Top Ten Present I Got This Year at Christmas

top-ten-tuesday  I truly hope your Christmas was wonderful. Mine was one of the best ones I can remember. So much great time with family. And honestly the presents were the least of what made it wonderful but they are the easiest thing to turn into a list. Plus earlier this month I did a Top Ten Tuesday post on things I want for Christmas and I know you are DYING to find out how all that turned out.

  1. image Apron: So a while ago I did a review of Mint Julep Monograms and pointed out my love of this apron. Well in exchange for the review, I was given a credit to spend in their store. But when I told Hillary I wanted this apron, she was all weird and mysterious and told me I couldn’t have it. Because my brain cells are slowly dwindling away with each day I parent, I did not connect the dots that someone had bought it for me. That person is my mom who smartly read that post and got me an apron. I feel like I need to bake something really, really sassy and I don’t even know what that means.
  2. Book and ornament: There is nothing better as a mom then getting homemade presents from the kiddos. Hannah made an ornament with her picture on it at preschool which is proudly displayed on the TV. And Lily made a book about her family. It has all sorts of fun insights in it about things she loves in our family. But the best part is seeing their faces beam with pride when we opened their presents up. It truly is better to give than receive.
  3. Cold Hard Cash: Some might say it is not the most heartfelt and thoughtful gift, but those people would be wrong. There is nothing more thoughtful than saving me the hassle of returning something I don’t like. How do I love cash? Let me count the ways.
  4. Ornaments: My mom has had a traditions of giving us ornaments for Christmas for as long as I can remember. I love that when I look at my tree I see all sorts of ornaments that represent all sorts of memories. We have passed down the same tradition to our children and they love finding “their” ornaments and putting them on the tree every year. My hubby’s step mom also gives us a gorgeous ornament ever year. So they are really special to us.
  5. imagePajamas: When my SIL asked me what she and my brother could get me for Christmas I immediately said pajamas. They totally fall into the “things you need, but don’t bother to spend your own money on” category. And she has great taste so I knew they would be adorable. I was not wrong. They are soft and girly and fabulous. Unforeseen bonus: my hubby could not be happier that I am not sleeping in ratty t-shirts and sweatpants. Although let’s be clear, I still look NOTHING like that picture.
  6. Ninja: The food processor and blended that I got when I got married both bit the dust this year. So I desperately needed a new one. I tried out one of these Ninja’s when I went to Atlanta for the Once a Month Mom tweetup and loved, loved, loved it. My mother-in-law works at Bed Bath and Beyond and there was a rebate so it was a good deal for everyone. I made some mojito slushes to break it in. I mean you have to break it in, right?
  7. Toilet Seat: Most hilarious gift ever. Our house is old. And so are our toilet seats. One broke a few months ago. One is in pretty good shape. The other is a bit on the nasty side. So to be funny my MIL bought us one and wrapped it up all fancy with a bow. I had no idea what the present could be and when I unwrapped it we all had a good laugh. And now we have a shiny new toilet seat and no more nastiness. Fabulous.
  8. Wii: So we totally pretended it was for the kids, but let’s be clear. After the kids go to bed, the hubby and I duke it out over various Wii games. And yes, I told me mom to get my girl’s Disney karaoke, but really it is just for me to fulfill my long lost dream of being the voice of a Disney princess. Plus I scored MAJOR points with the hubby by buying him a NHL hockey game for the Wii. He gets to score goals as a Detroit Red Wing. He is a happy dude.
  9. imageKITCHENAID MIXER: The hubby did it. He went way over the budget we set for presents for each other which is totally against the rules, but I say rules are made to be broken. Especially when the breaking of said rules gets me a KITCHENAID MIXER. I can’t even talk about without screaming. I made rolls for Christmas dinner at my mom’s house and using it was everything I hoped for. It made mixing so easy. Now I am cashing in Swagbucks to get a few attachments (and if you have one and have attachments that you love, tell me in the comments so I can get them). It is hands down the best present he has ever given me and I am like a little kid about it. Best. hubby. ever.
  10. Family: I know I said it already and it is cheesy as can be, but you could take away all these gifts (except my mixer-don’t you dare lay a hand on my mixer) and I wouldn’t care a bit if I could be surrounded by my family. Because my hubby’s parents are divorced we had 4 separate Christmas celebrations including our own little family and they were all so wonderful. My cup is full. Overflowing actually.

