Truth in the Tinsel


I think it has been well established that I am not crafty. I really wish I was a mom who had a cabinet stocked with pipe cleaners and glitter, but I am not that mom. At all. But my friend Amanda is. She is a crafting superstar. A crafting superstar with a HUGE heart to help people teach their kids about Jesus.

She has released this amazing ebook, Truth in the Tinsel. for you and your family to make Advent meaningful this year. I am so excited for you to experience this with your families. Every day there is a meaningful craft accompanied with a short scripture which all point you toward the birth of Jesus.

Amanda has made this so easy for you. There is a craft list so you can make sure you have all the supplies you need. Every craft has a picture so you know what yours is supposed to look like. There are even different plans if the thought of doing a craft every day overwhelms you (raising hand). AND she even has a great ebook Facebook page where you can join with other families who are doing it and have a little accountability.

This book is already a STEAL at $4.99, but today for Black Friday you can get it for only $2.99. Seriously. This is an amazing price for an incredible resource. Plus you don’t have to elbow and old lady out of the way to get it. Just head here.

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