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top-ten-tuesday We celebrated Lily’s 7th birthday a little early this past weekend and headed up north. We had an absolute blast and I remembered once again that my life is one big blessing and I need to not lose sight of that in the day to day drudgery. So here are the top ten moments of this weekend.

  1. We went up to Great Wolf Lodge, which is always a guaranteed good time. I have blogged about my love for them before. Yet again, they did not disappoint. And I just happened to get an email from their PR peeps today alerting me to a 48 hour sale starting Tuesday morning. In case you want to have a blast as well. *disclosure: I paid for this trip with my very own money. I am just a big fan of GWL and wanted to pass on the info. If they decide to give me a free trip in exchange, I will let you know ;)
  2. Watching Lily turn red when we had the Applebee’s wait staff sing Happy Birthday to her. But embarrassed in a good way. That girl just hates surprises. But I still love springing them on her.
  3. Heading up with two sets of grandparents so that there were lots of hands to help with the kids. Which equaled some time floating around the lazy river relaxing all.by.myself. Well aside from all the kids who apparently thought lazy river = bumper boats.
  4. Listening to the squeals of my little girls as we flew down waterslides.
  5. Pretending that eating tacos, burgers, fries, pizza, cookies and birthday cake would have no effect on my waistline. Or that they could be offset by the salad I ate……slathered with ranch dressing. Back to eating “real food” this week. Boo.
  6. Playing Magiquest with Lily. We rescued princesses, slayed dragons and helped pixies fly again. And ran up and down stairs and through hallways and completing all the adventures. She was rewarded with a pin. I was rewarded with the indulgement of my inner geek (who knew she was in there) and the false, false belief that all that walking compensated for the way I ate. The scale disagrees.
  7. Heading out on the town with my hubby, my dad and my mother in law to try and spot Red Wings. Which makes me a stellar wife because all I wanted to do was throw on some stretchy waist pants (see #5) and fall asleep. We saw no hockey players, but we did spot a Red Wings announcer. So that’s something….
  8. Passing a sign on the highway on the way home that said “Do Not Pick Up Hitchhikers, Prison Area Nearby”. As opposed to the rest of the highway where it is a hitchhiker pick up paradise…
  9. Making it home with exhausted, crabby children. Ok, that part sucked, but having them fall dead asleep at 7 pm and sleep in until 7 am was worth a little bit of crabby.
  10. Celebrating my favorite almost seven year old. Almost seven. How on earth did that happen? I am so blessed to be able to watch her grow up, way too fast by the way, but I love being her mom. She is one special girl. Happy Birthday Lily. Thanks for making me a mommy seven years ago.

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend!
    I remember always wanting to pick up hitchhickers on road trips (of course that was 20 years ago!) — now I sound old!
    I think my parents were worried that I might pick one up when I started driving (which was only 9 years ago) — yup, I still sound old!
    Andrea@SimpleOrganizedLiving recently posted…What’s In My PurseMy Profile

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! (Especially #8 – heehee!!) Happy birthday to your Miss Lilly!!
    mandi@itscome2this recently posted…Top ten tuesday … random edition 543My Profile

  3. Oh those kids and their bumper antics. Maybe I would enjoy a trip with kids if I had 4 extra sets of hands around. . .
    Betsy (Eco-novice) recently posted…Preschooler Potty Training Finale Plus Top Ten Benefits of Early Potty TrainingMy Profile

  4. very well written post!! I really enjoyed it ;0)
    Georgia recently posted…Helpful tip for new bloggers!My Profile

  5. Ha! I love that “no picking up hitchhikers, prison nearby” sign! I can’t remember where I’ve seen it before but it ALWAYS makes me laugh :)

    Enjoy Glee tonight, I’ll be watching it too!
    Amanda – VintageDutchGirl recently posted…Vacuuming My Driveway and Destroying VanityMy Profile

  6. Ah, someday! We actually have a GWL about 3 1/2 hours from us that I would love to go to! We watched it being built on our drives to Oregon a couple years ago and could NOT figure out what this giant funnel looking thing was along the freeway! Now we know!
    When my boys are old enough to enjoy it (say, in about 3 or 4 years) I think we will have a blast! And here’s hoping grandparents or someone wants to come along so I can do it too! ;)

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