Things I Love Thursday- Veggie Chop

  First let me just say I went to American Idol live tonight with the hubby. Must have its own blog post. Very much enjoyed. Fully aware that makes me a middle aged housewife. Or a ten year old in a David Archuletta t shirt. Also, just watched Palin and I officially have a girl crush. My favorite comment: The difference between a pitbull and a hockey mom? Lipstick. Love her, her hair and her “lick her hand and pat down her little brother’s hair” little daughter Piper. Shallow politics at its best.

So know onto what I really love. My new Williams-Sonoma VeggieChop. I had a gift certificate that had gone unused since Christmas. How did that happen? It was divine intervention I tell you because Williams-Sonoma just released this fabulous little veggie chopper.

Well first off, it just cute. Seriously cute. And it chops veggies, herbs, nuts and spices. It works like a Chatty Cathy doll. You pull the string and it chops. Actually I am pretty sure Chatty Cathy didn’t chop anything. But she had a string. With the VeggieChop the more you pull the string, the finer it chops. And it is so fun. Seriously I chopped something too fine the other day just cause I loved the pulling. Clearly I need a life.

What do you love? It’s OK, you can admit it. Read the guidelines and link away.


  1. A. I heart David Cook. I really do. I would scream like a teenager and embarrass my husband at a concert.

    B. And Sarah Palin. She rocked. I thought it was brave of her daughter Bristol to be there in the spotlight, too.

    C. My TILT (since I was absent-minded and forgot to describe it) is about canvas storage boxes.

    HeresTheDiehls last blog post..TILT: Canvas Storage Boxes

  2. I concur on the Hockey Mom comment. Love it!

    Can’t think straight. Maybe I’ll get a Things I Love Thursday up in the morning… it’s still technically Wednesday here.


    Polka Dot Mommys last blog post..And I’m Back…

  3. Jen@BigBinder says:

    I cannot wait to hear about the Idol experience!

    Or for the VP debates. Move over Olympics, this is an awesome match up!

  4. On Sarah Palin: I loved that hair slicking moment too! Love her!
    A/I: Interesting way to spend your evening!
    Your new toy kind of reminds me of a See-N-Say, do they still make those? Glad to see that your finally getting some new adult toys around the house! :)

    Jackies last blog post..Slip Sliding Away…

  5. You are sooooo funny. I’m in Northern Indiana….and I’m sure if we lived any closer I would beg to be your friend. Hope that doesn’t freak you out. :) You type/talk how I think.

    I too was at American Idol only in Feb. when it was in Hollywood. It was super cool, but it did make me feel super middle-aged. And hello, I’m only 33. We actually were sitting in the 2nd row, and then when some younger, cuter girls came in lookin’ all hot….we were moved to the back row. But if you pause and replay you could actually see me and my 2 girlfriends. :) LOL

    And agree with you on Sarah Palin-amazing. Love her. I join you in your crush on her. Even though I am happily married with 4 kids. And how totally cute was that when her little girl fixed her little brothers hair. I’m serious. That was sweet as pie.

    Keep up the great posting!!

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