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TILT  I know we are all spending time mourning the end of the season for all our favorite shows. But although I will miss American idol, Modern Family and The Good Wife (oh my word are you watching that show????) I look forward to summer programming every year for ONE reason.


Please tell me that you watch this show and that you have been counting down to the day until it starts. I started watching this show out of a lack of other options the first season. And was hooked from day one. My dear husband mocked it at first but then became hooked during season two.

I know I have MAJOR fellow fans in Mary and Amanda, but it is my personal mission to make fans out of all of you. Not a dancer? Neither am I. I don’t know jack about dance. But I know that I am riveted every season by what these people do artistically.

It premieres today (Thursday) on Fox. Will you be watching?

What do you love this week? Link on up below and if you need any help make sure to check out the Things I Love Thursday guidelines. Thanks as always for joining in!


  1. i love dancing and watching dance, but will not be watching this. we don’t have cable, but i assume this is on hulu. but anyways, every ad i’ve seen for this show costumes i wouldn’t want my hubby to be watchin, and suggestive moves my kiddoes dont need to see. too sad :( b/c otherwise i’d be all over it!

    • It is on Fox so I am not sure if that is Hulu or not but it shouldn’t be cable.

      I definitely wouldn’t let my kids watch although most of the dances are not inappropriate. And the costumes are mostly ok, but yes, here and there they aren’t appropriate. I think it is better than Dancing With the Stars though.

  2. I’ll be watching!! It is one of only two shows I mark on my calendar and shut my computer off for! The other is Project Runway (cause I wish I could design just a little….).

    *Sigh* Can’t wait for the new season!!!
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  3. My sister (a very good ballet dancer) loves this show. I watched it once, but couldn’t handle the Olympic-style personal vignette stuff. She says she FFs those, but they were most of the show! I’ve never watched since. And, yes, they are amazing dancers.
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  4. I do like this show but I only have time now to watch TV on the computer so if it’s on Hulu or somewhere online, I will watch it. I’ve watched a couple seasons and like it a lot!
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  5. I never seem to be able to watch the entire season of SYTYCD. I can usually catch the first part, while everyone is auditioning, but because of schedules can’t make it past that point. Though I’d love to.

  6. I haven’t gotten caught up in this show. American Idol, on the other hand . . . so sad it’s over!
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  7. We love this show, too!!
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  8. This is hands down my favorite show! I grew up dancing and branched out into ballroom dancing in college. I miss it so much it hurts sometimes. So this show lets me live vicariously! I prefer this show much more than DWTS for some reason. Dance is so powerful and I am often moved to tears or given goosebumps during this show. LOVE IT!
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  9. Jen Heptinstall says:


  10. I have never watched SYTYCD, did I get the abbreviation right? Really, it’s because my tv is in my basement. And it’s cold down there. I should HULU it!

  11. Finally linked up to TILT for this week. :o) Thanks for hosting!
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