Things I Love Thursday- Veggie Tales (plus a GIVEAWAY!)

TILT Me and Veggie Tales go way back. The church the hubby and I met at was chock full of Veggie Tale voices. Ok, so there were a few. But I KNEW them and they did voices for me. So before I even had kids I was a fan. Then I had kids and became a REAL fan. Humorous vegetables talking about Jesus? I can reinforce biblical truths AND get my kids to eat more veggies at the same time. Win-win.

Then on my trip down to the Dominican Republic, us mommy bloggers were accompanied by a few Veggie Tales staff who were working on a partnership between Veggie Tales and World Vision. I began to tell them of my deep abiding love for the Veggie Tales and they shared with us a new Veggie Tales movie was coming out soon and maybe we could work together to promote it.

sweetpea Now, a side story. Before I had I was one of those annoying people without children who swore I would not do all sorts of things “once I had kids”. One of the things I SWORE was that if I had girls, they would NOT do the whole princess thing. I was surrounded by my friend’s girls who were up to their eyeballs in Disney princesses and I just found the whole thing appalling. And then I had little girls. Who will turn anything into a wand much like boys turn anything into a gun. If it was princess, they wanted it. And as many a sucker mom will do, I indulged the princess inside my girls.

Partly, because I know that God puts that desire in us to want to be cherished and loved. And because God puts it in us, I can use princess stories as a way to share with my girls that the princess stories are far removed from reality and that in reality they are “real princesses, daughters of a King.” But frankly, I worry that Disney has a better marketing team at times and that my message is losing.

Well now I have help. It is like Veggie Tales is my fairy godmother. Sweetpea Beauty takes the Disney fairytales and turns them on their head. There are two stories that combine Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and a few other minor princesses thrown in. The messages in both are similar. That our true beauty comes from within and that our value comes from God. Perfect messages to counteract the princess message that being beautiful is everything and that our goal in life is to find a prince. And my girls loved it.

But my favorite part is the theme song. Partly because it is sang by one of my absolute favorite singers, Nichole Nordeman. But mostly because I need the message of this song. I find myself getting choked up every time it comes on. And then I watch my two little princesses dancing around to it and my heart prays that they will really hear it. Do you really hear it?

I have an awesome giveaway for all my princesses ;) Two actually. One is a fun Sweetpea Beauty gift pack. The movie, the CD and a few other fun extras thrown in. To enter, leave a comment below telling me what your favorite Veggie Tales movie is. For an extra entry, participate in Things I Love Thursday and leave an extra COMMENT besides you link below because I will draw the winner from the comments.

Now the second giveaway you are going to have to work a little harder for. But if you participate it will also get you an extra entry into the first contest. The Veggie Tales have a live show that is making a nationwide tour this fall. I have a prize pack with free tickets to the live show for their family, access to the character meet and greet, and a free DVD library from Veggie Tales. That is HUGE!! To win, you need to post a video of yourself and/or your kids singing their favorite Veggie Tales silly song. Make sure to link back to this contest and leave a comment so we can come watch the fun. Also, with your permission, Veggie Tales will post the winner’s video on the live show Facebook page.

For the rest of you I have this:


Ok, got all that. Whew, I am worn out from typing it, but SO excited for one of you to win the grand prize. Contest will end next Wed. Sept. 15th.

Now, what do you love? Besides a chance to see Bob and Larry live. Write up a post about it, link back here, link up below, spread the comment love around. All the official Things I Love Thursday rules are here. Thanks as always for participating. And good luck!!


  1. My kids love the Veggie Tales that has the theme of David and Goliath. We have a bunch of them and I ALMOST bought this princess one but didn’t. Yet. Thanks for a great giveaway, my kids LOVE veggie tales!
    Debbi Does Dinner Healthy recently posted…Zucchini FrittersMy Profile

  2. I just posted a recipe for pancakes on Things I Love Thursday. My kids LOVE pancakes and when I can make a nice and healthy pancake for them, I LOVE it! Thanks!
    Debbi Does Dinner Healthy recently posted…Zucchini FrittersMy Profile

  3. I absolutely love Veggie Tales, and I too was hesitant to dive into the whole Disney Princess thing with our daughter. What an awesome giveaway! :)
    Mandy recently posted…It’s Time for Learning!My Profile

  4. We love Dave and the giant pickle around here also. But I personally love God Made You special. It has alot of different stories on it.
    Cupcake Blogger recently posted…To Create is to DestroyMy Profile

  5. My nieces and nephews have been huge fans of Veggie Tales for some time. I think my sister owns about 20 of the movies. I love the david and goliath one. The songs are quite choice.
    Betsy (Eco-novice) recently posted…Ten Reasons I Love PyrexMy Profile

  6. My son and I love Josh and the Big Wall. :) Of course the music from Jonah is fun to sing along to.

  7. Probably my favorite is “a snoodle’s tale” – it came out when i was in college and something in it resonated with me and about broke my heart.

