Three Things Making My Life Easier

There are a few things I have been using a lot lately that are time savers and sometimes life savers. It wouldn’t be fair if I kept those things all to myself now would it?

*none of these are sponsored or provided to me by any companies, they are just things I am loving right now. I did use affiliate links so I can occasionally get a few extra dimes. 

  1. Electric Tea KettleI have never been a coffee drinker (or really any kind of caffeine girl), but for the past year I have become a big tea drinker. Specifically green tea. It started for the health benefits, but now I just love starting my morning with something warm, especially in the morning. And lately I have been having a “spot of tea” in the afternoon as well. Perhaps it is the influence of Downton Abbey. Anyway, between my tea and my husbands french press he uses every morning, we use our electric tea kettle several times of day. Obviously it doesn’t take a lot of effort to boil water on the stove or microwave, but flicking a button is even easier.
  2. Easy Lunchbox: I am convinced the most annoying thing about parenting during the school age years is packing a lunchbox every day. Walking the line between packing the same thing every day because it is easy and not making your kids cry out of boredom over the same lunch. Add in trying to make it at least semi-nutritious and I want to pull out my hair every morning. These lunchboxes somehow make things easier. And they guide my kids on the rare morning I ask them to pack their own lunch (yes, I KNOW I should be making them pack their own lunch, I KNOW!). ps. when they say not leakproof, they mean not leakproof.
  3. Lily Pad LidYou know when you bring food to a potluck or dinner and you want to use a pretty bowl but then you have to use aluminum foil or plastic wrap (which never remotely sticks the rights way) on it and you run the risk of everything spilling on the way there. Or you have to bring it in ugly tupperware. This lid is gorgeous and amazing. You simply put it on top of any bowl or container and it creates the tightest seal. It keeps things warm and is reusable so no waste! It comes in lots of different flowers, but I got the lily pad for Christmas.

What are you using lately that is making life easier? I would LOVE to know!


  1. Shannon says:

    I am a devoted Easy Lunchbox user–love love love them!

    Need to try your lily pad thing–i hate plastic wrap with a passion!

  2. I have been searching for a new mustard cardigan and I love this one! They are out of my size on line, so I guess I will be making a trip to Target! Thanks! Susan
    Susan Jeffries recently posted…Buckeye Dip!My Profile

  3. Hilariously I have a lily pad thing and had no idea what it was for – my mom gave it to me without any tags… so now I will have to use it! (Incidentally, I have and use the other two items as well – they are marvelous!)
    ememby recently posted…Scenes from a life lived (limb) differentlyMy Profile

  4. I’m a big tea drinker too–love my electric kettle! I’ve found lots of great options for ordering tea on Amazon. The Stash brand, Double Bergamont flavor is fantastic and they ship it for a really good price.

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