Top Ten Things You Can Get Me For Christmas

top-ten-tuesday I know you are dying to know. I know you are kept up late at night trying desperately to come up with ideas to get your most favorite blogger. Well the wait is over my friend. The wait is over. (I apologize for the lack of pictures, I am tired and lazy)

  1. KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer: My motto? Go big or go home. And with just this first item we have knocked out the sins of coveting, envy AND lust. To be honest I don’t know which makes me more excited, the mixer or the KitchenAid Mixer Attachment Pack. Meat grinding, veggie slicing and cheese grating. I might just die and go to heaven right there cause life don’t get better than that.
  2. Kindle: Initially I thought they were stupid. But now I don’t know what it is, I just want one. We got one for my mom for her birthday and she just raves about it. In lieu of a Kindle I would take an iPad. See how not picky I am?
  3. Snuggie (Leopard): I don’t know which is worse. The fact that I want a Snuggie, or the fact that I want one in leopard print believing that that somehow makes it classier. But if wanting a Snuggie is wrong, I don’t want to be right.
  4. Glee: The Music, Volume 4: Only because I have volumes 1-3 and volume 4 is feeling all sad and lonely and left out.
  5. Frye Boots: I don’t even care which style. Seriously, I will take any pair. Well if you insist, this one. Or this one…….or maybe this one. Ok, one of each. Whatever.
  6. Ugg Classic Cardy Boot: Since we are talking footwear I find it quite sad that I live in Michigan and don’t own a pair of boots suitable for winter. These would remedy that situation nicely.
  7. Russian Doll Salt and Pepper Shakers: I saw these at Cost Plus this weekend and wanted the whole set. There are also plates, napkin holders, place card holders and platters. Perfection.
  8. Apron: I really, really, really want an apron. Add cherries to the mix and I am ten shades of happy.
  9. Owl Pillow: I am really getting into this owl craze that seems to be happening. So type owl into Etsy and see what happens. It is delightful eye candy.
  10. Comments: You know what makes a blogger the MOST happy and doesn’t cost a single penny? A comment from you. What is on your Christmas list this year?

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  1. I would love a necklace from Ember Arts (the necklaces are made by refugees in the Acholi tribe in Northern Uganda). There’s more…but I can’t think of them right now. Merry (early) Christmas!
    Rachel ROland recently posted…Going LocaMy Profile

  2. A folded laundry pile…..LOL
    Sarah’s Deals recently posted…Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop Winners!!My Profile

  3. I am with you on the Frye Boots! I have been wanting a pair forever!! You would LOVE the aprons from Anthropolgie. So random but I was looking at them tonight and they are to die for!
    Maria from The B.M.C. Report recently posted…Holiday 2010- Fabulous Modern Gifts Under 25My Profile

  4. a new ring. just a little cheapy one like this -http://www.overstock.com/Jewelry-Watches/Sterling-Silver-Cubic-Zirconia-Engagement-inspired-Ring/3540473/product.html?rcmndsrc=4

    or maybe with no gemstone at all. For when my fingers get all swollen from being pregnant. I feel so naked without a ring on my left hand…
    There is a lot about pregnancy that is…. difficult – to put it mildly. But honestly one of the things that distressed me the most was not being able to wear my rings!
    we each have about a fifteen dollar christmas budget this year… but i’m hoping the man blows 2/3rds of his to buy me a ring :)

    and for my boy, i dropped a hint to gramma today, and (even though i told her we weren’t doing presents and not to buy us anything cuz we can’t reciprocate) if she DOES disregard that request (like i think she is planning to) – i hope she gets this for the kid (he’s right at your boys age… Actually he SHOULd be older but darn you, you had yours early and mine was late ;) )

    We borrowed the book from the library and the bub just LOVES sandra boynton’s drawings!

  5. I’m dreaming of: a new Canon lens, a pair of those New Balance toning shoes, Photoshop, and FOR THIS BABY TO COME OUT! He’s already past due by a day. I really thought this one might be a dear and relieve mama from pregnancy a bit early; but he’s just like his big brother, apparently!

  6. Great list! I love all your boot requests! I have cowboy boots on my list, a few books, a new purse, etc. Nothing incredibly exciting–I got the iPhone for my b’day and as the hubby said, it’s going to be hard to top that!
    Olivia recently posted…Caution- Christmas Can Be Dangerous!My Profile

  7. All of the GLEE soundtracks are on my wish list, too… I just love them!
    Ashley Pichea recently posted…Top 10 Tuesday- November RecapMy Profile

  8. nicolerenae says:

    I asked for a Keurig coffee pot! It’s ok if I don’t get it, but it would be so cool if I do!

  9. I’m dreaming of a full night’s sleep and a clean house. I have the goodies you have at #1 (the story is here http://thrivingmama.charityscrafts.com/?p=381 – it’s a good one!

  10. At the top of my list this year is a weekend away with my Hubby! We haven’t had a kid-free night since before my son was born, and he’s 18 months old. HELLO.

  11. Strangely enough, padded hangers, slacks hangers, all different types of hangers to keep my closet looking its best and treat my very few clothes with the respect they need. Oh and world peace!

  12. I’ve never seen those UGGs before!?! I still want an original pair. If i could dream – and have it actually happen – my house would miraculously {because it’s not listed at the moment} sell before Christmas… opening up the ability to do something bigger with my life. :)
    Julie recently posted…Grand Rapids Girlfriends Getaway…My Profile

  13. Glee 4 is on my list as well, and my husband and I are getting ourselves a Nook (similar to a Kindle) this Christmas–great minds think alike. (I also hope to one day have a pretty apron like that.)

    I have several practical things on my list like picture frames and a picnic blanket, but the thing I really hope someone gets me, cheesiest of all cheese but I love it, is a Jane Austen action figure, available on Amazon.

    Ho ho ho!
    Eos Mom recently posted…WFMW-Share Your Wish ListsMy Profile

  14. I’m with you on everything but the Snuggie.
    OrdinarySarah recently posted…Yeah- Im Kinda Over That repost of an Oldie But GoodieMy Profile

  15. Your #1 choice is most excellent–I have one, and I use it for everything!! I have had my eye on a kindle too :), but my number one most wanted is a Wustoff Santoku knife and honer. Might seem weird, but I LOVE to cook and I would love to have a GREAT knife!
    Devin recently posted…Good – Better – BestMy Profile

  16. Your post made me laugh because I have some of the same requests in my Top Ten today. Ugg boots and an iPad are on mine. My mother in law actually called me yesterday and asked if I’d like a Kindle for Christmas. Ummm…SURE!!! (She’s the type that pretty much tells you what you’re getting for Christmas so she knows you’ll like it) I’ve wanted a Kindle for a while (or a Nook or Sony E-reader…whatev) but my husband kept telling me I really don’t need one. I guess his mom doesn’t agree!!

  17. I’m with the person wishing for a clean house…if only!
    Jenny recently posted…WW- Just Call Her RalphieMy Profile

  18. I just bought THE most awesome owl pillow from Rebel.reclaimed on Fulton. If you haven’t been there yet, you must check them out. So cool and creative and LOCAL. ;)
    Jolon @ Savvy Chic Savings recently posted…CanYouTopThis- Win 100 For Your Creativity! 3 Winners!My Profile

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