Tiny Prints Christmas Cards- Things I Love Thursday

ayTILT For several years now it seems that every time we get a unique, adorable card in the mail at Christmas time we turn it over and it is from Tiny Prints. Has this happened to you??

This year I don’t know what list I got on, but I got a Tiny Prints catalog in the mail last week and poured through it taking note of a ridiculous amount of cards that I desperately wanted to use as our Christmas card this year. And then I did what any good blogger would do. I asked Tiny Prints if they were doing any work with bloggers this season. I was in luck.

So I am going to solicit your help cause I want nearly all of the cards I see. AND to make the decision making even more challenging (but even more awesome) is that most cards are super customizable. Find one you like and then you can change the color, size and number of pictures. I could play on this site for hours.

So you get to help me narrow it down! And I have the right to ignore everything you say. It’s like your my husband. Smile


Chilly Branches

This one comes in several different sizes, in gray or red, and with the option of 4 photos or 1. I am leaning towards red and one photo.


Gift For Noel

To me this looks like Kate Spade designed a nice little preppy card. It comes in a few different colors but I am digging the green and black. You can also do 4 pics if you want.


Seasoned Wishes: Winterberry

You can also get this on in a rectangle. It might just be that adorable girl swaying me here.


Elegant Memories

I absolutely love this one but not sure if we can pull of photos as cool as this. Isn’t it gorgeous?


Banner of Dreams

This one has such a cool retro vibe. I love the idea of a snowy picture too. And I wish my last name was Idlewide.

Ok dear internets. What say you? Or go spend nine hours looking around Tiny Prints yourself. It is my new happy place.

And if you are a blogger and want a chance to review Tiny Prints cards and get 50 free cards of your own fill out this form and let me know in the comments. Easy as pie.

What are you loving this week? Well besides my Christmas card choices. Write up a post about what you love and link up below. If you need any more tips, check out the Things I Love Thursday guidelines.


  1. Totally love the bottom one. Love that picture….love everything about the way it looks. And, I went straight to the site to sign up to review myself! I’d love to get that opportunity. I think whatever you choose, it’s going to be a winner! Love the ability to customize.

  2. Cuuute! I especially like the last two, although it almost seems like one would need to be a professional photographer to make them as cute as the ones pictured.

  3. These are great! I’m brainstorming good ideas for Christmas cards now that Joseph is here.

    Also, I filled out the form and I’d love to review Tiny Prints.
    Sarah recently posted…Joseph Judea Windham is Born!My Profile

  4. Love the cards.
    Thanks for hosting!
    Adrienne @ Whole New Mom recently posted…Clang! Clang! Clang!My Profile

  5. Thanks for hosting. I like the last one…Banner of Dreams. Would love to try and pull that off…with 6 of us, may be difficult :)
    I filled out the form for an opportunity to review Tiny Prints.
    Carrie recently posted…Wednesday’s What I Found – Ten Terrific Thrifty FindsMy Profile

  6. You should also check out Graphic I’s cards [personal plug here, lol]. The too are personal, cute, unique…even MORE customizable [I’ll do whatever you want] and LOCAL too all you Michigander’s :) Visit my website to view the 2011 gallery, or find me on facebook.


  7. I filled in the form.
    Kristy recently posted…Almost, but Not QuiteMy Profile

  8. I don’t feel like you can go wrong with anything from Tiny Prints… but I really like the look and colors in the first one! I also signed up using their form to get and review 50 cards… we’ll see what happens!
    ememby recently posted…Top Ten Things I Learned on My Weekend OffMy Profile

  9. Thanks for hosting! I posted a profile for canned salmon, a great, budget-friendly solution for good eating.
    Amanda recently posted…Raspberry LeafMy Profile

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    Roxanne – TheHolisticMama recently posted…The Most Nutritious Vegetable & Easy RecipesMy Profile

  11. LOVE that last one!!
    Amy recently posted…Entangled: The SiteMy Profile

  12. OOh!! I do love that last one! But kid Christmas cards are also pretty special. That first one is great, too.
    Susan @ defrumpme.com recently posted…DIY Cardigan {Tutorial}My Profile

  13. Okay, how cute is that last photo?! Seriously. I actually like that top card better, though. Can’t wait to see what you choose!
    Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect recently posted…Five Minute Friday :: UnexpectedMy Profile

  14. My favorite is the branches one. And I actually picked the snowfall one to highlight on my blog! We just had our Christmas picture taken today and from the little preview on the back of the camera it’s going to be AWESOME! But I’m saving all my credits for the baby announcements, ‘cuz I’m gonna need their mailing service! ;) Plus, I like to design my own too so that’s what I do for Christmas!

    (and what’s with your weird spam comments???)
    Krista recently posted…Tiny Prints for Christmas!My Profile

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