Top Ten Tuesday- Favorite BlogHer Moments

top-ten-tuesday   Let me first just say that I had an overwhelmingly wonderful time at BlogHer. I hung out with unbelievably fabulous women who made me so proud to be called a mommy blogger. And I still am proud of that title despite a sense that right now people are trying to tear anyone with that label down. If you are unaware of the negativity and controversy count your self lucky. I am beyond tired of it and refuse to let a few people define an entire group of women who are overall absolutely fantastic. Whew, nuff said.

In a nutshell, here are ten of the reasons I loved BlogHer ’09 and can’t wait until BlogHer ’10.

1. Meeting bloggers I love and respect that I hadn’t met before. I got to meet Janice from 5 Minutes For Mom. She might be the fastest talker I have ever met, but absolutely delightful. I was super excited to see how many “big name” bloggers that could have been intimidating were instead so down to earth and approachable.

2. Meeting bloggers I didn’t even know I would love meeting, but absolutely fell in love with. I don’t know how I hadn’t met Erin from 5 Dollar Dinners before, but we bonded over pregnancy, Shabby Apple dresses, and late night cravings. Can’t wait to bond over our cute offspring at Blissdom this coming winter.

3. Speaking of late night cravings: Discovering a Baskin Robbins party on the way to the Cheezburger party after a night at BowlHer. Whew! That is a lot of parties. But who can beat ice cream and McDonalds hamburgers at 11:30 pm when you are pregnant?

4. Along that vein, my favorite quote of the weekend? “I can’t eat any ice cream, I am full from that glass of water I just drank.”- Tricia from Once A Month Mom (who happens to also be pregnant. Who ever heard of a pregnant woman turning down ice cream?)

5. Rooming with the best roommates ever who tolerated my snoring (darn pregnancy). I loved all our late night giggles and can’t wait until we hang out again. Jenny, Andrea and Carrie you guys are da bomb!!

6. The parties. My absolute fave was BowlHer in which I got to see Brooke White perform!! I have loved her since American Idol and was always convinced we should be best friends. Now that I have met her I am convinced it is only a matter of time. I came this close to asking her to autograph my belly, but somehow held back.

7. The wonderful event at Land of Nod for a few pregnant bloggers. There were only 15 of us so it was nice and intimate and a great way to get to know some bloggers in an uncrazy setting. And I got to learn all about some amazing products from Stokke. It is safe to say I will never be satisfied with my stroller again. Thanks so much to Stokke and Jennifer from the Mom Bloggers Club for inviting me (and let me say hanging with Jennifer was another unexpected blessing of the conference).

8. Sneaking away from the conference and blowing off a few sessions to go hang out with my brother, sister in law and new niece. I got some baby snuggles in which was sooo worth missing someone talking about advanced SEO.

9. The swag. I am not even going to try and act like I am somehow above getting a little free stuff. I am not at all a fan of pushing and shoving and hoarding and obnoxious behavior, but I was really excited to be able to bring home some cool stuff for my family to enjoy. My girls love their Strawberry Shortcake dolls, my hubby is getting a free pair of Gap jeans (that is LOVE ladies that I shared that with him), I loved all the chocolate and even baby #3 scored a few things.

10. Walking in the door after 5 days away from my kids and a 3 hours drive home to the biggest, tightest hugs and the sweetest 3 faces I have EVER seen. Blogging ain’t got nothin on my babies. And the hubby blew my mind with the clean house I came home to and the dyed pasta necklaces he made with the girls. He dyed pasta with them!! How many dads do that? I am beyond blessed that I have a husband and kids who support my love of blogging and don’t blink an eye at letting me leave for a week to a conference. Thanks also to all the grandparents who stepped up and helped too. All of your supports means the world to me.

I really had a great time and am hoping to hit Blissdom again in the New Year with my baby in tow. Who wants to be my roomie? At least I won’t be snoring….

Thanks to Amanda for hosting Top Ten Tuesday. Her presence was SORELY missed at BlogHer.


  1. It sounds like SO MUCH FUN! I can’t wait for Blogher10 ~ I just bought my ticket today ~ I just am excited to meet many of the wonderful ladies who’s blogs I read and some of my readers as well.

    And plus… NYC has always been a place I’ve wanted to go to. So, hopefully you go and I get to meet you as well!

    I’m glad you had such a great time!
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..And the winners of BlogNerd are…… =-.

  2. I loved reading this! Thank you for pointing out the positives.

    (I’m hoping to go to Blissdom. It would be SO cool to meetcha!)
    .-= Smockity Frocks´s last blog ..Tomato Worms =-.

  3. I guess I should be thrilled that I have no knowledge of the blogging drama that took place except through Twitter. I am so sad that I missed BlogHer since it would have been great to connect with people IRL, but avoiding the drama…now that’s a good thing. :)

    Great recap…so many super ladies.
    .-= Jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlam´s last blog ..Meeting Blogging Friends in Real Life =-.

  4. who wants to be your roomie? duh!

    glad you’re home safe and sound…can’t wait to come and dive into your leftover swag!
    .-= lisa aka thebeadgirl´s last blog ..StudioJewel True Love Waits or Purity Bracelet =-.

