Top Ten Tuesday- iPhone Apps I Love

top-ten-tuesday Haven’t done the Top Ten Tuesday carnival in a while and I am feeling carnivally. Mainly because my brain still appears to be on vacation and can’t think of a post to do on my own. Plus this ridiculously dead and dried out Christmas tree mocks me and I really should devote some time to taking it down before my house goes up in flames. Don’t worry, we have unplugged all the lights, but still. Talk about eyesore.

I love my iTouch. I got it last year for Christmas and we have become fast friends. Yes, Hannah dropped it last month and it has 3 giant cracks down the middle, but I love it anyway. In exchange it doesn’t mention how I have 10 pounds of extra baby weight around my middle.

  1. Nursing Log: This baby has been so invaluable to me. I log in every time I nurse and it helps me remember which side to start on and keeps track of time. I just like knowing such things. I don’t need to be any more lopsided than I already am (ahem). Also it tracks total time nursing each day which helps me justify the condition of my house.
  2. Pandora: My love for Pandora runs very, very deep. If you aren’t using it yet you are seriously missing out. You type in a song or an artist and it develops a radio station of songs you might like. It rarely steers me wrong. My current Pandora drug of choice: my Glee station. I cannot express to you how much joy this gives me.
  3. Spark People: I love Spark People on the web, but this allows me to track my weight and calories on the go. I am convinced I owe all my baby weight loss so far to this application. Plus it has little graphs and I have a bizarre love of stats in graph form.
  4. Facebook and Twitter: Well duh. What sort of social media junkie would I be without these on my iTouch?
  5. Grocery Zen: I bring my iTouch to the grocery store after making a list on this app. Then I get to cross things off as I put them in my cart. Again, this brings me an embarrassing amount of joy. This list is making me realize I might be a lot dorkier than I previously believed…..
  6. Dress Chica: I have mentioned before my children’s love of Sprout. Well their morning show has this cute little chicken named Chica. This app lets you dress her in an array of costumes. For a dollar you can download the one where you can put pics of your kids in her face. My kids love this app and it keeps them entertained in places like planes and doctor’s offices.
  7. Urbanspoon: In a new place and want to know where to eat. Or want to take a novel approach to deciding where to go for date night. This guy lets you search for places to eat based on cuisine, price and location. And it does so in a slot machine fashion. You just shake your iTouch and see where it takes you. Again, I might get a little too much joy from this.
  8. The Weather Channel: Yes the thing comes with a weather app, but it sucks. Can I say sucks? Anyway, the Weather Channel one is much better and I love using it in the morning to figure out just how freezing it will be. Or for torture sake see how warm it is down south while I am freezing my buns off.
  9. GReaderApp: Outside of Twitter, my favorite thing to browse while I am nursing in the middle of the night. I love Google Reader and love that I can see what all my favorite bloggers are writing at 3 am. And I am able to click over and comment right from the app. I just found this one this weekend and I am loving it!!!
  10. Flashlight: This one is pretty self explanatory. I mainly use in the middle of the night when I need to find something in the dark or navigate the hallway back from Silas’ nursery. Plus it entertains my kids who like to take it under the covers or in their homemade forts.

For those of you with an iTouch or iPhone, what are your favorite apps? I am always looking for new ones to become addicted to. And if you want to play along in the Top Ten Tuesday carnival, head over to the fabulous Oh Amanda.


  1. Lose It (prob similar to Spark People)
    Nike Plus
    Words With Friends
    Pediatric Symptom MD
    Guitar Tool Kit
    Starbucks (Never again will I drive through Indiana not knowing where my next coffee fix will come from)

  2. My best new find is Dragon Dictation. It does a great job of speech recognition and gives me the option of sending the text to email, test msg, or put it in the paste buffer.

    I also like Cardreader for putting business card info into my Contacts.

    Locally, I use Route Shout to find my nearest bus stop and what time the next bus should arrive. This one may end up being available for other urban areas.

    In the spring I will happily spring for MLB at Bat again. At 9.99 it is my most expensive app but it is worth every penny.

    Words With Friends is the devil.

  3. Thanks for these tips! I’m especially excited about the Google Reader App (though not sure why it gave a warning about “mature content”).

    I really like the Amazon.com App. That way when I hear of a new book, etc. that I may be interested in, I can look it up and add it to my wish list right then, so I don’t forget!
    .-= punkinmama´s last blog ..ch-ch-ch-changes =-.

  4. Love this post! I just received an iPod touch for Xmas! I’ll have to check these out!

  5. Jennifer says:

    I love Pandora! I use it every morning while I am getting ready in the bathroom. I just plug my iPhone into speakers and turn it up loud. It’s the best.
    I didn’t know about the google reader app but I am using it now! I’m so glad you shared this. I had seen your link on Facebook to this post and downloaded the app. I already subscribe to you in google reader so there it was waiting for me. This is really slick!


