Top Ten Reasons I Love My Little Dude

image One year ago Wednesday, I birthed a boy. After six years of pink and purple and princesses and whining (dear God, the whining!), a boy entered our world. I said it then and I’ll say it again, we weren’t “trying for a boy”. A big gaggle of girls would have been fine with us. But God knew exactly what our family needed and he brought us Silas. I was instantly smitten and really haven’t stopped being head over heels in love with that little guy. Even when he robs me off all sanity due to lack of sleep (dear tooth, come in already). So here are the top ten reasons I love me soon to be one year old Silas.

  1. He is the most happy, mellow fellow. If I had a nickel for every person who has asked me, “He’s so happy! Is he like that all the time?”, I would be a rich lady. And yes, he is that happy all the time.
  2. He never complains about my cooking. This guy will eat anything. ANYTHING. He has never in his year of life turned down a single morsel of food. We started him on table food quite early, because he seemed to get bored with baby food quite early. So he eats everything we eat. And the dude loves to eat. It is amazing he isn’t 40 pounds already.
  3. Boy clothes. A lot of people complain that boys aren’t as fun to shop for as girls. Well they probably aren’t, but when you have two girls with STRONG opinions about their fashion, it is really nice to have someone you can dress in whatever you want without complaint. And I am loving little polo shirts and oxfords. He is my little preppy boy.
  4. The growling. So what that he is one and doesn’t have a single word to his vocabulary. He has two sisters at his beck and call. But he does growl a lot. I thought he was some sort of genius when I saw him point to a lion and growl, until I saw him pointing at everything and growling. He also does a pretty good grunt. I figure he is on his way to perfecting the preferred communication skills of most male adults.
  5. He entertains himself. What can I say? He is the third kid. He spends a lot of time in his car seat or on the floor while his sister’s command all sorts of attention with their theatrics. And he seems to be just fine. He will play for quite a long time all by himself and not need a thing from his mama. Delightful.
  6. That being said, he still wants his mama. I love that a kiss and hug from me still makes everything better. And although I love, love, love that his separation anxiety is very minimal, it still warms heart that his face lights up when I return.
  7. He is ridiculously, off the charts, cute. I may be biased a little. But strangers do often agree so I am going to go with the majority on this one. This is one of those times where our decision to not show pics of our kids on the blog pains me, but you will have to take my word for it. He is stinkin’ adorable.
  8. Thus far there has been no whining or high pitched squealing. Yes, he is young, but I am hoping the Y chromosome cancels that out. Because the girls (and possibly their mother) do enough of that for everyone.
  9. Finally my hubby has a partner in crime. My hubby is the BEST dad to daughters of anyone I know. They adore him and he adores them right back. But I do love watching him with our son up on his shoulders. It is only a matter of time before the full hockey indoctrination begins. Then maybe I won’t have to listen to updates about the latest trade deadline or free agent anymore…
  10. He gets better every day. Seriously, parenting him has been an absolute joy the whole time, but it keeps getting better and better. He is starting to “get” things and his personality comes out more and more. Today I saw him pick up a random object and pretend it was a phone and my heart melted. Since he is our third we aren’t anxiously awaiting or even noticing his every milestone, but I love it when he surprises us with a new trick.

Silas, you have brought such joy to our family and I can’t wait to see you turn into the person God wants you to be. Your sweet, happy spirit can cheer me up on the worst of days. May you always find the joy in life and remind those around you to do the same. You are deeply loved. Happy Birthday Bubbers!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Silas!!!
    mandi@itscome2this recently posted…Similarities &amp differencesMy Profile

  2. Happy Birthday Silas!!! My baby girl turned 1 yesterday! Crazy how fast this year went by!!
    Kati recently posted…I Love FreecycleMy Profile

  3. Aww, one year already!? Happy Birthday Silas and way to go Mommy! :) So happy for you for having one with no current aptitude for whining!
    Amanda – VintageDutchGirl recently posted…NIKE Travel Rule and Airportin ItMy Profile

  4. Awww, Happy Birthday, little man!!

  5. Happy birthday little dude!! And I have got to agree with you about baby boys. I could have had two girls and lived happily ever after, but I had no idea how much I needed a little boy. Congrats to you and Ryan for surviving his first year!!! ;)

  6. Awww, sweet! And having a 3 1/2 year old boy… yeah we definitely got by with no shrieking… the whining, not so much. But maybe that’s because he’s the first born. Here’s hoping the second isn’t so bad! ;)

  7. Cat from iBlog says:

    Love this! Everything you said about your son reminds me of mine! Boys are so great! Girls are too, but there’s just something about boys. And, they LOVE their mama’s! :)

  8. awww happy birthday to your little dude! he sounds like such a wonderful boy! :)
    jen@after the alter recently posted…My Sister’s Wedding- Part 1My Profile

  9. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls says:

    Aww, happy birthday to Silas!! :)
    Deb – Mom of 3 Girls recently posted…Smiling…My Profile

  10. Our third child is a boy, so #3 and #4 really hit home for me! Happy Birthday, little man!

  11. oh amanda says:

    So so sweet! Happy Birthday Silas!
    oh amanda recently posted…Best Disney World Restaurants- Top Ten TuesdayMy Profile

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