Things I Love Thursday- Skinny Cow

tilt Forget pickles, all I want when I am pregnant is ice cream. Much to the annoyance of my husband who is stuck making ice cream runs all night, every night. And much to the annoyance of my waistline, or shall I say, lack of waistline. It disappeared back when I gained 65 pounds while pregnant with Lily (thanks to all the ice cream) and has rarely been seen since. It is kind of like the Loch Ness Monster, rumored to exist, but rarely seen unless in Spanx (not Nessy, me; pretty sure Nessy doesn’t need Spanx).

Thankfully, a long while back, I discovered Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. More importantly, peanut butter and chocolate ice cream sandwiches. It should be known that I fully and truly believe heaven is a place where I can swim in chocolate and peanut butter, eating as much as I want of it and never getting fat. So when I see something made of that combination that is also low fat, I am pretty darn excited. Skeptical, but excited.

I have been burned before by the low fat label. I firmly believe everything is better when dipped in ranch, but low fat ranch- disgusting. I also believe nearly everything is better when smothered in melted cheese, but low fat cheese. The stuff doesn’t even melt first of all and tastes foul. So I was very doubtful that something claiming to be low fat, chocolate and peanut butter could possibly be good. But it was. It soooo was. And a Skinny Cow fan was born.

Since that time they have come out with lots of different ice cream sandwiches, cones and bars. I have only tried the sandwiches, but hope to move on to explore the whole line soon. In the name of blog research of course. Also, they are Weight Watchers and “Best Life Diet” approved. And gorge yourself on them during pregnancy approved. Although I am not sure that last claim could be backed up by a physician.

What do you love? Tell us in a blog post, link up to the “Things I Love Thursday” carnival, hop around reading what other people love. Spend money buying all the great things you read about. Last part is optional, all the other guidelines, not so much. Link away and, as always, thanks for playin’!!


  1. i LOVE skinny cow. the mint ice cream sandwiches are my favorite!!

    melissas last blog post..Shed Part Two: Moving On

  2. I’ve never tried Skinny Cow but um…must. try. now! My favorite is Edy’s no sugar but I love me some ice cream sandwiches.

    (Sorry for the double Mr. Linky. Screwed up the first one. Pretty sure it’s way past my bedtime.)

    Katie @ Heart Gone Walkings last blog post..Things I love Thursday: The Red Plate

  3. Skinny Cow also has a caramel ice cream cone that this pregnant lady can’t get enough of! And the Weight Watchers caramel ice cream sandwich–YUM!

    Now I’m hungry. Is it wrong to have ice cream for breakfast?

    Lucys last blog post..At the Copa…Copacabana

  4. Skinny Cow products are amazing – it’s great to have GOOD tasting lowfat products!!!

    Debbies last blog post..Thought full Thursday: To be… Or Not to be…

  5. Stephanie says:

    I have never tried the Skinny Cow ice cream! I will have to pick some up when I do groceries this week after reading all these rave reviews!

    Stephanies last blog post..Sweetness Captured

  6. I have never tried Skinny Cow, never saw it in a store for that matter. Sounds amazing though. My entire family could use some of this!

    Whitneys last blog post..TILT: Sassy Baby’s First Rattle & Teether Set

  7. Liar! I totally saw your waisteline at Blissdom, Miss Skinny Minnie.

  8. I love me some Skinny Cows. Don’t you love being pregnant and being able to say, “It’s calcium for the baby!”

    Kristi_runwatchs last blog post..My favorite study Bible

  9. I’ve tried the skinny cow ice cream sandwhiches and they are great! They are a perfect on my WW diet! I linked in this weeks thing I love….freschetta frozen pizza! Yummy!

    Jen-After the Alters last blog post..Things I Love Thursday: Freschetta Naturally Rising Frozen Pizza

  10. Mmmm…I love skinny cow!!

    Mary @ Giving Up On Perfects last blog post..Stay cool. Stay you.

  11. I think I always see that brand at Costco. I’ve always wondered about it, but that’s one thing Costco hasn’t given free samples of. Maybe I’ll pick some up next time, now that I have a good recommendation :)

    Pink Monkeys last blog post..Parents Day Tea and Scouts Scavenger Hunt

  12. would love to try the great products not sure if available where I am will look today when I shop

  13. Oh honey, you had me at “ice cream”!

    Rhen @yestheyareallmines last blog post..Introducing………(finally)………

  14. Yum! I too am a Skinny Cows fan!

    Katies last blog post..Things I Love Thursday: Jon Schmidt

  15. All I can say is you must try their chocolate trufle bar … yummmy (*Skinny Cow’s truffle bar I mean ;-) )
    I totally agree that not all things created low fat is tasty or worth the money for them but some things soooo are!

    Annes last blog post..contemplative mood sets in & ….

  16. hi, where is mr linky? I couldn’t do my “things I love thurs” bc I had nowhere to link it to? is it just me?

  17. Skinny Cows are yummy!! I haven’t tried the PB one yet though … you have me interested:)

    mandis last blog post..The finer things – friday’s family recipe

  18. Skinny Cow sounds yummy.
    .-= Olivia´s last blog ..Cereal and Smoothies =-.

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