Top Ten Tuesday: Fall Shows I Can't Wait For

top-ten-tuesday Yes, school starts. Yes, crisp sweater weather is coming. Yes, it’s time for football (or in my house, hockey). But what I most look forward to in fall is the return of my beloved TV shows. And this season looks like a season to add a few new ones to my repertoire. I am equally excited about that prospect seeing as Lost is gone (moment of silence…….) and so we have a spot in our TV rotation for something new. I thought I would tell you what I am most looking forward to in the coming weeks including new shows that look promising. AND as a service to you, my faithful readers, I will even let you know when you can expect their premieres. I know, I’m a giver.

  1. Survivor Nicaragua: I have watched every season of this show from the beginning. Only two seasons have I quit midway through because I just couldn’t stand the people playing. Otherwise I am a devoted fan. The hubby and I love to watch, talk strategy, and predict winners. All from the comfort of our warm, bug free house. This year, the old vs. the young. I expect lots of young eye candy and lots of old, crotchety men. (Premiers 9/15)
  2. Chuck: Can you believe this show was almost cancelled. It is one of our absolute favorites. Perfect mix of humor, action, intrigue and romance. Seriously, if you aren’t watching this, get onboard. It is one of the most underappreciated shows around. (Premiers 9/20)
  3. Glee: Do I even need to talk about why this show is the best thing on TV? I was a show choir girl in high school, jazz hands and all. I love the music, love the characters, mostly love the plotlines. I am a little concerned about the addition of a “Christian” this year, but hopefully they will stay inoffensive. Please don’t disappoint me Glee. Oh and more Broadway tunes, less episodes about Britney Spears please. Thanks. (Premiers 9/21)
  4. Raising Hope/Running Wilde: They are hedging their bets with these two placing them in prime spot after Glee. Will Arnett has me at hello. And clueless guy raising baby, well that seems like a good time. So I have them ready to DVR. I am hoping for comic genius. (Premiers 9/21)
  5. Modern Family: I can’t even tell you how much I love this show. And unless you are living under a rock, I don’t need to tell you. It might be the most talked about show from last season. For good reason. Please tell me you are watching it. (Premiers 9/22)
  6. Community/30 Rock: I put them together only because they are on the same night. And because they make the hubby and I laugh our buns off every single week. I love any show that takes political correctness and shows it the door. That is exactly what these both do. Joel McHale and Alec Baldwin are reason #1 and reason #2 to watch. Who knew I could love Alec Baldwin? (Premiers 9/23)
  7. Grey’s Anatomy: I really, really, really wish I did NOT watch this show. It is just trash. And last year’s big finale shooting seemed a tiny bit desperate. But darn it, I can’t stop watching. And apparently someone is getting married right off the bat. Which also seems shark jumpy. But again, I will watch. The hubby has bailed 2 seasons back, but Grey’s Anatomy, I can’t quit you. (Premiers 9/23)
  8. The Good Wife: I am not sure if this is permanently moving to Tuesdays at 8, but that seems odd to take on Glee. Especially because it is such a stellar show. Seriously, the biggest surprise of last season. So ridiculously well acted, well written and well executed. There has not been a good legal drama in so long and this one is perfection. (Premiers 9/28)
  9. American Idol: I hesitate to even put this in here, because I have no freakin’ clue when it is coming back and I am just not sure what the show is doing. Last season with Ellen was weird, but now she is gone. Kara apparently quit too. I don’t even know how the show can recover without Simon and the names tossed about for judges could not be more unappealing. I will watch. I can’t not watch, but I am skeptical. Their reign could be over. Thoughts?
  10. You tell me. I am heavily loaded on the comedies. Which I don’t mind, but I am longing for something to replace Lost. Which isn’t even close to possible. I am leaning towards Undercovers. Maybe The Event (which seems a little desperate, but I might give it a shot). *sigh* Maybe I will just watch the box sets of Lost…..

What are you looking forward to watching in Fall TV?

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  1. NCIS – both the original and LA

    Those are my favs.
    Kathy @ House of Hills recently posted…Menu Plan Monday 09 06 10My Profile

  2. We are HUGE fans of Parenthood around here. Was so happy to see it is returning. Hilarious and emotional in a “I can so relate in one way or another” kind of way!

