Top Ten Tuesday- Top Ten Things Silas Learned to Do in the Last Two Weeks

top-ten-tuesday Silas is growing at an INSANE pace. He is still a mostly mellow, happy baby, but now he is one that doesn’t sit still for long. And the insane thing is he has decided to hit every milestone possible in the last week. Honestly, my hubby was at a convention Monday and Tuesday and came home to a new son. So here is the list of things he has learned to do in the last two weeks.

  1. Crawl on all fours: This skill has gradually been developing, but he finally 100% is off his belly. I kind of liked that army crawl.
  2. Say Mama and Dada: Of course any intelligent person knows that he has no idea what those sounds mean. But any parent knows that we like to pretend he is talking about us. So we pretend.
  3. Pulling to stand: Tables, walls, his crib, people. You name it. He is standing at it.
  4. Figuring out how to get down again: Thankfully this only took a week to figure out. Because the crying every time he got stuck standing was driving me batty. And poor guy, as the third child, he got no sympathy when he fell on his butt. How bad can it hurt with all that diaper padding?
  5. Cruising around furniture: Mainly in an attempt to reach paper/contraband/miscellaneous choking hazards that are on various pieces of furniture. Thankfully Lily and Hannah are constantly running around yelling “Choking Hazard!!!” at everything they see.
  6. Picking up food: Double fisting it in fact. I am waiting until he gets old enough and then we are entering him into some sort of competitive eating contest. The amount of food he fits in his body is ridiculous.
  7. Transferring between pieces of furniture: See #5. All the better to shove pieces of crayon in your mouth
  8. Climbing stairs: See #5 and #7. Although this time mom used the contraband for motivation. Then took it away from him when he got to the top. Yeah, I know. Bad mommy.
  9. So Big: It is the cutest thing ever. And I so wish I posted pictures of my kids on my blog because it is the.cutest.thing.ever.
  10. Potty Train: Ok so that is a lie. But he did discover that God has gifted him with built in entertainment during diaper changes. I will just let you read between the lines as to what that is. So the initiation into “mom of a boy” continues. Hold me.

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  1. Being mom to a boy is so much fun! Of course that is all I know. I’m sure girls are too :-)
    Christine (iDreamofClean) recently posted…10 Habits of a Clean HomeMy Profile

  2. It’s always a miracle! But I have no clue about boys!!!
    Adventure Mom Janna recently posted…Three Classic Toys That You Already Have: A Ball, A Book and A BlanketMy Profile

  3. My youngest is 11 months so I know what you mean… every day he’s learned something new! I’m amazed :)
    Alicia recently posted…Take lots of pictures? (Giveaway!)My Profile

  4. What a fun stage. Every day a new adventure! Keeps you on your toes though.

  5. oh amanda says:

    Hilarious! How old is he now? Good grief, he’s like a grown up!
    oh amanda recently posted…Top Ten {Tuesday}: Things That Distract MeMy Profile

  6. How adorable, how adventuresome, how BOY.
    (that’s for the last new thing) lol
    What a fast learner on all counts. Hilarious.

  7. Dang! Good thing you have a blog to record all that stuff, ’cause by the third child I can only assume you just give up on attempting to write it down in a baby book. And the boy thing, um. Yeah. You may remember we have a little experience with that issue. Good luck.
    Jen @ BigBinder recently posted…Top Ten Things I Might Actually Do With My Kids This SummerMy Profile

  8. #10 is hilarious. boys are so funny. i remember the first time my son did that and i was like, No!!!
    julia recently posted…Large and in chargeMy Profile

  9. My daughter seemed to change a ton in the course of a few days too and my husband felt like he missed it all while at work. Isn’t it crazy how it all seems to happen at once!

  10. So fun! That is a lot of milestones for one week! Way to go big boy! I am convinced they know what mama means, because everytime I go to leave the room or ignore him in some fashion, my little guy screams “Mamamamamamama!” I know the truth, but pretending is way more fun. My 9-mo old discovered his “entertainment” just over a month ago. I just keep telling myself that he’ll stop eventually because at some point it has to hurt. My 4-yr old now has a different problem with that! Welcome to the boy club. It only gets more interesting! =)

  11. Seriously, I almost got suicidal about the potty training one until the next second when I read you were just kidding. I’m in a fragile state! You can’t DO that to me!
    Jenny from Mommin’ It Up recently posted…ImmersionMy Profile

  12. My son leapt forward like that too. Everything at once. And he discovered the “built in entertainment” during diaper changes really young, like 3 or 4 months. ha.

    Neither of my kids ever went through the “I can’t get back down!” stage. But they are little daredevils and climbers so they just let go and never cared. Seriously, I almost forgot that was a stage until I heard other people talking.
    Kate recently posted…Family Life UpdatesMy Profile

  13. Too funny! Having a boy after having girls is a big adjustment. They are totally different animals. :D
    Anna recently posted…Top Ten {Tuesday}: Dreaming of ChocolateMy Profile

  14. It’s totally scary how fast they learn sometimes. I find myself saying “Wait, I’m not ready for you to be doing that yet!”.
    Terri recently posted…Top Ten {Tuesday}: Ten Cool Thoughts to Beat the HeatMy Profile

  15. I love how the girls have been watching out for their little bro – “choking hazard!” I can just hear them… so cute.

  16. My little one just started doing so many of the same things! Once she started crawling, it has been a whole new ballgame! We can’t believe how much she can do now that she wasn’t doing maybe 6 weeks ago!
    Tiffany recently posted…Hand Painted Wooden Letters GIVEAWAY-My Profile

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