  5. Great TOP TEN!

    You are way up there in my fav moments. You’re darlin’ and funny and I loved seein’ you again.

    DEVASTATED that I didn’t stumble onto the Baskin Robbins party :-(

  6. I was sooooo excited to meet you, but wished we could have had some “bonding” time. Guess the internet will have to do for now. =) You were delightfully cute!
    .-= Quatro_Mama (Quad Mom)´s last blog ..Shout Out to the BlogHer Beauties =-.

  7. I’m a confessed lurker—and have enjoyed following your ‘fun’ at Blogher. What a breath of fresh air after lots of negativity! I would love to have been there but I think Blissdom may be more my ‘size’! So glad you had fun and thanks for sharing with those of us who missed it.
    .-= edie´s last blog ..Logos School gets ready for year 2……. =-.

  8. I would so room w/ you at Blissdom and then we won’t bother anyone with the newborns. Except ourselves.

    Snoring optional.
    .-= Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt´s last blog ..And summer marches on… =-.

  9. aww- your time sounded lovely! I wasn’t there, and am kind of piecing together the drama through others blogs, but I gotta say, I LOVE that you didn’t focus on the drama!
    As one who wasn’t there I DON’T CARE about it, and am getting tired of everyone blogging about it :) Your account of it was lovely!

    And you so should have had your belly signed!! How cute would that have been?! :)
    .-= Jessica´s last blog ..Married With Children – date idea #2 =-.

  10. It’s SO incredibly good to read you post! There is so much ridiculous nonsense flying around right now. I don’t really know what the majority of it is about because I wasn’t at BlogHer and I haven’t tried to read all the tripe. I’m glad you had a good time and to that it is a potentially good experience to be had!
    .-= Myra´s last blog ..Marie-Madeline Studio Quilt Giveaway =-.

  11. Sounds like sooo much fun! I am super jealous!

    I really hope to go next year and meet everyone!
    .-= Kati´s last blog ..Musical Monday #4 =-.

  12. Oh, that was so sweet of you to say! I loved hanging out with you and getting the inside scoop about all things Chicago. It was awesome. So glad I got a chance to meet you :)

  13. oh amanda says:

    Oh, my heart just squeezed a little when I read that last line!

    Thank you for a POSTIIVE BlogHer post! I *will* be there w/you in NYC. I’m proud to call myself as a mommy blogger alongside of YOU! :)
    .-= oh amanda´s last blog ..Top Ten {Tuesday}: Bloody Films I Actually Liked =-.

  14. LOL. In my defense, it was 11:30 and I am pregnant so I WAS beyond delirious. But yes, that doesn’t make much sense. Thanks for making me laugh so much this weekend. You are too cute!
    .-= Tricia´s last blog ..Blogher for baby =-.

  15. I had a great time too and although I saw you in passing never had the time to introdcue myself…:( Glad you had a great time!
    .-= Melissa Multitasking Mama´s last blog ..BlogHer 09 The Quick Recap =-.

  16. Andrea @ MommySnacks.net says:

    Great recap! I enjoyed rooming with you even if I was laughing quietly at Jenny saying “Jill, I can’t sleep” and you saying “OK, OK, I’ll turn on my side.” I’m laughing right now just thinking about it!

    You were a great roomie, girl! Even if you did hear me trying to get in the room very late and decided not to let me in. :)
    .-= Andrea @ MommySnacks.net´s last blog ..Cellfire New Coupons Available!!! =-.

  17. sounds like you had an awesome time!
    .-= katrina´s last blog ..Mom Friends =-.

  18. Sounds like you had a great time!

  19. Ashlee says:

    Great to hear all about blogher! I have to admit Blogher imtimidates me as I am relatively new to the blogginess of it all. This makes it sounds much more appealing. Thanks for that! :)
    .-= Ashlee´s last blog ..I am….. =-.

  20. Sounds like a great time!! Thanks for sharing all the good things that it was about anyways:)
    .-= mandi´s last blog ..Top ten things on my list =-.

  21. Now THIS is the BlogHer I attended. After reading all the sad, negative posts, I was beginning to think my whole weekend had been a hallucination. I had a great time at BlogHer. Everyone I met was super nice and I can’t wait to go back next year!
    .-= Amy from Occupation: Mommy´s last blog ..10 Lessons I Learned at BlogHer =-.

  22. My jaw dropped at #10 – a clean house AND crafts? Girl, you ARE blessed!
    .-= Janna´s last blog ..Top Ten Disney Pictures =-.

  23. You were a wonderful roomie and one of my top 10 fave moments had to be our afternoon snuggle session…hee hee! And Tricia’s “water” quote – that was priceless…the stuff of legends!
    .-= Jenny from Mommin’ It Up!´s last blog ..Oh, What a Night =-.

  24. What a wonderful list!

    I am pretty sure I sat with you at lunch on Friday (with Emily), right? You are due close to me with a baby boy… I’m sorry I didn’t get to talk to you more, you seem like such a positive, fun and sweet person.

    And your husband died noodles – wow! I as impressed that mine took the boys on a road trip! : )
    .-= Elaine´s last blog ..PSF – This Week With My Boys =-.

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