  6. I love Barnes & Noble reader, Pandora, Facebook, Kids Eat For and Yelp.

  7. I forgot too, Triple D- Diners Drive ins and Dives.

  8. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls says:

    I use a grocery shopping one called Grocery Gadget which is pretty good – I love that you can add the prices so it’ll keep track of your total on the list and in your cart, and you can take pictures of the items too.

    I love KnitMinder for knitting – you can keep track of yarns, needles, projects and it has built-in stitch counters. And one of my favorite games (and my husband’s) is LetterBug. :)
    .-= Deb – Mom of 3 Girls´s last blog ..Happy Birthday to i ♥ faces! =-.

  9. Jessica says:

    My favorite is the Photoshop app. You can crop your pics and make them look more vibrant. It is also free.

  10. I don’t have an i phone or anything but I am getting the HTC droid system phone which is comparable…has all the apps and stuff. They even have a barcode scanner app that allows you to scan in a product and it automatically shows you how much the product costs elsewhere!
    .-= Jen-After the Alter´s last blog ..The Biggest Loser Family Style =-.

  11. I’m going to look into Grocery Zen!

    I do like the Droid barcode app…hello, Apple?

    My favorite apps are mostly Disney but I LOVE the Amazon Kindle app…it has revolutionized how, where, and how much I read.
    .-= Janna´s last blog ..My House Top Ten =-.

  12. YES to the Facebook and Twitter app! I also like the myfitnesspal app (kind of like sparkpeople)

  13. Too funny! I don’t have an iPhone or any iStuff but my husband keeps talking about getting one. Someday….
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..Movie Review: Maxed Out =-.

  14. Love Flashlight and The Weather Channel. Need to get GReader App.

    I used Total Baby instead of Nursing Log. You can track pretty much everything… nursing sides and duration, or bottle feedings, solids plus diaper changes, baths, medications, doctor appointments. I was even able to customize an even to track when I pump and how much I collected.
    By taking the iTouch to the doc appts I can log measurements and immunizations right away. It is awesome when mommy brain is in full force. The $5 was TOTALLY worth it!!

  15. I have an iphone and I just love it! I have filled it full of Apps! There’s literally no more room for apps!! There’s one called Pandora’s Box that is FREE and I recommend it – it pulls up all the apps in the store that are on sale for FREE that day! It’s alot of fun to see what you can find on sale that day! I also use News Addict, which was $1, but it has all my news apps in one! So it makes getting up to date on current events really easy! Great Post girly!
    .-= Meg @ Just Another Manic Mommy´s last blog ..Post-It Note Tuesday – 50th POST!!!!!!! =-.

  16. My favorites are Shazam (you can put your phone up to the speaker and it will tell you the name of the song), Target (shows the weekly ad and things like that) Ebay (self explanatory), Photogene (you can edit your photos on your phone) and the girls love Doodle Buddy.

    Thanks for your list…I love all the apps!

  17. Ok, well this post just makes me jealous!!! I’m not a lucky iPhone use:( But I do like my phone at least:)
    .-= mandi @ it’s come to this´s last blog ..Top ten tuesday … posts of 2009 =-.

  18. Note Taker is great because you can write notes on the screen with your finger. This is faster for me than the keyboard.

    Stanza is my favorite ebook reader.

    Instapaper allows me to capture a website on my computer to read later on my itouch.

    Textfree Lite allows me to send 15 text messages a day for free. This is great because my cell service does not include free texting.

    Cooking Dash is the most addictive game ever!

    Thanks for everyone else’s favorites! There are a few I am going to check out :)

  19. I just loved this! I got a bunch of ideas for my new iTouch! I just posted my top ten.


  20. abba12 says:

    *cries at the loss of pandora*

    I loved pandora so much, but then, they got sued or something, as usual with any outlet that allows people to find music not in the mainstream. They had to start blocking IP’s from countries other than America and Canada. I miss it so…
    .-= abba12´s last blog ..Recepie for Meaty Nachos =-.

  21. I was just going to e-mail you asking you about your favorite apps. Which nursing app do you use?

    I’m thinking about getting Grocery IQ – the plus of this is that not only can you make lists (for multiple stores), it also gives you coupons for things you buy frequently (and you can even scan in barcodes).
    .-= Heather H´s last blog ..Uphill Pregnancy: Putting on My Hiking Boots =-.

  22. All of these sound like great apps. I especially like Spark People and Facebook.
    .-= Storm´s last blog ..Freebie of the Month – January =-.

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