This Old House


I love an old house. Sometimes I walk through a brand new house with everything straight out of a Pinterest pin and I think, YES, I want this. But then I remember how much I love an old house with original moldings, curved ceilings and pocket doors and realize I need a house with lots of character and stories built into the walls. Preferably with a rehabbed kitchen. #keepingitreal

But with an old house comes a whole lot of crazy things going wrong on what seems like a weekly basis. Or in the case of today a daily basis. Today I found a rogue vine growing through a window into our basement. It was like Where the Wild Things Are up in here.

Then the door to the dishwasher just fell off its hinges. For no apparent reason. I gotta say you can take away about any modern convenience but I can’t do my own dishes. That is like living as savages. And I am a little worried, because usually when one appliance goes they all band together and stage a revolt.

The dishwasher bit it a day after I had to have a plumber come out to fix not one, not two, but three of our sinks. Plus a toilet. When I called to make the appointment I just had to say, “Can you send out a plumber to fix something in each of our bathrooms?” And then when he got here basically gave him a tour of our house and said “Have at it!”

Oh and did I mention my ten year old car also had a screw stuck in its tire and something is wrong with a bearing? Or something. I don’t know, I completely tuned out while Ryan was explaining it to me and I was hyperventilating trying to figure out which day I could possibly go without a car and hitchhike my way to pick up and drop off my kids to camps.

So I guess if I am going to go “old” I also have to be prepared to shell out some bucks for the privilege? As I push 40, I should probably save up for this “old” self to start falling apart as well…..

Anything falling apart around your house?

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