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gift I was approached by Jaaks Pacific Toys to review a few of their 2009 holiday releases. And I was super excited to see that they had two toys that fit each of my girl’s personalities. Hello, new big sister gifts! I couldn’t wait until Christmas and we decided becoming a big sister was reason to celebrate, but these would make perfect Christmas presents for your kiddos.

Lily loves learning. I can give her toy toys, but she would prefer to have her nose in a book or in a learning computer program. And right now at school they are doing a unit on animals that had her doing a research project on an animal of her choice. She picked giraffe and we had fun learning fun facts about it (like they have a baby standing up and it drops out 5 feet to the ground- CRAZY!). So I knew she would love the Discovery Kids Smart Animals line of toys.

Basically there are a bunch of animals (we got dinosaurs and a few jungle animals) that have a scannable logo on them. You use the Smart Animals Scanopedia to scan the logo and it tells you interesting facts and sound effects for that animal. The Scanopedia has over 2500 sound effects, facts and quizzes for over 200 animals. The only bummer is that the animals and wand are sold separately, but this could be a toy you added to every holiday. And the nice thing is the scannable animals are actual animal figurines that can be played with and pretended with outside of the Scanopedia. And the Scanopedia also comes with an interactive map with tons more information and ways to interact. So really you do get your monies worth.

Hannah is my doll lover. She has a whole host of babies she tends to and is a second mother to Silas. Oddly enough the one doll she hasn’t taken to in our house is the throwback to my childhood, the Cabbage Patch Kid. Which makes me a little sad, because I loved mine when I was growing up. But then I found a Cabbage Patch Kid that taps into her other love. Hannah will sit and play “beauty shop” with me forever. Which basically consists of her combing my hair until I am in agony and putting on fake makeup with my makeup brushes.

The Pop ‘N Style Cabbage Patch Kids Doll allows you to style the dolls hair with an bunch of different hair extensions that snap into place. It is a little hard for her three year old hands to do so, but as we have had it, she has gotten better at it with practice. And you can buy additional hair extension packs as you get bored. They are probably created by Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves.

Check out these toys for Christmas or whatever upcoming occasion you need a gift for. My kids have enjoyed them both and actually have shared their respective toys quite nicely. Which is some sort of Christmas miracle a few months early.

*I was not financially compensated for this review, but was provided with each toy in order to write my review. The opinions of the toys are all mine. The links above to the actual toys are Amazon affiliate links resulting in a small payment to me if someone purchases through that link. Geez, these disclosure paragraphs are starting to become a blog post of their own. Is anyone reading this? Hello FTC :)


  1. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls says:

    I can tell when my girls are watching just a wee bit too much tv – we were walking through a store recently and Becca (3 years old) says, “Look Mommy – Pop ‘n Style!”. Yep, she’d noticed the box on a bottom shelf and recognized the toy from the tv ads she’s seen. Sigh. Guess that’s one for the advertisers… And a wake up for me to curb the tv watching a bit more.

    Love your disclosure!! ;)
    .-= Deb – Mom of 3 Girls´s last blog ..Tackling… sick girls and grocery shopping =-.

  2. I ama bit sad that my kids haven’t taken to my cabbage patch kids either. I keep hoping we might have one more girl, and one more chance…
    .-= Staci @teaching money to kids´s last blog ..Stocking Up – Mayo =-.

  3. LOL! I have two wonderful little girls who are seriously the cutest things ever. They love to play “makeover” too. I can’t tell you how many brush strokes I have had in my hair and crazy stuff going on with makeup.
    .-= Mary Beth @ Toy Lawn Mowers´s last blog ..Toy Lawn Mowers =-.

  4. Discovery Kids smarts animals is extremely cool. I also like their toys from the past. My boys love the Jackks Pacific Night Vision Goggles.
    .-= Tim´s last blog ..Best Toys for Christmas 2009 =-.

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