Things That Make Me Happy

happy baby

  1. Hannah still asks for yogret instead of yogurt even though she is almost six. It is the last quirky word she has and I am holding onto it for dear life.
  2. Silas puts his hands in the air and says “raise the roof” when “We Found Love” comes one because I did that once a few months back (in case you question our choice of music he also does an adorable rendition of “Jesus Loves Me”).
  3. My hubby surprises me during marriage prep class by mentioning he has noticed some extra things I have been doing around the house. It is always nice to be noticed when other people are around.
  4. My kids have turned a little attic closet into a book nook where they pile their pillows and read together. Peeking in on them absolutely warms my heart.
  5. My brother, sister in law and niece (and soon to be baby #2) are moving to Grand Rapids tomorrow and my whole family will be in the same place. I will be an aunt for a second time in about month and can. not. wait.

What is making you happy today?


  1. Free music from Sara Groves.

    Imagining you singing at the tops of your lungs while showering at the gym.

    Reading Ann Voskamp’s brilliant book, “One Thousand Gifts.”

    Going to spin class.

  2. Sally Brown says:

    Jill I am so happy for you that your brother and his family are moving here! You live a charmed life my dear!!
    Ok, my turn:
    1. My 15 year old son teaching my 6 year old son soccer, baseball, and basketball.
    2. My 12 year old daughter (who was a quiet, reserved girl) blossoming into a lovely young lady who is a go-getter and will try all sorts of new and brave things (like water polo).
    3. Working hard on a marriage and things falling into place nicely. Appreciating my man’s willingness to work also.

  3. Rakhi says:

    1. The young women at the house I work at loving the paints and canvases I brought in and painting all afternoon.
    2. Little G learning to say “ok” and sounding like she is a valley girl cheerleader.
    3. Huge bear hugs and snuggles from Little G after waking up. I know it won’t last long, so I hold on extra tight!
    4. The sun shining with a cool breeze after rain all morning.
    5. The rearranging of the house starting to come together to make room for Baby J…though there are miles to go, the steps have begun!

    And though she hasn’t done it in a while, Little G also used to do the “raise the roof” hands after I did it once to get her to stop playing with her diaper. I think it is a quality dance move that should remain a staple for her (and Silas). :)

  4. My kids love “We Found Love” as well, but thankfully still ask for “Jesus music” too ;)
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