This Pretty Much Sums Up My Marriage

marriage Since I don’t blog on the weekend, I missed the chance to do the whole mushy Valentine’s post. Then again, if you know me at all, you know I’m not one for sentiment. So instead I thought I would tell you all a little story from the first years of my marriage to my fabulous hubby.

Before I got married and in the early years of marriage, I devoured all sorts of marriage books. I just really wanted to have the best marriage possible so I went crazy with the books. And while reading, I discovered the most fantastic marriage organization, Family Life. Next step, I discovered they had a weekend marriage conference. So, much to the delight of my hubby, I suggested we go seeing as we had been married a few months and he still couldn’t say no to me.

So we went, and it really was fantastic, but that is not the point of this post. If you have been to this conference you may remember that you are given a book full of notes for all the sessions you attend. Except the notes aren’t complete, so you spend each session filling in all the blanks. And I should mention that we are crammed in this auditorium and the pace is pretty quick so often times you spend a lot of time “cheating” off your neighbor’s answers so you don’t get behind.

Well on the last day of the conference I headed out to the ladies room during a break. I came back, took a seat next to my wonderful hubby and began taking notes as usual. When I turned the page, I discovered a very large, very graphic, very anatomically correct drawing of the male anatomy. Yes, my new husband had drawn a very large penis complete with testicles in my book for all the surrounding strangers to see.

I was mortified. He was so proud of himself and laughing his head off. And if you know him at all, you are not surprised by any of this. Sadly, his weird sense of humor is one of the reasons I married him and love him so. I covered up the genitalia and pressed on.

Well, I couldn’t wait to get my revenge. So at the next break when the hubby went to use the bathroom, I picked up the book sitting on his chair and drew a huge pair of boobs. HUGE. And then I waited giggling to myself the whole time. I giggled right up to the moment the guys sitting next to my husband picked up HIS book off my hubby’s chair and began to open it.

So I did what any sane person would do. I bolted. Grabbed my book and ran for the exit. And when the hubby came back from the bathroom, I was nowhere to be found. Finally he spotted me out by the exit doubled over in laughter. I couldn’t even pull it together to tell him what had happened. We tried to re-enter the conference and sit in the back, but we frankly couldn’t do it. We just could not stop giggling.

Did I mention this was a Christian conference? Did I mention we have the maturity of sixteen year olds? Um yeah, we had to leave the conference early hanging our heads in shame. And praying that that poor guy who discovered a large pair of breasts recovered and that his wife didn’t think he was some kind of pervert. And hoping that the good people of Family Life don’t read my blog and ban us from all further marriage conferences.


  1. Oh that is a simply awesome story!! Isn’t it nice when you can enjoy your spouse. Even if you do act like teenagers!!

  2. *snort* *giggle*

    I’ve been known to act like a 4th grader at times. :-)

  3. That is hilarious! I hope Family Life isn’t following you on Twitter, you might be banned for life :).

  4. You and your husband sound quite a bit like my husband and I. Complete with high-school humor :)

  5. That is tooo funny!

  6. That is the BEST story ever! You two are a couple of pervy nerds! :)

  7. Oh. My. Word. That is the most hilarious story. Probably because that’s so something my Hubs and I would do. We also have very mature senses of humor.

  8. Okay, laughing so hard I was crying… Too funny!

  9. Thanks for a good laugh!

  10. My wife showed this post to me. Too classic. I don’t ACTUALLY laugh out loud, even though I say “lol” an awful lot. But this time, I could not stop the laughter.

  11. somehow, more often than not, I blush when reading this blog…. hmmm, why is that?
    lol :)

  12. Thanks for making my day.

  13. Thanks – I needed a hearty laugh! You and your DH are just the kind of couple my and my spouse would love to hang out with! I always tell my non-believing friends – being Christian doesn’t mean you can’t be fun!

  14. Kathi C. says:

    Too funny!! I was crying after reading that. Thanks for starting my day off with a good laugh!

  15. You and your husband are hilarious!
    Can you imagine the expression on the other guys face when he opened up his workbook??!!What a hoot!

  16. OMG! I was overcome with laughter reading this. That was hysterical!

  17. OH MY WORD…that is so funny there are tears coming out the corners of my eyes! You guys are bringing silly romance back to our lives! Thank you!

  18. That is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time! Seriously sounds like something my husband would do, oh my! :)

    Kristins last blog post..Best Toy Ever. (for the moment!)

