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TILT   A long way back on another blog, I reviewed a maternity outfit for Shabby Apple. It was my absolute favorite outfit I wore when I was preggo and I got so many compliments in it. I was thrilled when they contacted me to review another dress since I don’t think I will ever get to wear my green Shabby Apple maternity dress again. I love, love, love their stuff.

Then came the time when I had to decide which dress to chose. Ladies (and guys? Are there any guys reading this?), this was like TORTURE. I sent pics to friends, I asked my hubby, I emailed my sister in law. I AGONIZED over this decision. You would have thought I was choosing the name of my first child. But there are so many cute things, I was all, yes please, to darn near everything. (And truth be told, I possibly have purchased a Groupon gift certificate so the insanity will continue)

I landed on this:


oh and p.s. now I must own those shoes, and maybe the hat


To me this just screams “The Great Gatsby”. Truth be told I haven’t worn the dress out and about yet because it is partially made of wool and we are apparently living on the sun right now. But I can’t wait to wear this dress out and about. I just know I am going to get a lot of comments and hopefully, compliments. I’m thinking, winter, tights and darn it, I WANT THOSE SHOES!!

What I love about Shabby Apple is that the dresses are made for women. Sometimes it seems to me as all the stylish and cute clothes out there are made for teenagers. They don’t allow for hips and they don’t flatter those of us who have popped out a baby or two. Also, Shabby Apple believes in designing dresses that cover you up. What a concept. I love that I can wear a hip, cute dress and not feel like a grandma or a child. Perfection.

Let’s take a minute and talk cost. I don’t know what you typically pay for your nicer dresses, but in my experience you 100% get what you pay for. These are well made from quality fabrics and, as much as I love me some Target and Old Navy clothes, that is just not what you are going to find there. So if you want quality, you have to pay for quality. And I think Shabby Apple dresses are very reasonable for the quality and style you are getting.

I love that every single dress on their site has a review option. When I was pouring over dresses, I also poured over their reviews. Real buyers give their 2 cents and you get a good idea of fit, quality and whether the dress looks like the pics. And their return policy seems really reasonable. In all honesty I have never had to return anything so I am only speaking from reading their policies.

Next up for me is to get something from their girls line because it is 10 kinds of cute. I, again, want one of everything. They also sell shoes, accessories, swimwear, plus sizes and as I mentioned before maternity. Also make sure to check them out on Facebook (where they are currently giving away a free dress) and Twitter.

*disclosure: I was provided a dress to review for this post. The unabashed love of all things Shabby Apple is all my own.

Now what do you love this week. Write, link back, link up, hop around. I think that sounds like a new dance craze. Anywho, for more specific directions (and who wouldn’t need them after that), check out the Things I Love Thursday guidelines. Thanks for playing along!!


  1. True story, I know one the owners of Shabby Apple. My sister is one of her bestest friends. There are many, many Shabby Apple dresses in this house (purchased at full price)! They are super duper cute. I also love that they are modest as well as stylish. What a treat to have a maternity one. I am so pleased to see that there are other big-time fans.
    Betsy (Eco-novice) recently posted…Non-toxic Antibacterial SoapMy Profile

  2. So cute. I’ve actually never heard of Shabby Apple before…but I’m also not overly stylish — I’m not!!

    I’m certain you will get lots of compliments when you finally wear the dress out.
    Andrea @ Simple Organized Living recently posted…Free Printable Jam TagsMy Profile

  3. Oooooo! I have a groupon! Whoot! Thanks for the reminder. I’ll skpe you some choices. =)

  4. will definitely have to check them out!
    Wendy (The Local Cook) recently posted…Green Surprise DipMy Profile

  5. I just started Things I Love Thursdays! Glad to join in!

  6. I’m not a fashion maven, but that dress is lovely! Enjoy it!
    Melissa recently posted…Cake Decorating with DuffMy Profile

  7. I’ll have to look into Shabby apple for maternity stuff! I feel like it’s a real missed market out there, and at 5 months pregnant and fall on the way I’m going to need some new clothes!
    Jen @ After The Alter recently posted…Things I Love Thursday- Strong Yoga4Pregnancy Plus a Giveaway!My Profile

  8. I actually miss some of my maternity clothes… the Old Navy dresses actually made it 3 times around the block!

  9. That dress is simply fabulous. I agree. I juts got a pair of never worn mustard wedge heels for 3 British pounds I wish I could loan you! I agree the pictured shoes are amazing, but you could also splash in some color if you want- red, green, yellow, even orange!
    Emily/Miss Mommy recently posted…TILT- Covenant EyesMy Profile

  10. I’m 6 months pregnant and definitely in need of some cute maternity dresses for church. I’ll head over and check them out today :)
    Amanda (Garibay Soup) recently posted…List of RandomsMy Profile

  11. Hoping to score a cute Shabby Apple dress for the high school prom next year. ;) That’s the only event my teachin’/coachin’ hubby takes me to that’s worth a dress!

  12. Wow! That place has some really AWESOME clothes to peek at! I dunno if I’d ever wear any of them for fear to make them dirty. HAHAHA I can see why you agonized.
    Dee recently posted…Four Legged LoveMy Profile

  13. Great review, awesome clothes. Get the shoes. Thanks for hosting!
    Debbi Does Dinner Healthy recently posted…Hearty Sloppy JoesMy Profile

  14. I love Shabby Apple myself, I have 2 hanging in my closet right now. My only thing is that their sizing is kinda wonky, so I end up ordering a few before I find one that fits me properly. The good news is, they have free returns/exchanges.

  15. pretty dress! i love it! and yes, you NEED the shoes to go with it. :)

    happy Thursday!
    MamaHall recently posted…TILT- homemade cheese crackersMy Profile

  16. LOVE! I think I’m going to have to save up my pennies to get a fab frock of my own. Love love love…Super love. :)
    anne recently posted…Things I Love Thursday- Baby BooksMy Profile

  17. I was just thinking today that I need some new maternity clothes. Hooray!
    Audrey recently posted…Wise Words WednesdayMy Profile

  18. Dress – CUTE. Shoes, yes get them. Hat – mmm, nah. But then again what do I know about fashion? Nada.
    Jen @ BigBinder recently posted…Back To School With PurposeMy Profile

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