Things I Love Thursday- Silly Beanz Hair Accessories

One of my favorite things about being a mom of girls is that I get to indulge that girly girl side of myself. Which to be honest, I am not sure I was that much of one before having these girls. But they are GIRLY GIRLS. They strongly object to anything wearing pants. Love any and all things princess. And at three and six we already have some hair drama. Now all of the above can drive me nuts in the morning as we are trying to get out the door, but I love it nonetheless.

So when Silly Beanz contacted me to review some hair accessories for girls I knew my girls would be thrilled. And I love me some accessories. And its from an Etsy store ? It’s a bloggy trifecta!! Plus Shana, the creator of Silly Beanz called them hair candy. I am now trying to work that phrase into daily conversation.

Shana was really generous with what she provided me to review which I really appreciated. My absolute favorite thing she makes are her flower clips.    Seriously find me a little girl who doesn’t want to wear this in her hair. In fact, I have had trouble getting my girls to wear anything else in their hair despite matchability. Which I half give up on because apparently matching is at the bottom of your list when you are three.

She offers a variety of ribbon covered clips, but also shakes things up with some cute bows, , adorable headbands, and my girls’ other fave glitter clips. I am trying to figure out if I can pull those babies off.

I have bought a lot of bows over the years for the girls and I can tell you a lot of these are made really poorly and fall apart after a few wears. I found the prices to be quite reasonable and they have held up extremely well for how much my girls have been wearing them. So if you have little girls, I would definitely check her out.

What do you love? I am really trying to visit you all every week, but I know I have fallen behind lately. But I sincerely appreciate all of you participating every week. So thank you. It will help people click over and check you out if you let people know what you are posting about. So enter your name and then what you wrote about in parentheses behind it. And make sure to link back to the carnival at your own blog. I am being a bit ole softie right now, but soon I will start deleting those who don’t follow the rules. I really hated typing that. But check out the Things I Love Thursday guidelines before you post. Kthanxbye. (Whew)


  1. I did it!

    I love Jill and I love birthdays…and this is my FIRST “things I love Thursday!”

    Jill thanks for holding my hand and leading me through it….and thanks for your awesome blog…and always fun ideas.

    oh yeah…Etsy rocks! it’s my home away from home!
    .-= lisa aka thebeadgirl´s last blog ..Haiti Relief Necklace =-.

  2. Very cute! I also like that you managed to make a word like ‘matchability’ work; and work well.
    .-= Jen@BigBinder´s last blog ..Palazzolo – Mi Amor! =-.

  3. I linked up – it’s a bit of a shocker coming from me!

  4. Love those accessories and can’t believe I have to start paying attention to girl stuff! WOW!
    What cute flowers and I’m sure your girls adore them! So cute!!
    .-= Hillary @ The Other Mama´s last blog ..Survey Says… =-.

  5. I’ve been wanting to get some of these and was about to try my hand at making them myself but at those prices I’ll gladly skip the extra labor.
    .-= Jennwith4´s last blog ..Embroidery and Gifts =-.

  6. I have recently gotten over my fear of pink and girly! I saved the link…I am always looking for more headbands. (She doesn’t have enough hair yet for bows!)
    .-= Jenny´s last blog ..Flower Tush =-.

  7. I have boys. Sad face. No hair flowers over here.
    I should just start buying them for myself! It would make me really happy to have a bright orange daisy in my hair!
    .-= Courtney´s last blog ..My Little Cupcake-Things I Love Thurday! =-.

  8. “bloggy trifecta” hahah
    .-= Jolon´s last blog ..Reader Saves 78% on Groceries at Kroger =-.

  9. I think the flower clips would work for older girls (5+?) with more hair, etc. The ribbon clips seem good for the sweet, but wispy baby/toddler hair. Those are great prices, too!

    (We are way into bows- bringing a little bit of TX to Scotland ;))

    Emily/Miss Mommy
    .-= Emily Malone´s last blog ..Using mouthwash can prevent sickness =-.

  10. Hi Jill! This is my first ever Things I Love Thursday and actually, my first ever foray into the mommy meme world :) I am thoroughly enjoying it and am already excited about the following days!

  11. My daughter would LOVE those!
    .-= Jessica´s last blog ..Welcome CBS Atlanta Viewers! =-.

  12. nicolerenae says:

    You sold me on these! I just ordered a couple, I bought my daughter’s Easter dress yesterday, so I wanted one to match!

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