    … I’ll have to talk my hubby into doing a video so we can enter the other contest, they’re doing a show only a couple hours away (here in AR, not many shows come so close) and it would be so much fun to go :)

  8. I love me some Veggie Tales!!! Since I’ve always thought they were AWESOME, I’ve been force feeding them to my baby since she was born. I hope she grows to know and love them. Seriously, nothing beats a good quality Jesus story and fresh veggies :)

    My fav was always Josh & the Big Wall, but now that I have my own little princess…I have to get her this one! I haven’t seen it yet either!

  9. I love veggietales! My favorite is the classic easter episode. The bunny . . . the bunny.
    Wendy (The Local Cook) recently posted…Pizza SauceMy Profile

  10. I love David and Goliath
    Mandy recently posted…Things I Love Thursday – Local Grocery StoreMy Profile

  11. right now our favorite is pistacio!
    mandi@itscome2this recently posted…Things i love thursday … with giveaway!My Profile

  12. I linked up!

  13. Thanks for hosting the blog carnival. This week I shared a recipe for a delicious salad that is great for using up all of those end of summer vegetables.
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  14. I haven’t watched Veggie Tales for a long time, but I loved “Oh where is my hairbrush?” Is there a story about Joshua? I think I remember that.
    I can’t wait until my girl is old enough to enjoy them!
    Amy recently posted…Quick Cleaning 2My Profile

  15. I am getting ready to link up to TILT!!!
    Amy recently posted…Quick Cleaning 2My Profile

  16. Anna Tyrer says:

    Our favorite is An Easter Carol. Love the Nordeman song!!

  17. Abbey says:

    We love the “Hairbrush” song. Sing it in the car. Girls would just love this new video out.

  18. Ok, I can’t tell you my favorite thing about Veggie Tales because…confession…I’ve never seen it! YIKES! I know! I have heard it is wonderful though and would love to get Eddie into it.

    However, the nationwide tour? I do know something about that. One of my former students is in the cast! He is going to play the grape!
    Katie recently posted…25 Design Winner and Eddie with Senator HairMy Profile

  19. I love them all, but my fave might be Lord of the Beans. {“Sporks, unnatural creatures…”}

    Thanks for a fun give-away!

    Emily/Miss Mommy
    Emily/Miss Mommy recently posted…TILT- New Friends &amp Play GroupMy Profile

  20. I also linked to TILT. Thanks again-

    Emily/Miss Mommy
    Emily/Miss Mommy recently posted…TILT- New Friends &amp Play GroupMy Profile

  21. catherine says:

    My two boys love An Easter Carol…thanks for the chance to win!

  22. Tamara Sz says:

    We love Little Joe around here–story is based on the life of Joseph.

  23. Joanna says:

    Moe and the Big Exit … has some of the best lines EVER!!!!

    “I’ll call him Moe. It means lookin’ for gold and findin’ a baby!!!”

    “Now, some matches are made in phosphorus factories while others are made in heaven. Either way, it all starts with a little chemistry.”

  24. My daughter loves Johan – The Veggie Tales Movie. She is 2 1/2 and just getting into princesses, so I bet she would love this movie. Thanks for the chance to win.
    Kelly recently posted…Where Has the Time GoneMy Profile

  25. We love Little Jo – Joseph has always been my husbands favorite Bible story and the western twist is so fun!
    Sara @ ThrivingMama recently posted…Peace of ProvidenceMy Profile

  26. We’ve loved Veggietales since my 12 year old was a baby! In fact, Duke and the Great Pie War is playing as I type…LOL!
    Kara recently posted…Family Discipleship Part 10- Celebrating Biblical Holidays Family BookshelfMy Profile

  27. Tiffany M says:

    We love Larry boy and Lord of the bean…oh and Minnesota Cuke….OK we love them all!!!

  28. So where do we post the video with our kids singing? Maybe I’m just slow this morning, but I didn’t understand the second contest entry.

    I got my little ones started on Veggie Tales by 1 year of age and now my 2 1/2 year old and 1 1/2 year old LOVE IT! We have most of the older VHS tapes (passed down from when my siblings and I were growing up!) but none of the newer ones. Thank goodness for Netflix! I have two favorites…”Little Joe” (GREAT telling of the story of Joseph) and the Easter story (the song makes me cry EVERY single time).
    Emily Kay recently posted…NuggetsMy Profile

    • Ack! I just realized you said they had to be singing a “silly” song! I don’t suppose any of the songs from “Rack, Shack, and Benny” would count, huh? That’s all my daughter would sing for the camera today. :) Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow!
      Emily Kay recently posted…NuggetsMy Profile

  29. nicolerenae says:

    We love the Jonah movie
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. I have no favorite….I’m trying to win for our church After School program to teach kids about the bible and let them come to a safe place til parents get home.
    Marj M. recently posted…Can you hear the bones in my neck crackingMy Profile

  31. Theresa says:

    We love Veggietales! 4 out of my 5 children all have different favorites! This is an awesome answer for our princesses. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  32. Grandma Patty Ann says:

    What fun!! At first, as a new blogger, I was not going to try this but it kept bugging me! I thought well what is my newest love?? Blogging :-) So I had something to say!

