on!

  79. nicole says:

    Hi! Here from the UBP! Hope you have a wonderful time partay’g!

  80. I’m visiting from UBP. Hope you have lots of fun with the party.

    Stop by and visit me sometime.

  81. I decided to follow your blog as soon as I read your tagline. Just visiting from the UBP.

  82. Stopping by from the UBP! I’m subscribing to your RSS so I can get to know you better afetr all the blog hopping :)

  83. I’m a regular reader, just wanted to say “hi.” I love that you all are doing this secret word thing, very fun!!!
    .-= Eos Mom´s last blog ..Ultimate Blog Party–Welcome!!! =-.

  84. fun game! enjoying visiting you and your bloggy friends

    if you get a chance, please stop by my party post here:


  85. UBP visitor, so nice to meet you, had fun visiting all the blogs for the sentence

  86. I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while now, just thought i’s say “Happy UBP!”
    .-= Pam´s last blog ..Ultimate Blog Party 2010 =-.

  87. This blog party is a great way to find new blogs to read!

  88. Ok, I love how you start off your list. LOL I’m sure there are a number of women who may have been shocked, but let’s face it God created sex to be enjoyed with your spouse! =) I just entered a contest that if I win, they sponsors will donate to my organization of choice, which is World Vision!! How cool. I will check out your “must read” post.

    Enjoy your week of UBP ’10!!

    ~Mimi @ Woven by Words
    .-= Mimi´s last blog ..Sworn To Protect by DiAnn Mills ~ FIRST Wild Card =-.

  89. Nice blog. I stopped by from UBP. I’m looking forward to reading more. Nice to “meet” you.
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..snackTAXI Review and Giveaway!! =-.

  90. Theresa Dell says:

    I’m party hopping on the UBP and just wanted to drop in and say hello from NY!

  91. You look like a ton of fun! I love your blog title. You would probebly like mt FAB Fri monthly carnival. Its about finding the humor in raising kids.

  92. Ya, I’m typing ome hand. lol
    .-= Jessie at Blog Schmog´s last blog ..Home Vet again. =-.

  93. Stopping by thanks to the UBP. You have a lovely blog.
    .-= Amanda Daybyday´s last blog ..April showers… err, I mean snowstorms =-.

  94. Great blog about stalking! LoL
    Also, love your little game you got going on! Gives me something out of the ordinary to do rather than just go down the list :)

    Feel free to come by my blog and read my Ultimate Blog Party ’10 post! Become a reader & stay informed of upcoming giveaways!
    .-= lovelyritaann´s last blog ..2010 Ultimate Blog Party =-.

  95. Jill, Wow! Hands down you get the award for best UBP 10 post… gotta love it when another blogger is advising mom bloggers to have lots of sex with their hubby!! LOL.
    Hope you get a chance to stop by and say “hi.”
    .-= LizzieB´s last blog ..CNET Shares A Glimpse of 3D Television =-.

  96. melissa says:

    just stoppin by on the blog party!

  97. How are we suppose to find the words? Is it in your post or will you email it? I’m a little confused…sorry.

    Going to read some more of your posts!

  98. Hey there! I grabbed your hidden word, your feed and twittered you. Full meal deal! Looking forward to your posts.

    Here’s my party post:
    .-= Dawn Farias´s last blog ..By: Candace =-.

  99. Just dropping by from my blog party! I subscribe by rss google reader.
    .-= barbara gary´s last blog ..Welcome to my blog via The Ultimate Blog Party! =-.

  100. Blog hopping around and wanted to stop in and say hi and tell you how much I enjoy your fun and humorous blog. Definitely bookmark worthy! Happy UBP!

    Tina @ ViaWomen
    .-= women’s health´s last blog ..Join the Blog Party =-.

  101. Hi! Coming over from the party! Nice to meet you. :) Thanks for sharing about you. I look forward to reading those posts and now I follow you on twitter!

    Inthknowgivawys is my twitter name and here is my blog if you’d like to check it out!

    .-= christine´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – No More Food =-.

  102. Theresa@Sisters Saving says:

    I love your site. So glad I found it through the UBP. I am a sahm of 4 under the age of 5. I know what its like to change diapers lol. If you get a chance check out my site: https://sites.google.com/site/sisterssaving/
    .-= Theresa@Sisters Saving´s last blog ..B1G1 Printable Coupon for Boston Market =-.

  103. Stopping by to say hi from the UPB!

  104. A.Smith says:

    Haha, funny blog. Came over from the UBP, see you there.

  105. Stephanie R says:

    Hey! I came over just now from UBP, but I’ve been following your blog for about a week now from a McLinky, I think. I like the way you write, and I couldn’t wait to tell my husband about your 20 weeks worth of posts :)

  106. I love your tagline! Thanks for making me laugh. :)
    I’m glad to “meet” you through the party!

  107. I just hopped over from 4tunate’s blog. What a cute idea for a giveaway!
    .-= Maria D. @ DownrightDomesticity´s last blog ..Where’s My Piece of Cake? =-.

  108. Wow, that was a jammed packed full o’ fun UBP post!

    Just doing some last minute blog hopping….off to the next blog.

    Great contest idea!
    .-= Theresa´s last blog ..Big Brother from Wordless Wednesday =-.

  109. I stopped over from the UBP, this was so fun to read your site, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the site title, oh my gosh I started laughing!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend, visit my blog if you have a free moment!


  110. Stephanie says:

    What a fun/silly blog you have! I just love it!!

  111. Loving the blog!! Happy UBP 2010!!!

  112. Ha Ha I like your opener. Nice to meet you.


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