Things I Love Thursday- Townhouse Flipsides

flipsides.jpg I was recently asked if I wanted to try out the new Townhouse Flipside and my answer was “Um, free snack food? Count me in!” I was not disappointed. Never have I craved Cheez Whiz like while eating those crackers. Or cheese balls, cheese slices, cheese something. I need to get some cheese around here. Actually I just want some dip of any nature. That being said, these babies are quite good on their own also. So good, they are a little difficult to put down.

The whole family has been munching on them and gives them 2 thumbs up. I intend on bringing them over to our Easter celebration this weekend and hope to score a can of aerosol cheese that will just be the “spray cheese on the cracker.” (icing on the cake is sooo over). Because nothing says “He is Risen” like cheese in a can.


  1. They sound yummy! We LOVE snack food here and aren’t picky, especially if it screams CHEESE!

  2. lifeafterbaby says:

    “resurrection buns” also scream Easter…you wrap crescent dough around a jumbo marshmallow and bake. The dough keeps the round shape but the marshmallow melts and disappears–just like Jesus in the tomb!

    Dan and I laugh and roll our eyes at our Baptist upbringing that Christianized everything. They are seriously the most delicious things you will ever eat, though. Borderline miraculous.

  3. I saw the commercial for these, and have been wanting to try them. Now that it’s gotten the Diaper Diaries approval, I’m going to have to get me some!

  4. yummy!!

  5. Ooh I love snack food, especially free snack food!

  6. Ron Rowland says:

    I might have misinterpreted, but didn’t He say “Blessed are the cheesemakers.”?

  7. Aren’t those great? I randomly bought some for my daughter’s birthday party, and we love them! Crunchy goodness!

  8. That was funny. I have a friend who always says at Christmas nothing says “Happy Birthday Baby Jesus” like a log of meat, in honor of the Hillshire products…

    I love squeeze cheese!! I must say though the squeeze cream cheese I was not too crazy about…

    Enjoy your Easter and your crackers.

  9. Those look way delish! I wish I had known about this crackery goodness when I went to the store last night.

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