This Ain't Your Mama's Yanni

yannivoices You might remember a while ago that I was asked to go to Yanni voices by the fine ladies over at the One2One Network. You might also recall that I was excited for a date night with my hubby that involved listening to something other than hockey on the TV. Then you might also recall that the Red Wings made the playoffs and it went to 7 games. So there went my date to the Yanni concert (Red Wings happened to play THAT night) and my date night turned into a girl’s night out with the lovely Lisa, who you should most certainly buy jewelery from. We met up with the winner of my giveaway who happens to be a Twitter friend who oddly enough is good friends with someone I went to high school with. Weird, weird small world.

Lisa and I had seen a preview of Yanni voices back when we went to Blissdom. So we had already gotten past the eye rolling stage when the name Yanni was mentioned. No offense to him, but the long haired, new age music thing isn’t really my style. And walking into a venue where we definitely 10-20 years younger than the average concert goer worried me a bit. But I must say, the music and evening were very entertaining and inspiring.

Yanni voices is a combination of contemporary, Latin, dance, Josh Grobin-esque classic, and yes a bit of new age music. The music is combined with some beautiful visuals (and I am not just talking about the good looking men and women who are singing). The “voices” consist of Chloe, Ender, Leslie, Nathan and they are all spectacular.Each one brings a different flavor to the concert so you get a great variety of sounds and talents.

Nathan, my personal fave, would appeal to anyone who loves Josh Grobin and I personally would like to extend an invitation for him to come sing to me everyday in my kitchen while I cook dinner. His voice, as the coffee talk lady would say, is like butter. Leslie has one of the most unique voices I have heard so it is hard to make a comparison, but it is spectacular. A little bit raspy in nature, but very powerful and actually rather sensual. Ender. Well what can you say about Ender? The man knows how to rock some leather pants. He is just everything you would expect from a Latin heartthrob. His energy on stage was contagious and he had a beautiful tenor voice that hit notes I was blown away by. Then there is Chloe. There were times were her voice had a sweet soprano, operatic tone, but then the girl danced and sang some saucier numbers and hello!! As Britney would say, she’s not that innocent. Well she might be, but she sings like she isn’t. Her voice was so crazy powerful at times I felt like I was listening to a gospel singer or one of those opera singers from cartoons.

Yanni actually faded into the background at times because he has surrounded himself with such outstanding talent. But when he did come to the forefront, he was so lovely and humble and gracious, he immediately won me over. He seemed to love highlighting his singers and band and pointed the spotlight towards them. With good reason. Outside of the singers I heard some of the most AMAZING musicians I have ever heard. The classical guitar, violin, harpist and horn players were so incredible that they truly can’t be described in a way that could possibly do them justice.

We had the pleasure of meeting the 4 singers backstage after the concert and rather than being divas (as they very well earned the right to be), all 4 were so genuine and took so much time with us. We posed for lots of pics (which I will not be posting because the camera adding 10 pounds when you are pregnant is not a good thing), they graciously signed autographs and answered all our questions. As a singer myself, it was really cool to hear how each singer had gotten their start and gotten connected with Yanni. Unfortunately no one offered to take me along with them and pay me millions to sing for a living, but I am fairly sure they wanted to.

All in all, it was really a great night and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed myself. There aren’t many concerts left, but if he is coming near you, I would encourage you to check it out. Or look for him in the future if he comes around to your town. I think you will find there is a little something for everyone. And as I have said before, I think you will find that this ain’t your mama’s Yanni :)


  1. Ah, yes, the eye rolling. I was in the room at Blissdom when they announced a Yanni-something or other and I remember all the titters and giggles.
    And then there was the shameless whooping, hollering, and eyelash batting when those guys walked into the room and started singing. Shameless, I tell ya. But lots of fun to watch!
    .-= Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae´s last blog ..Scrumdiddlyumptious =-.

  2. I would LOVE to go. I’m glad you enjoyed it!
    .-= Paige´s last blog ..On Music and Memories =-.

  3. Just found your blog and enjoyed my visit!

    I got a chuckle out of your date night gone awry – that seems to happen to me all the time too. Bummer, huh?!

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