Trumpin' It- Part Deux

  So when I last left you I was gazing at myself in the mirror while watching Access Hollywood. The hubby and I decided to take a swim. Actually I wanted to sit in the hot tub to soothe my weary feet from all that shopping. Cause I wore these really cute sandals with zero arch support. Fashion isn’t meant to be comfortable ladies.

So we head down to the pool which is located in the spa at the Trump. We arrive at the spa desk and are greeted by a very friendly woman who asks us to sign in and then tells us she will be happy to escort us to the pool. More escorts!! I fear they have realized we really have no business staying in such a place and are making sure we don’t steal some towels and a roll of toilet paper (which has been embossed with a T).

To get to the pool, you have to go through the hotel work out facility. I should mention there are also condos in the building that share the facilities. They are extensive. Like the size of a small gym. I turn to the hubby and joke that it is a bummer I forgot my workout clothes or I would come work out later. Our escort turns to me and says, “We would be happy to provide you with workout clothes in whatever size you need if you just call down to the front desk. We like to eliminate all excuses.” How odd, I like to come up with all excuses.

Then when we get to the pool, I notice a couple of people were smart enough to bring down their robes. I again mention out loud that we should have brought our robes down. Stepford escort says, “I would be happy to bring you both robes and slippers.” Sure enough we are provided with robes and slippers minutes later. The pool is quite nice, but no hot tub. Um, Donald, what’s up with that. I consider calling down to the front desk and asking for a unicorn to come sing me Neil Diamond and massage my feet, but reconsider. Have to keep remembering that I am CLASSY!

Hubby takes me out for a nice date at a real restaurant without kids which is equally as exciting as staying in a swank hotel. Especially cause he picks Mexican and he really doesn’t like Mexican. I however could eat guacamole with a spoon for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We head back to the hotel and have some friends over for drinks. Become quickly aware that all the drinks at the hotel bar cost over $15. Thinking for that price, Donald should serve it to me himself.

The next morning, the hubby has an early work meeting so I have the whole morning to sleep and do a whole lot of nothing before we have to check out and head back to “real life.” Of course, I wake up at 7:30 and can’t get back to sleep. Argh!! Stupid change in time zones. So I took an hour long bath and then laid on my aromatherapy pillow, eating a Dunkin Donuts donut and watching “There’s Something About Mary” (you can lead the girl to a classy hotel, but you can’t make her drink).


  1. Andrea@Cup of Jesus says:

    You should have called and asked for the hot tub, silly!

    Andrea@Cup of Jesuss last blog post..Daddy’s Girl

  2. I love it! Only wish there was another room- I was in Chicago too, my accomodations, not so nice and with three kids! But I am glad you got to have such a fun time!

    Heathers last blog post..Super Powers

  3. Wow, their service is so good it’s almost creepy! haha Glad you had a good time, this was again so fun to read about!

    Jen Es last blog post..Momma Stays Up Late-ish and Watches the Teen Choice Awards and then Blogs About it, Because She Can

  4. You would think that each room would have had its OWN hot tub!!!

  5. I think you should have asked for the unicorn!!! Sounds great! Glad you got a nice weekend to yourselves!

    Tonis last blog post..Is that thing real?

  6. Rachel says:

    “We like to eliminate all excuses”???

    That might be the most pretentious, guilt-inducing comment I’ve ever heard! But I’m sure The Donald pays him well to say it.

    Mmmm Mexican…

    Rachels last blog post..Bad Mommy Award of the Day

  7. Maybe they are too classy to have a hot tub? At least you got a robe and slippers.

    Nancys last blog post..1st Birthday Party

  8. Ummm…where was the puke in post #2 as referenced by post #1??? I didn’t see any puke! :) Glad you go to rub elbows with the elite. :)

  9. he doesn’t like MEXICAN???? that’s unamerican. or unmexican. or something.

  10. Jen@BigBinder says:

    I think I would pay a little extra to a place that provides excuses rather than eliminates them. For example, “Why on earth would you work out? You are perfection.”

    Did they have a suggestion box? Maybe next time you can put that one in.

  11. Dee from Tennessee says:

    I am LOVIN’ this!!

  12. For real, Dunkin’ Donuts are my FAVORITE-!! And that picture of the Donald looks frighteningly similar to the picture of the Oompa-Loompa you had in last week’s WFMW post!

  13. How exciting for you! I love that you got escorted all over the place. How fancy.

    Jackies last blog post..Slip Sliding Away…

  14. Amy T. says:

    Thanks for the referral. Sounds cooler than the Sofitel. If we book it I’ll ask about the unicorn. If I mention your hubby will I also get a discount? Just thinking.

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