What was your favorite gift to get or give this Christmas?

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  1. You are so right about pj’s. You just don’t buy them for yourself, but I sure would love to get some. Oh, and you have to get a beater blade for your mixer! I think Tricia has one her site. They scrape down the sides of the bowl as your mixing.
    Staci Brown recently posted…THE giftMy Profile

  2. Oh, I love your list! If I wasn’t now 7 hours away from my presents I would do the same thing… maybe I will anyway! Thanks!
    I’m so laughing about the first one, I love that she wouldn’t let you buy it for yourself! :)
    My great aunt always got us ornaments for Christmas so now we are continuing the tradition with our boys… however so is my mom and my MIL so it’s somehow not quite so special I don’t think… we’ll see! It is fun to have “your” ornaments though!
    I ordered myself an ice cream maker attachment from The Foundary for my Kitchen Aid… however it didn’t arrive until Christmas Eve (note: do not ever buy anything from them, their customer service sucks, but that’s a whole ‘nother post I’ve got brewing!) and since we left I haven’t had a chance to use it. We bought it on a friend’s recommendation and I got a book about making ice cream from my SIL for my birthday that was recommended by the same friend (Carrie at Reading to Know). So, if you want to know how it’s working out email me in a month! And I’m hoping it helps us avoid some of the nasties in ice cream, but obviously not the calories since I’m going to be making the good stuff!
    We got a Wii – it was my hubby’s present and he bought it on Black Friday so it’s already been put to good use. It really is more his present, but I play it with him sometimes so that is another present to him I guess! ;) In our house there most likely won’t be any princess stuff, but I like the Cars Race-O-Rama more than my son! ;)
    And really, I just love it that your MIL could give you a toilet seat as a gift and it go over well! :)

    So, the things I got that I love… my MIL got me a Cricut machine on Black Friday as my Christmas/Birthday present. I was debating between that and the Willow Tree Nativity, but since the nativity wasn’t on sale I decided to go with the deal. And then I talked about it enough that my parents got me the Nativity for Christmas. I was sooo surprised about that one, it was lovely! We’ve gone so much to lists in the past few years that it was really nice to actually be surprised about what I got!
    That and the gift from my hubby was basically my camera repaired $$$. But you can bet (after another battle with customer service cough*Nikon*cough that I was never more happy to have my own camera back in my hands on Christmas Eve!

    Now, aren’t you glad I wrote the rough draft of my post in your comments??? Merry Christmas! =)

  3. Kristen says:

    I am additcted to my KitchenAid mixer. Besides our everyday dishes and glasses, it is the wedding gift that gets used the most often. I do a lot of baking, but it is also great for mashed potatoes. The pasta attachment is great. I love homemade pasta! I have an old fashioned meat grinder but am thinking of upgrading to the KitchenAid version.

  4. Your life will be forever changed by your mixer. Forever changed. it changed mine several years ago. My hubby did a similar thing and got me a cast iron stock pot that I really wanted but wouldn’t buy for myself. I’m in love with it too..

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Kathy @ House of Hills recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday- Most Popular TTT of 2010My Profile

  5. great list …..

    Every year I usually know what I am getting, because I make a specific list for my husband to take the kids shopping. Not that we buy a lot for each other each year…..but just a little something from each of the kids. And since we have 8 kids, you know how that can get.

    But this year, the gift that surprised me and was by far my favorite was a duel video baby monitor, you can add up to 4 cameras (so far I have 2). I was so excited. weird eh? But with all the babes that come through my house in any given year, a camera positioned on each crib is so cool…it has a remote that I can carry and look to see what each one is doing.

    so exciting…!!!

  6. oh amanda says:

    So glad you got good stuff! I cannot wait to see what sassy stuff you bake w/that apron! Your mama was smart to go to your blog to see what you wanted…I always tell Les that. If you need to know what I want–READ MY BLOG. Sheesh.
    oh amanda recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday- Christmas 2010My Profile

  7. cindy says:

    i love, love, love my mixer. and my favorite attachment is the meat grinder, believe it or not. i take ham and grind it for ham sandwiches, i grind both ham and pork for hamloaf, etc. if it can be ground up into something. i do it. and it saves me lots ‘o $$. :) it is a MUST have. seriously. go it right very now.

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