Top Ten Christmas Gifts We Are Still Loving a Week Later


How is that for a long winded title. We had three Christmases last week (an awesomely still have one more to go) and I must admit my kids got some great toys. So in case you need some gift ideas for upcoming birthdays I will let you know what the biggest hits are.

  1. Books: Since my girls are big readers they got a LOT of books for Christmas. Hannah got a Dora anthology and The Big Red Book of Beginner Books. I love a good anthology. Lily got the Roald Dahl Box Set  (which I love that she desperately wanted for Christmas) and an Ivy & Bean Box Set. Both sets have been devoured quite quickly. Sam got some Thomas the Train board books which are also in heavy rotation.
  2. Bible: Lily sincerely asked for a bible for Christmas this year. She has some children’s ones we have accumulated over the years, but she wanted a “grown up” one. We got her one with daily devotions in it and we have been doing them every night before bed. I am so treasuring this time with her and it is helping me read my bible daily as well. Two birds, one stone.
  3. Drawsome Tablet: I was feeling really guilty that Lily was not getting many “fun” presents but grown up gifts. We got a Wii last year as a family present and Lily is by far the biggest fan. So when I was asked to review Ubisoft’s new Drawsome tablet. It is a handheld tablet that you can draw on with a stylus and your art is projected onto the screen. You can even use their tutorials to learn how to draw all sorts of cool things (including Smurfs). It takes a while to get the hang of, but Lily loves it. It combines her love of art with her love of technology. Perfect.
  4. Lightning McQueen Ride On Car: Silas doesn’t know Disney Cars from generic cars, but I felt bad he was “driving” around one of his sisters’ hand me down ride on toys. He rides this thing all over the house and is the happiest little guy on it. He got a whole host of various car things for Christmas and loves them all.
  5. Design Your Own Soccer Ball Kit: This was a HUGE hit with Hannah. She loved soccer last fall and the fact that she gets a fancy ball that she painted herself is just the coolest. Plus the art project kept her entertained for days.
  6. Dream Dazzlers Ooh La La Sassy Salon: Ever since I took Hannah to my salon and she experienced someone washing her hair backwards over a sink, she has become obsessed with the idea. So a salon where she gets to do the same was her biggest wish for Christmas. And because she likes to be pampered and Lily LOVES to flex her fashionista muscles, this toy is really a win-win for both of them. They play with it for hours and I try and pretend it is not a giant piece of plastic made in China.
  7. Vtech – MobiGo Touch Learning System: I was provided with a MobiGo to review and decided that it would make the perfect present for Hannah. But the nice thing is there are so many different levels of games that all three kids have been loving it. You can buy cartridges at the stores, but I like the ones you can download off the VTech site and I love those because they are all very educational. I am not a fan of kids being plugged into electronics much but when they are, I want them to be learning something. And this one is small and perfect for car rides!!
  8. Crafts: The last several years I have been asking for craft projects for the girls. They love doing them and I love that our house isn’t filled with more plastic toys. This year between the two of them they got a bracelet kit, a necklace kit, a scrapbooking kit, and Perler Beads. Besides finding the Perler beads all over the floor, those things are my absolute favorite. I will be replenishing our stock until the girls have absolutely exhausted playing with them. Entertainment for hours!
  9. Detroit Red Wings Team Gnome: In case you haven’t been around here long, Ryan is a giant lover of all things Red Wings. So when the kids saw this gnome hanging out at Meijer, they insisted we get it for hi
    m for Christmas. I loved seeing his face when they gave it to him. Priceless (or only $16.99)
  10. Cash: Yep. I just asked for cash. But I had a plan. Hello Lover! (seriously these make me all kinds of happy)

What was your favorite Christmas present you got or gave this year?

This post contains affiliate links. I was also provided with the Drawsome Tablet and VTech MobiGo to review. All opinions are mine. I have linked up to Top Ten Tuesday at Oh Amanda!


  1. My favorite present was my Kuerig. Love, love, love it.

  2. My favorite gift wasn’t even a gift. We bought lots of storage bins for organizing the house after Christmas. THAT has been my favorite “gift” – a clean and organized home!
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