    Thank you for this wonderful idea and it is really nice to meet you!

    I love you,
    Grandma Patty Ann
    Grandma Patty Ann recently posted…Oh…My Profile

  33. It’s so difficult to pick a favorite. But my son and daughter LOVE Jonah. The songs are so much fun. If only he could remember the words, I’d shoot a video of us singing the song the choir sings in the whale’s stomach.
    Rachel Roland recently posted…Summer Salad with homemade basalmic and pita chipsMy Profile

  34. I’ll admit, I’m a fan of the old-school Veggies. :-) I still own the 2 original sing-a-long VHS tapes (the second being my favorite). Oh, and the commentaries on the full-length movies are more hilarious than the movies! Haha.

    My Sunday School girls would LOVE this set! :-)
    Erin Joy recently posted…How to Dress for WorkMy Profile

  35. I’d love to win! We’ve rediscovered Veggie Tales since getting instant Netflix on our tv–and suddenly my son is talking about God and heaven and all this stuff I’ve neglected to teach him myself. Good stuff! Jonah’s our favorite VT movie right now.
    Eos Mom recently posted…Top 10 Tuesday-TV ShowsMy Profile

  36. I linked up for TILT.
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  37. I love the Madame Blueberry story. I believe it drives home the problem of being too materialistic. Great story. Thanks for the giveaway.

  38. My fav Veggietales is Madame Blueberry because I love the Thankful Heart song… I find myself singing that song to my kids all the time in an effort to teach them about thankfulness. I sure hope it’s sinking in! It sounds like the Princess Pack would be just the ticket for my little princess… (of 2 years old)!
    NDalley recently posted…U Pick!!!My Profile

  39. Christie says:

    hmm, I don’t want to pick a favorite, because I haven’t seen any I don’t like!

    I posted the link to that song on my facebook. I’m a youth leader at our church, and anytime the girls criticize themselves, I make them say Psalm 139:13-14 “…I will praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful…” So thankful for one of my favorite musicians for singing the song I needed to hear, too!

  40. We love Veggie Tales here too. I like the one that is like Lord of the Ring except they use a bean. Is it Lord of the Beans? Anyway, It is great. We found it on Netflix instant streaming.
    LaVonne recently posted…Earlier BedtimeMy Profile

  41. I think my favorite is the first that we purchased, which is, Josh and the Big Wall. Have many happy memories of my son watching it over and over and over and over when he was younger.

    But Little Joe is a second runner up.
    Beth recently posted…Words I want to remember – The boyMy Profile

  42. i participated in What I love Thursdays.
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  43. I participated in TILT this week. Thanks for hosting!
    LaVonne recently posted…Earlier BedtimeMy Profile

  44. I haven’t seen a VeggieTales that I didn’t like! I haven’t seen Sweetpea Beauty. I’m thinking that this would be my new favorite!

  45. I haven’t seen Sweet pea yet, but our favorite is Madame Blueberry. Thank you!

  46. Here’s my video for the second giveaway!! http://motheringmunchkins.blogspot.com/2010/09/my-kids-veggie-tales.html Sorry my girlie got shy and sang so quietly, but if you listen close it’s really adorable! :)
    Emily Kay recently posted…NuggetsMy Profile

  47. The Wonderful Land of Ha’s. The favorite in our house right now. :)
    jean recently posted…Book Review of Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman with Ellen VaughnMy Profile

  48. My favorite VT movie is probably Lyle the Kindly Viking – though it’s a tough choice! Thanks for the chance to win!
    Coralee recently posted…A Little Thank You GiftMy Profile

  49. Amy T. says:

    That’s a hard one, but I’m going to go with Madame Blueberry (did you hear the French accent?). The song made me get the sniffles. my little prince needs to know this about himself and all the little princesses in the world.

  50. Julia Wreyford says:

    I just discovered Veggie Tales today and googled “veggie tales giveaway” and your blog was the first to come up…since we have no money I need free veggie tales stuff for my 19 month old, haha! I also have a 3 month old. I got a free veggie tales CD-ROM from Chick Fil A and put it in the car today and really loved the positive message behind the 4 songs on the CD and would love to expose my kids to more!