Top Ten Random Things I Want To Tell You

I have no ability to write a coherent post right now so a list seems like a better idea. Plus I love Amanda so I am linking up to her blog carnival. You should too. She is one of my favoritist bloggy peeps in the universe.

  1. I got slammed with a cold. I haven’t been sick since early fall and had been bragging about that fact. So there you have it. No more bragging. Also, colds suck.
  2. My cold coincided with my hubby’s business trip. Which makes the suckiness ten times worse. I normally don’t announce to the world when he travels (which is thankfully rare these days), but by the time most of you read this he will be home. Plus I sleep with a golf club and am not afraid to use it Elin Woods style. That was possibly a tacky sentence, but it fits.
  3. Taking care of three kids with a nasty cold involves entirely too much using of the TV for babysitting purposes. My kids probably watched more TV today than they do in a typical month.
  4. Lily was not happy with her dinner choice tonight. In all fairness, neither was I. I took the lazy way out and went through a Taco Bell drive through. My kids normally would be excited about that, but I accidentally ordered supreme tacos and she was having none of the “icky white stuff”. So I told her to go find something else to eat. She poured herself a big bowl of organic yogurt with homemade granola and said, “This is the life.” I about peed my pants laughing.
  5. Clearly single motherhood and a nasty head cold is having a negative affect on the whole “real foods” thing. We will hop back on that wagon tomorrow…..or when this head cold dies.
  6. Giving up sweets for Lent got a whole lot harder when I got this cold. Apparently cold = insane need for sugar.
  7. My parents were awesome today and came and took the kids for an hour so I could get a nap. I slept like a rock.
  8. Also this post is not seeming so random, but instead a list of reasons to whine about my cold. Suddenly, it seems like I have a “man cold.” Will someone come rub my head and say “Poor little bunny?”
  9. Remember last week when the hubby posted about the yummy direct trade coffee? Well if you want to try it, use the coupon code diaperdiaries before May 1, 2010 to get a 10% discount on any order! Feel free to share with friends too.
  10. How bout nine things? I can’t think of a tenth. Did I mention I have a horrible cold?

For more (probably far more interesting) top ten lists, head over to Oh Amanda.


  1. i’m with you on the cold, the tv, the surgar cravings, and the less than satisfactory kid meals. but i have one less kid than you do and a husband who is currently in town. bless you!
    .-= themsrevolution´s last blog ..mothers of invention: jane =-.

  2. “elin woods style” – hey, I’d want every would be robber to know the same thing!!

  3. oh amanda says:

    Poor little bunny. Feel better today?
    .-= oh amanda´s last blog ..Top Ten {Tuesday}: How To Make A Blogger Happy =-.

  4. A man cold!!! Bwhahahaha! I almost peed my pants at that!!
    .-= Heather @ Not a DIY Life´s last blog ..Mamavation Week #11 =-.

  5. I totally understand the TV babysitting the kids when I don’t feel well, and I definitely can relate to the major cold = major need for sugar.

    I hope you’re feeling better!
    .-= Ashley´s last blog ..Back to SCHOOL!!! =-.

  6. You’re cracking me up. Even when you don’t feel well, your funny. Glad you got to sleep for an hour…but too bad it wasn’t longer. It’s funny how you can sleep so solidly (is that a word?) when you don’t have responsibility for kids.
    Get well soon!
    .-= Christine´s last blog ..Do you know what your strengths are? =-.

  7. hahahah man cold hahahah!

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