  3. Alison Lisiak says:

    For a million reasons, PARENTHOOD!!!!!!!! You’ve got a week or so to rent season 1, and catch yourself up. :).

  4. Alison Lisiak says:

    I should add…I talked Terri into renting season 1. She finished it tonight and we both agree, it’s our new favorite show!!

  5. I started watching “Castle” in reruns this summer and I really like it. I might give “The Whole Truth” a try–a legal drama with Rob Morrow and Maura Tierney. Other than your list I watch House and the Office. Oh and I might try No ordinary Family–Michael Chicklis as a superhero or something?

    Yes, I am a TV nerd. Trying to break the habit and yet I’m adopting new shows, shame on me.
    Eos Mom recently posted…Halloween on my mindMy Profile

  6. I only started watching 30 Rock on Netflix a few weeks ago, but am totally hooked now. Can’t wait for it. And you are totally missing “The Big Bang Theory”, “Parenthood”, and “Amazing Race”! (Not to mention “Project Runway” – but that’s already a few weeks into the season.)

  7. BONES!!! I love that show! And their season finales always leave me wondering all summer long.
    I am hoping to see Running Wilde, and hoping to like it. We shall see!
    Amy recently posted…LaboringMy Profile

  8. MrsScotsman says:

    “The Office”
    I’m also interested to see “outsourced” that comes on right after it.

  9. Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Family Guy, Futurama… There are others, I forget. SCRUBS! which was canceled. :(
    Kate recently posted…Family Life UpdatesMy Profile

  10. I can’t answer this. Mainly because I have the same darned post written for Thursday. :P
    Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect recently posted…Saving Money on Kids’ ClothesMy Profile

  11. hope you don’t mind but i totally stole your top ten idea but man i clearly have a tv issue because it was hard to come up with just 10
    Lisa recently posted…Curious George season premiere Monday 9-6My Profile

  12. WE love Chuck here as well.
    Joelle recently posted…1000 GiftsMy Profile

  13. We like similar stuff.

    But I would subtract Survivor and subsitute
    The Amazing Race! Love that show.

    Also a big fan of Parenthood.
    Kendra aka The Meanest Momma recently posted…Cabin John Regional ParkMy Profile

  14. Also. I originally thought about doing my post as a TTT. But I couldn’t narrow it down to 10. I even tried 10 shows I love and 10 shows I can’t fit into my schedule. I still had too many.

    Sad, sad, sad.
    Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect recently posted…Saving Money on Kids’ ClothesMy Profile

  15. I am SO very excited for Glee! I’m actually in the process of watching the previous seasons so that I can refresh my memory. Their remakes are ALWAYS good. I love it. The cast of Glee never disappoints.
    Mandy June recently posted…When Athletes Go Broke- Why Sports Stardom Doesnt Equal Financial SuccessMy Profile

  16. katharine says:

    I agree with NCIS & NCIS:LA. Great shows! Totally agreed with Grey’s Anatomy comment, feel the exact same way about the show. Also love The Good Wife!! It was great and surprisingly clean without being cheesy!! We’re also are excited for the Big Bang Theory to start, gets us laughing every week!

  17. Glee…love it! Can’t wait! But I agree with Kendra. Take out Survivor and put in The Amazing Race :)
    Staci Brown recently posted…Saturday StumblesMy Profile

  18. Ditto on the Castle posts! I got hooked on this season one and it’s good. I only have time to keep up with 3 shows in season and this is one of them!
    Sara @ ThrivingMama recently posted…Sunday SunshineMy Profile

  19. I have to “ditto” on the Parenthood suggestions …. DVRed the premiere of Season 2 … watching it now and laughing out loud! So many “I can relate” family moments! It’s not a flashy show … just love that there are so many things to relate to! :)
    Erika recently posted…I surrender – allMy Profile

  20. I was in show choir, too! And even though i’m 30 now, Glee makes me squeal like a teenager! :-)
    Tiffany recently posted…Dollar Tree Items Worth BuyingMy Profile

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