Top Ten Reasons I Love Being an Aunt

top-ten-tuesday As some of you know my brother and sister-in-law had their first baby last Thursday!! A truly beautiful little girl. We dropped all of our Memorial Day weekend plans (sorry C!!!) and headed into Chicago this weekend so we could ooh and aah over my new niece. So here are the top ten highlights of her birth.

  1. Realizing that it is possible to find another baby as cute as you do your own. Cause I of course think my babies are gorgeous. But lo and behold, so is my niece. Must be the shared genes :)
  2. Watching my girls hold and love on their first cousin. They were immediately enamored also and could not have been more loving and gentle with her. I know they will both make excellent big sisters to baby #3.
  3. Taking in the Lincoln Park Zoo and RJ Grunts. This has nothing to do with my niece, but since they live in Chicago we had a lovely day at the zoo. And I got to partake of my favorite salad bar at RJ Grunts.
  4. Getting to hand back over the baby when she fusses, poops or needs to eat. That is probably the best part of aunt-hood.
  5. Watching new baby faces. Yawns, scrunches, one eyed peeks. Isn’t it amazing how long you can stare at a baby that really isn’t doing anything at all?
  6. New baby smell. Nuf said
  7. Watching my little brother be a dad. It is quite surreal actually, since I have known him literally since his birth. He has always been a natural with kids and is the best uncle around, but I love watching him with a little girl. He was made to be a dad.
  8. Bonding with my sister-in-law. I have thought she was wonderful since the moment my brother brought her home, but as you fellow moms know, there is something about being a mom that instantly bonds you with other moms. I feel so honored that she asks my advice and I am truly amazed at how easily she has shifted into motherhood. She seems so relaxed with none of the first time mommy anxiety. I love watching her and my brother experience this all for the first time.
  9. Many years ahead of me in which I will spoil the heck out of this kid and do all the things her parents don’t want. Isn’t that what being an aunt is all about?
  10. Knowing that in 2 short weeks I will get to see pics of my little one. Holding my niece made me so excited to meet our baby. I can’t wait for baby snuggles, naps with a baby on my chest, little fingers and little toes, sleepless nights, poopy diapers….wait, maybe I can wait just a bit longer…..

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  1. awww. i love being an auntie, too. and while my brother’s kids are cute, i can stare at my own kiddies (esp. wilson ’cause he’s still a baby and cant’ get away from me) for hours just because.

  2. I remember when my first nephew was born…

    I remember thinking his mother (my sister-in-law)was the most beautiful person in the world for producing this infant–and I couldn’t stand her up until that point! Babies bring us together…

    lauras last blog post..A Special Name

  3. awww Congrats on becoming an aunt! I am the oldest so I think I will become a mom before an aunt…but the spoiling part sounds great!


  4. oh amanda says:

    When I saw my little brother with his daughter for the first time, it broke my heart in a good way! He was making noises I had never heard him make before—dad noises. It was so sweet!

    Yay on being an aunt!

    oh amandas last blog post..Top Ten Things I Learned This Week

  5. the best ever is when my 5 year old niece sees me for the first time (she lives two hours away) and comes running and jumps into my arms.

    Brookes last blog post..Gregorgy’s Bald

  6. Congratulations!! My little ones have an awesome Aunt … it’s a fun relationship to see:)

    mandis last blog post..Top ten tuesday … things i just don’t do.

  7. Being an aunt is the best!

    Brandis last blog post..Today Could Be The Best Day of My Life. Or It Could Be Pretty Crappy.

  8. Who doesn’t love that new baby smell? I remember watching Bryson sleep just to see his different faces. I already miss the baby-ness.

    Whitneys last blog post..Top Ten Tuesday – Things (NOT) to Forget

  9. 4 and 9 are the best to me!! All of my nieces and nephews live several states away. I can hand them back to their parents and feed them junk all day long!

    Jannas last blog post..Top Ten Fun Activities for this Summer

  10. Oh I am so there with you! My baby sister is due in less than four short weeks and I am SO excited to be an Aunty again!

    Besides, Jude and Emmy need some cousins close by :)

    Amanda- VintageDutchGirls last blog post..Top Ten Things To Do Other Than Pee On The Potty…

  11. Congratulations on being an aunt and congrats to the whole famiy on the birth of the new baby.

    Thanks for sharing your cherished Top Ten Tuesday list.

    Storms last blog post..Thought of the Day – 5/27/09

  12. carolina says:

    So I am a first time aunt….I have a question for all of you…did you ever get nervous when it was your first time? this baby is not due until october…how come i feel a little bit nervous?? is it normal?

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