  19. Oh my! That is rolling on the floor funny! Sounds like something that would happen to me. LOL! Humor is what keeps the spark in marriage :)

    Mrs. Qs last blog post..You’re A Man…

  20. Oh that is hilarious. I could just see the whole situation now and the poor other husband, lol….too funny!

    IE Mommys last blog post..Free New Testament Audio Download

  21. Oh man, you are too funny. I tend to be shy and quite conservative, except with my husband. We love to make each other laugh. I totally would do something like that and make a total idiot of myself to get my husband to laugh and feel horrible afterward.

    My husband did some hilarious drawings when we were at Lamaze class. I don’t like to write in my books and he’s a fidgeting doodler, so he was drawing outfits on the pictures of different birthing positions. I mean, fringed vests with cowboy boots, a dagger tied to a calf, a woman with a mullet. It was so funny that I about peed myself. And it was hard not giggling through such a “serious” class.

    Thanks for sharing that delightful post. How funny!!

  22. Heather H says:

    This is HILARIOUS! I LOVE it. Wait until I tell David. Oh – and D thought the cape story was so hilarious. The other night, I came back to my computer from using the bathroom, and he was smirking – I looked up and he had done a search on amazon for men’s capes. It would make our year if your hubby came waltzing into church wearing a cape.

    Heather Hs last blog post..The Well

  23. You guys are too funny and obviously a well-made match! Thanks for sharing this.

    debbies last blog post..I’ve set some resolutions for my golden days

  24. O my gosh, that’s hilarious!! thanks for sharing!

    jen olsens last blog post..The not so good marinade.

  25. Now THAT is funny!!

    jeans last blog post..edventure saturdays

  26. Um that is SO something that Lance and I would do…and die in shame! LOVE IT :)

    Amanda- VintageDutchGirls last blog post..Baby Girl Quilt Episode Four…And Finale!!!


    MommyAmys last blog post..Mystery Spice Monday! #2

  28. That is TOO funny – I love it – such a funny story to start off your marriage. =)

    Debbies last blog post..Ta-Da Tuesday

  29. That’s so funny…my husband drew me a Valentine’s Day card this year, I would blog about it, but I’d have to check th “Adult Content” box.

    kaycees last blog post..J’s Banana Orange Pops

  30. Oh my gosh, I am cracking up picturing this!! You guys are hilarious!! Can you imagine that poor man trying to explain that to his wife??

    Heathers last blog post..Morning

  31. i will definitely be sharing that story with my hubby!! ( we also have the maturity of 2 16 yr olds!)

  32. Are you trying to say that it’s not normal to do that sort of stuff?

    Dang. We may need therapy.

    mandys last blog post..Camp Counselor

  33. Andrea @ Mommy Snacks.net says:

    This is hilarious!!!! Penis/boobs – gotta love ’em (after all, God made ’em!)

  34. Oh, WOW! That’s really all I’ve got to say about that.

    Hubby & I have been to one of the Family Life Conferences – they are great. Our experience was slightly different than yours however. ;-)

    Christys last blog post..Pay It Forward Challenge

  35. Thank you. Did I ever need that belly laugh! You’re a great storyteller – keep ’em coming!

    Caris last blog post..What A WONDER-ful World

  36. Oh no, seriously??? That is freakin’ hilarious! Glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks potty humor is funny!

    Kristas last blog post..The Little Parrot

  37. That is funny! I could see us doing something like that too!

    Melissas last blog post..Even The Astronauts Knew

  38. Jen@BigBinder says:

    Did you guys tell the people at your church this story when you aigned up to teach marriage prep classes?

    Jen@BigBinders last blog post..It’s A Mystery

  39. Rebekah says:

    That’s really funny! I would have left too!

  40. Oh. my. word. I can’t pull it together right now. I think I might have pulled something. I dub thee “the funniest blog post I have ever read.” Ever.

    Quick question: why can’t the comment love find my latest post???

    Amys last blog post..25 Random Things About Me

  41. Phew! I thought we were the only ones who do those sort of things. People look at us all the time and say “Really? You are Christian?” Just because you are Christian doesn’t mean you can’t have a sense of humor.

  42. I can just imagine my red face! Glad you guys are so happy together…

    Mozi Esme’s Mommys last blog post..Spring?!

  43. That is SO awesome. That is hilarious. I laughed harder than I have in days, just imagining it. Maybe because I could totally see my husband and I doing to same thing once upon a time.

    Good times. Good times.

    kristen@nosmallthings last blog post..Protected: Mabel

  44. HILARIOUS!!! I am so glad you told this story because it means WE’RE NOT ALONE! Lol!!!

    Lois Lane IIs last blog post..Mailbox

  45. Steve Lavey says:

    Girl —

    You and the hubby CRACK ME UP! I can see him smirking at you and then you plotting the revenge, only to be horrified at the result — TOO FUNNY!! — we miss you in Chicago

  46. LOL…those moments of shared hilarity make life worth living!

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