Top Ten Reasons I Can’t Wait for Blissdom ‘11

top-ten-tuesday   I have already started the countdown to my favorite conference of the year. Blissdom y’all (I can say y’all cause it is in Nashville). And I can so easily give you ten reasons why I cant wait. I present to you, The Sisterchicks:

  1. Tricia (Once a Month Mom): When I first met her we were large and preggo waddling around Chicago at BlogHer ‘09. The second time was last year at Blissdom when we brought our new babies and promised them in marriage (hey, I want my son to have a good mom-in-law). We share a similar sense of humor which is both hilarious and dangerous. And she teaches me a ton about this thing called blogging.
  2. Staci (Simply Staci): If ever I move to Atlanta, I am moving into Staci’s closet. It has a chandelier!! And her shoe and accessory collection are enviable. Also we share a love for celebrity stalking. So basically we can be totally shallow together. But also she is super sweet and generous and sings a mean karaoke.
  3. Mandi (Its Come 2 This): So I hung out with Mandi and Staci all weekend at Blissdom last year and it took me months afterwards to realize that they are sisters. I might be a bit slow on the uptake. Mandi is gorgeous inside and out. And somehow makes that look easy. Ok, so I hate her just a little. Actually she is impossible to hate too.
  4. Mary (Giving Up On Perfect): We are TV watching twinsies. Well except for her resistance to God’s greatest invention, the DVR. And if anyone can suck me into a three hour Skype conversation about nothing it is Mary. We are the Seinfeld of Skype. Plus anyone who has a blog titled Giving Up On Perfect is clearly my soulmate.
  5. Becky (The Violet Fig): Every group needs somebody to keep it real. And when it can’t be me, it is always Becky. She has a huge personality and can always make me laugh. And she laughs at my jokes, which is my favorite trait in people.
  6. Christine (I Dream of Clean): So the fact that I am friends with anyone who writes a cleaning blog is insane. But if you know Christine, you know it is impossible not to love her. She is the sweetest person on the planet. So I’m not sure why she is hanging around me…… Side note: Keith Urban has a condo in her building. So I will be visiting when I am in Nashville. Probably with Staci, my partner in celebrity stalking crime.
  7. Jen (4tunate): I’ve talked about Jen before, but she amazes me. Not only is she raising 4 three year old boys (whew), but she does so in the most gracious way. Honestly her whole house came down with the sickies (I can relate), but instead of whining and moaning and complaining (I totally can’t relate) she told her readers she would turn her sick time into prayer time for them and asked for prayer requests. Which is just completely like Jen. She amazes me.
  8. Jessie (Vanderbilt Wife): The baby of the group. We won’t say who is the oldest…..cause she has the flu and can only take so much torture in one week…..Jessie will be popping out a baby right before Blissdom, but I am hoping she swings by so I can get some baby snuggles and a big hug from Jessie. Honestly, Jessie is a total sweetie with a huge heart.
  9. Amanda (Oh Amanda): Oh Amanda. Where do I start. I think I can sum up our friendship with the fact that when we went to the Dominican Republic with World Vision we asked to be roommates. As in, we had our own rooms and we begged to room together. When we hang out we just laugh. And laugh. And laugh. It is crazy how short of time I have known her and how much I adore her.
  10. You: Seriously, my favorite thing about blogging is the people. To think that I really didn’t know these ladies a year ago is insane. I have met so many wonderful people at Blissdom the last two years and developed a community that is impossible to describe. But is is real. These are my peeps. You don’t want to miss it. Seriously (how many times have I said seriously in this post?)


Do you want to go to Blissdom? One2One Network is giving away three conference packages including on covering conference, airfare AND lodging. HOLLA!!! I kind of don’t want to tell you about it cause you might enter and win. But in case you want to, head over to One2One and get all the details. Can’t wait to see you!

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  1. oh amanda says:


    Miss and love you.
    oh amanda recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday- Christmas GiftsMy Profile

  2. You!

    Cannot wait to see you again ;-) and I adore each of the ladies you featured ;-)
    Rachel recently posted…Talkin’ TurkeyMy Profile

  3. Love!! I too will hug up on you – even though you aren’t a hugging fan!
    Kat recently posted…Comment on Hey Hey it’s my birthday! by ChristineMy Profile

    • Alicia's Homemaking says:

      You aren’t a hugging fan? Oh dear…;)
      Alicia’s Homemaking recently posted…Pre-ThanksgivingMy Profile

      • She totally isn’t a hugging fan. I’ve known Jill for – 6 years? Is that right?? And she’s hugged me once, when I was crying my head off about something in the parking lot of our kids’ preschool.
        Jen @ BigBinder recently posted…No Carnival – Just a CONTEST!My Profile

  4. I’m going this year, for the first time, and you and all the wonderful ladies you featured in this post are people that could send me into a babbling, inarticulate mess if I actually got to talk to them in person! I’m so excited, but so very scared! I’m hoping I get to meet all these incredible writers that I so admire, and also the women I’ve grown to love and adore through our online friendships. I cannot wait!

  5. Funny, you are the only one on that list that I follow although I know “of” a couple of them! :) I am sooo entering to go, have had my post written for a week, but other things to do first! I would so desperately love to go and this would be the only way!

  6. Awe:) Thank you dear! Less than three months away!!! Can’t wait to see you again!
    mandi@itscome2this recently posted…Top ten tuesday … numbersMy Profile

  7. Alicia's Homemaking says:

    I’m so glad I made number 10!!!!! ;) ;) ;) This will be my first year at Blissdom and I am seriously excited. Can’t wait to meet you, Jill.
    Alicia’s Homemaking recently posted…Pre-ThanksgivingMy Profile

  8. So sweet! Thanks Jill!! Wonder what celebrities will be there this year?!?!

  9. I’m SERIOUSLY leaning towards going. Just need to bite the bullet and buy the ticket. Or, maybe I could win one. THAT would be really cool! Can’t wait to meet you!
    Kathy @ House of Hills recently posted…Crescent Rolls for the HolidaysMy Profile

  10. I’m going to just follow you around and demand introductions. You know that, right?
    Jen @ BigBinder recently posted…No Carnival – Just a CONTEST!My Profile

  11. Okay, I just shed tears over this…

    What a beautiful friend you are!
    QuatroMama recently posted…As Thick As ThievesMy Profile

  12. Great post, Jill! Good luck!!

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