Top Ten Reasons I Love Great Wolf Lodge


I have blogged about our family’s love for Great Wolf Lodge a time or two. It is honestly one of our favorite little vacations. So much so that when I told my girls we were going to take them somewhere this weekend as a little surprise one of the first guesses was “GREAT WOLF LODGE!” Here are some of the reasons we love it so.

  1. Huge buckets of water dropping every 5 minutes. 1000 gallons of water to be exact. Watching kids scramble to get under the bucket and then squeal in delight is just too much fun.
  2. A waterslide for everyone. Yes there are waterslides galore. But they all have different height requirements and all my kids are able to go down at least a few of them without an adult. There are even little tiny ones in the baby pool. Adorable.
  3. Nicest staff ever. Seriously they are like, “your wish is my command” people. And I would love to tell you it is because I am a super star blogger (insert Anchorman quote: "I don’t know if you know this, but I’m kind of a big deal. People know who I am.”) but I see them being this nice to everyone.image
  4. Adorable rooms: My kids get so excited when we stay there because they get to stay in bunk beds. And the fact that their half of the room is made to look like a tent or a fort is just way too much fun. Sometimes it is hard to drag them out of the room to the fun stuff!!
  5. Good food: Some of these water park places have really nasty food. And usually it is overpriced nasty food. I think the on site restaurant’s food is really good and fairly affordable. Think Applebee’s-esque.
  6. Arcade: The chance to play skee ball and earn tickets to buy useless crap that I will throw in the trash as soon as we get home. Why not? It’s vacation. It will kill an hour when you need a break from the water.
  7. Pajama Storytime: Every night your kids can come down to the lobby in their pjs and hear a story from Wiley. The lobby is also filled with all sorts of animatronic animals that come to life and delight everyone around. He is the mascot of Great Wolf Lodge and can be found roaming around from time to time. And as a bonus, if you head down to the waterpark when it opens you can help him turn the wheel to turn all the water in the park on. My kids think this is awesome.
  8. Magiquest: So I have complained about this in the past but the last time we went to GWL was for Lily’s birthday and as her present we bought her the wand she had been begging for for 2 years. Basically the wand takes you on a magical adventure throughout the facility where you look for treasures and solve clues. We did it together and ended up having a blast. image
  9. Spa: So I haven’t PERSONALLY tried the spa but they have one. And it is my birthday this weekend. So…..I feel it is necessary that I try it and report back to my readers. Think I can write that off as a business expense?
  10. Their partnership with Big Brothers/ Big Sisters: My dad used to be a Big Brother and it is an awesome organization. Great Wolf Lodge has had a long partnership with the organization and one of their biggest events is this coming weekend. Saturday, June 11 is their second annual World’s Largest Waterslide-athon! From 11a.m. to 11p.m., every time a guest takes a trip down the slide, Great Wolf Lodge will donate $1 to Big Brothers Big Sisters. Their goal is to raise $250,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters across all 11 Great Wolf Lodge resorts nationwide. So we get to have fun and a great program gets to benefit. Talk about a win-win!!
    I cannot wait for another weekend at Great Wolf Lodge. It never disappoints.
    Has your family ever been to Great Wolf Lodge? What is your favorite thing to do?
    Disclosure: I am being provided with lodging at GWL so my family can participate in this great event. But as you can see we go yearly on our own dime as well and are huge fans. I was not asked to blog about my trip in exchange for lodging but I did so because I love them.
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  1. sounds like fun! enjoy your spa visit :)
    never been to GWL, but after all you say about it, i want to visit someday!

  2. We need to get ourselves there some time in the next year – I think my boys would love it!
    Michelle B. recently posted…Top Ten Annoyances in the Past WeekMy Profile

  3. We’ve not had an opportunity to go to GWL, but I think it sounds like a great winter-break vacation this next year!!
    Ashley Pichea recently posted…Top 10 Tuesday- May in ReviewMy Profile

  4. I haven’t been there yet but we do want to go someday when our kids are older. This post makes me very anxious to go though!
    Emily @ Two Little Monkeys recently posted…Menu Planning 6-6-11My Profile

  5. I have never been there, but I have some friends who have and they also say it’s the best! Maybe we will have to try it this year. That wand thing sounds pretty cool, too.

  6. We’ve never been, but that is most definitely on my “to do soon” list. I need your people to talk to my people. ;)
    Amy @ Finer Things recently posted…Spring Rain Finer Things FridayMy Profile

  7. We love water parks in general. We’ve been to Great Wolf 3 times, and 3 others in Michigan as well. LOVE the big boat slide thing at GWL…
    Sarah @ Sarah’s Deals recently posted…Rite Aid Deals Highlights 6-12-6-18-11My Profile

  8. We LOVE Great Wolf! We went to the one outside of Dallas last year for my daughters 11th birthday and had the time of our lives. It was so much fun! We are thinking about going back this year but it sure is expensive- it’s one you defiantly have to save up for! I think what I loved most about it is there was something for everyone, we have an 11 year old and a 5 year old and everyone was happy!

  9. This is actually one of the attractions we have “relatively” near us. And by that I mean a 3 hour drive. But that’s better than some things that aren’t even in our state!
    I watched it being built driving back and forth to college and could NOT figure out what the big thing on the outside was! Now I know it’s that drop waterslide thing.
    Anyway, I am really excited to try it out, but we’re waiting until the boys are just a little bit older so we can all enjoy it!

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