Top Ten Reasons I Have The Best Dad Around

top-ten-tuesday It is my daddy’s birthday today. So I think he deserves a full blog post don’t you? Here are the top ten reasons my dad is da bomb (that means your awesome, dad).

  1. He put up with me during the teenage years: We might as well just start with a big one. Go big or go home right? It wasn’t a pleasant few years to be around a daughter who was a hormonal mess. Add to that a wife who was equally hormonal and going through “the change” (sorry mom, you’re going down with me) and I am surprised he has the little bit of hair left he does (guess I will bring you down too dad)
  2. He has been with my mom since 8th grade and they are still going strong: Apart from a brief time when he dumped her in high school (which my mom still gets a bit riled up about), my parents have been together forever. And although I know their marriage isn’t perfect they are an example to me of why you should stick it out and weather marital storms. They are still best friends, very in love and an example to me of what marriage is all about.
  3. He keeps us laughing: I don’t even know how to begin to explain some of the things that my dad says. He needs his own blog. Plus some of them are not fit for your ears. If you wonder where I get my slightly off color sense of humor from, it would be him. And I love that.
  4. He is insanely generous: He and my mom always taught me that we were blessed to be a blessing. And he lives that daily. If someone needs help, he will find a way to help them. Including his daughter who he has bailed out of a few questionable financial predicaments. Honestly, I don’t know of many people who are more generous than he is.
  5. He keeps our house looking presentable: We joke that he is our lawn guy because lets face it, we can’t seem to figure out even the basics of lawn care. We would be living in the house with the brown lawn covered with dandelions if he didn’t come around and water and mow and seed and weed and whatever else we are supposed to be doing but aren’t.
  6. He gets along with everyone: My dad once came to visit me when I lived in Chicago and ventured out by himself to a neighborhood bar to watch a game. When he came home a few hours later he told me story after story of the people he had met. I swear he left being friends with everyone in that place. Which is pretty much what happens everywhere goes. I would be very suspicious of someone who didn’t like my dad ;)
  7. He supports my talents: My dad is a sports guy. Football, basketball, baseball, track. He played all of those in high school and watches most of them all year round. And he was blessed with a very athletic son. And a very, very, very wonderful daughter with a large aversion to sweating and physical exertion of any kind. But the man never missed a piano recital, show choir performance or song in church. And he has been known to HIGHLY exaggerate my talents by bragging to anyone who will listen.
  8. He has completely embraced my hubby: Did you notice what was missing from that list of sports up there? Hockey. We come from Iowa and it isn’t exactly hockey country. But he has gone to games, watched it on TV so he can discuss it and tried to learn the sport. All for my hubby. He has fully invested in my hubby like one of his own kids and that makes my heart happy.
  9. He adores his grandkids: The man lives and breathes his grandkids. So much so that he sold his company, moved from the only state he had ever lived and moved to a town where he knew no one besides us and my in-laws. He claims he moved to be closer to the grandkids AND me, but we all know that isn’t true. And I more than happy to take a WAY back seat to them because they adore him right back.
  10. He is my hero: Truly and honestly. He didn’t have a great dad himself, but he is the best dad around. I am so crazy blessed to have him as my dad and I don’t tell him enough. Because I also inherited his aversion to touchy feely displays of emotion. So this post will suffice and HOPEFULLY make up for the fact that he didn’t get an “official” card on Father’s Day.

I love you daddy. Happy, happy birthday!!!

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  1. He sounds so much like my own dad! You’re such a blessed lady. =) As is he to have you.

  2. Awww! You have such a great daddy and are so lucky to have him nearby! I’m lucky to have mine nearby too and his birthday is the end of next month!

  3. Alicia's Homemaking says:

    Happy birthday, Jill’s dad!
    Loved this post, Jill. :)
    Alicia’s Homemaking recently posted…Homemade Yogurt In The CrockpotMy Profile

  4. Wow, that is incredible Jill. As a dad, if my kids feel that way about me even a little I am truly blessed. You have a great dad and he has a pretty awesome daughter to love on him that much. Hope he has a great birthday!

  5. Katie shepherd says:

    Jill this blog is extremely good! I would have to say that you nailed it with this! Uncle Craig is a wonderful man whose blessed to have a wonderful family! Once he reads this I’m sure this will make the list as best birthdays! Happy birthday uncle Craig!!!

  6. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful daddy! My dad sucks LOL, but my kids are pretty dang blessed :)
    Amanda {Enchanting Havoc} recently posted…Just a Motivating Monday Charting our OWN courseMy Profile

    Amanda {Enchanting Havoc} recently posted…Just a Motivating Monday Charting our OWN courseMy Profile

  8. Andrea says:

    This totally made me cry. Treasure that dad of yours, Jill! Obviously, you already do.
    Andrea recently posted…Cincinnati Deal UC Bearcats Sporting Events!!My Profile

  9. oh this is so sweet and so funny! Love it. :)

    Also? “sorry mom, you’re going down with me” = HAHAHAHAHA seriously I laughed out loud. :)
    Erin G recently posted…Spontaneous Beach DayMy Profile

  10. My husband and I met in the 8th grade too! Not love at first site but that was where we met!
    Andrea recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday- Healthy SnacksMy Profile

  11. Such a sweet post for your dad!
    Sarah recently posted…Top Ten Reasons to Use All Natural ShampooMy Profile

  12. Denise says:

    I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. Your dad is dabomb! Give him a big hug for me!

  13. This is such a sweet tribute!
    Heather recently posted…Ten Things I’ll Miss About SummerMy Profile

  14. Sue Gannaway says:

    Happy Birthday Craig! I miss you and wish you were back here as you always made me smile! You are a terrific dad & grandpa!

  15. What a great post Jill!! Such a great testament to your dad!
    Staci Brown recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday – Worship SongsMy Profile

  16. Please tell your Dad happy birthday for me!! He is wonderful, and he is all of those things! Especially the ‘getting along with everyone’ part. And the generous part. And everything else. He’s a great guy and I love that you did a post about him :)

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