Things I Love Thursday- Shabby Apple Fashions

tilt If you have ever been pregnant, you know how hard it is to stay cute and fashionable with your big ole belly. Not only do you look and feel like a beached whale, but then you are faced with the dilemma of the oxymoron that is maternity fashion. We have come a long way baby, but it still leaves something to be desired. Typically when I am pregnant I just try and double up on cute accesories and hope no one notices the tents that I am wearing.

I first became aquainted with Shabby Apple fashions at Blissdom last year when it seemed everytime I complimented someone on their adorable dress, the response was the same. It is Shabby Apple. I vowed to check them out upon returning home and then simply forgot. And then I got pregnant and stopped shopping for any clothes that women with normal bodies would buy.

So imagine my absolute delight when I was contacted by Shabby Apple to do a possible review of their maternity dresses. I clicked over to their site, saw their adorable dresses and wrote back a big “Yes Please!!” Then I secretely hoped and hoped that they would send me a particular dress. Somewhere, someone must have heard my plea because look at the adorableness that arrived on my doorstep.


If you want to picture me in it, picture wider and brunetter and with way less cute earrings. I big puffy heart this dress. I want to wear it to the grocery store, the park, to mow my lawn, but I fear I will be a bit overdressed. So instead I am saving it to wear out to dinner with my hubby for my birthday. I can’t wait to make my debut.

Here is the back story of Shabby Apple. The line of dresses was created by two women who were tired of the inability to find stylish dresses that were modest. Translation: dresses are often so inappropriate you have to wear a tank underneath or a cardigan over the top before you feel like you can leave the house. So in their words, they have designed dresses that  are “A return to what dresses were always meant to be — a one-piece outfit. No need to add anything…no tank tops, no cardigans, nothing (except accessories, of course!).

I love this concept, because I love to wear classic dressed. And Shabby Apple has designed dresses that are classic and trendy at the same time. If you have tuned out by now thinking, “Great, but I’m not pregnant”, come back. Shabby Apple has clothes for women and even girls. I don’t know if you have tried to shop for little girls lately, but I am unclear as to why we want our young girls looking like Paris Hilton. As a mother of little girls who insist on only wearing dresses, I am thrilled to see dresses that are modest but fashionable.

Have I sold you yet? Well, the lovely ladies over at Shabby Apple have generously offered my readers a 15% discount on any order placed through July 6th when you enter the code diaperdiaries15off at check out. How great is that?! I think their prices are really reasonable for the quality you are getting. And the coupon code helps make it even more affordable. If you need a nice dress for a wedding, special occasion or to look cute while you trot around town, check out Shabby Apple. And if you see a super stylish and cute pregnant woman out on the town with her hubby, that would be me rockin my green dress.

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  1. Andrea @ MommySnacks.net says:

    I wanna see a picture of you mowing the grass in it! It’s green and would be the perfect color combination you know :)

    Seriously, I need to check them out because I have seen so many people talking about them. They are stylish!!

  2. Hey, where’s your picture!? :) I want to see you model that beautiful dress, preggo belly and all ;)

    I would LOVE to get something from there. LOVE their stuff. And a coupon code. Tempting, you temptress, you! ;)
    [rq=1736,0,blog][/rq]Death by Computer, Film at 11

  3. That dress is gorgeous!
    [rq=2217,0,blog][/rq]TILT – Huggable Hangers

  4. I’m sure someday I’ll be on the hunt for great maternity clothes so thanks for the heads up! I’ll bookmark their page! :)
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  5. I have been drooling over shabby apple clothes.
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  6. Adorable! Great tip about the girls’ dresses – truly, it is getting hard to find appropriate clothing even for little ones! [when did we decide it was appropriate for us to send out our little girls with booty shorts on that say “juicy” across the rear end?????… sorry, that’s a soap box!]
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  7. PS…I wrote kakaroo shampoo…but it was supposed to be Kangaroo Shampoo (i’m such a loser)
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  8. those clothes are indeed cute! too bad I have no plans to buy a maternity dress – EVER – except the bridemaid dress I was forced to wear when I was 9 months pregnant with my son (it had a BELT!! but yes we’re still friends)… just too cheap to care about maternity fashion. not that I care too much when I’m not knocked up either. :)
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  9. I will say this, though: I LOVE that these dresses are modest and classy and not skimpy. Yay to them!
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  10. I’m so uber excited just about the description! Clicking over there now…
    .-= Brandy T.´s last blog ..The Redemption of Pink =-.

  11. Jen@BigBinder says:

    Let me tell the world that you won the Diva Mom contest a few years ago and I’m sure still hold it. If you like these dresses – I am positive they are cute.

    However, I also know that you (and I, for that matter) never, ever mow the lawn and I lauged at the thought of your pregnant self pushing a mower around.

  12. Oh, I love Shabby Apple. Their little girl dresses are the sweetest!

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